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    TH-XX US Navy Advanced Helicopter Trainer

    The US Navy requested proposals (RFP) for its new training helicopter in order to replace the TH-57 Sea Ranger (Bell 206) fleet starting 2020. The Advanced Helicopter Training System (AHTS) contract, originally known as TH-XX was scheduled to be awarded by end 2019.

    On July 2019, was announced the winner will be known as TH-73A

    On January 2020, the US Navy ordered 32 AW119Kx/TH-119 in a $176M contract.

    Main Contenders

    Leonardo TH-119 (AW119Kx + IFR)

    Leonardo TH-119 US Navy

    Airbus H135 P3H (PWC engine + Helionix)

    Arbus TH-135 US Navy

    Bell 407GXi

    Bell 407 US Navy


    First TH-73A Delivered to US Navy, 11-Jun-21 : #TH73 Delivery of first of 130 Leonardo Philadelphia TH-73A trainer helicopters to the US Navy. The AW119Kx was chosen to replace the TH-57 as the Undergraduate Advanced Helicopter Training System (AHTS) for the US Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and NATO allies

    US Government Denied Airbus Protest over Koala, 15-May-20 : #GAO The US Gov Accountability Office (GAO) denied the protest on the Navy new trainer TH-73 and Leonardo has resumed work in Philadelphia

    Genesys Aerosystems Equipped TH-73A, 15-Jan-20 : #Cockpit Genesys Aerosystems’ avionics suite, which includes 4 IDU-680 displays IFR certified, equipped the Leonardo TH-119 selected as the US Navy’ new training helicopter TH-73A

    US Navy Selected TH-119 as New Trainer TH-73A, 13-Jan-20 : #TH73A US Navy awarded Leonardo Philadelphia contract valued $176M for 32 AW119Kx/TH-119 as the TH-73A new trainer helicopter to replace the Bell TH-57 (Bell 206) Sea Ranger at NAS Whiting Field aviation school in Florida

    Leonardo to Open Support Center if Wins TH-73 Tender, 25-Sep-19 : #TH73 If selected as the US Navy’ future trainer helicopter TH-73, Leonardo plans to build a TH-119 support center in Northwest Florida near NAS Whiting Field which is where all helicopter pilots for the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard are trained

    IFR Certification for Bell 407GXi, 17-Aug-19 : #NavyTrainer The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) granted Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) to the Bell 407GXi. A key milestone for Bell’s single-engine helicopter to compete in the US Navy Trainer Replacement TH-73A program. The GXi uses Garmin G1000H NXi glass cockpit

    Genesys Aerosystems Equipped TH-119 IFR Certification, 07-Aug-19 : #IFR Leonardo TH-119, the AW119Kx proposed to be next TH-73A US Navy future helicopter trainer, becomes IFR capable with the latest Genesys avionics suite utilizing IDU-680 displays.

    TH-119 Obtains FAA IFR Certification, 18-Jul-19 : #certification The TH-119 obtains Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)’s Instrument Flight Rules(IFR) certification. Is the first and only IFR certified single engine helicopter in decades and is Leonardo’s bid to replace the US Navy’s fleet of aging Bell TH-57 Sea Ranger trainers

    Bell 407 to be Built in Alabama if Selected by Navy, 22-Apr-19 : #Ozark Bell 407 are produced in Canada, but if wins the US Navy contract for the future advanced helicopter trainer, the 130 407GXi will be completed at Ozark facility in Alabama

    Leonardo Submits TH-119 for US Navy TH-XX Program, 03-Apr-19 : #THXX Leonardo has officially submitted its TH-119 to the US Navy TH-XX Advanced Helicopter Training System. Based on the AW119Kx and made in Philadelphia aims to replace the TH-57 Sea Ranger trainers

    06-Mar-19 - PW206B3 Engine for Navy H135 Proposal #Trainer
    22-Dec-18 - Leonardo TH-119 IFR First Flight #TH119
    23-Oct-18 - 2018 Navy Fleet Fly-In #NavyFlyIn
    20-Oct-18 - H135 at the US Navy Fleet Fly-In Event #NavyFlyin
    19-Sep-18 - TH-119 With New Genesys Aerosystems Avionics #TH119
    02-Jun-18 - Leonardo TH-119 Trainer at Pax River Expo #expo
    17-May-18 - H135 Offered for US Navy Trainer Replacement
    16-May-16 - Leonardo Unveils TH-119 Proposal for US Navy

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