1962 to present

netherlands 300 Squadron

Koninklijke Luchtmacht

Royal Netherlands Air Force

300 squadron netherlands

First of 17 AS532 Cougar in May 1996 and it earned initial capability on the type in Jul 1997.
From 15apr2010 300 Squadron helped local fire stations with a dune-fire near Bergen aan Zee with 2 Cougar (S-454 and S-459), flying with bambi-buckets.
January 2015 300 Squadron started with medevac flights at Leeuwarden for the Islands. At least to July 2015 2 AS532 located in the north.

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2008-    Gilze-Rijen ABEHGR
1995/08Soesterberg closed 2008EHSB
1968/95Deelen AB closed 1996EHDL
1962/68Ypenburg closed 1992EHYB

helicopter   Models

Years Models
1996-    AS532U2 Cougar
1965/15 SE3160 / SA316A Alouette III
1962/65 OH-23B

  300 Squadron Operations

Dates Operation
2023-may-152023-jun-01 UK Tac Blaze 23-1
2022-oct-31 Falcon Autumn 2022
APROC 2018
PT Hot Blade 2018
2014-mar-242014-mar-25 NSS 2014
2013-aug2013-dec SO Combined Task Force 150
PT Hot Blade 2013
PT Hot Blade 2012
2012-jul2012-dec SO Combined Task Force 150
2010-mar-222010-apr-01 UK Tac Blaze 10-1
2009-sep-212009-oct-02 UK Tac Blaze 09-2
2001-jan2002-jan BA SFOR (stabilisation force)

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