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  • netherlands Soesterberg AB

    Utrecht, Utrecht



    Satellite and aerial maps of Soesterberg with nearby locations

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    4.7080 vlasakkers military exercise area, Utrecht
    10.5307EHHV Hilversum, Noord-Holland
    28.9159 Rivierenland ziekenhuis, Gelderland
    32.0091 Harskamp, Gelderland
    34.7311 Amsterdam RAI, Noord-Holland
    35.6309 VU Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

    1913 to 2008

    52° 8' 0'' N - 5° 16' 0'' E
    Cramped between the city of Zeist and th
    Elevation: 88 feet

    History of this Location

    Soesterberg is the very first air base of the Dutch Air Force. It was opened in 1913. After WWII Soesterberg became, as Camp New Amsterdam, home of the American 32 FIS (later 32 TFS) flying F-86 Sabre, F-100 Super Sabre, F-101 Delta Dagger, F-4 Phantom and F-15 Eagle. Helicopter flying started in 1955 with the arrival of Hiller H-23B Raven. From 1964 the Alouette III  was introduced and in 1975 the Bolbow Bo-105 was added to the inventory. The H-23B was withdrawn in 1965 and the Bo-105 were transferred to Deelen in 1979. In 1996 the first CH-47D and AS-532 Cougar were introduced making the mainstay of the Alouette III leaving service. As the Alouette is very cheap to operate, a few were still on strength for Royal VIP flights.
    The US Air Force withdrew from its part of the base in Sep 1994.
    Base closed in 2008.
    The site now houses the National Military Museum, which officially opened in 2015, after merging the Delft Army museum collection with the aviation collection formerly in the Dutch Air Force museum (also at Soesterberg).

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    List of units at Soesterberg

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    1995/08300 SquadronAS532U2 Cougar 1996/   
    SE3160 / SA316A Alouette III 1965/15
    1968/08298 SquadronCH-47D Chinook 1996/   
    SE3160 / SA316A Alouette III 1964/96
    1968/77SAR FlightSE3160 / SA316A Alouette III 1967/94
    Militaire Luchtvaart Museum

    List of aircraft and events at Soesterberg

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    By Date | By Serial

    1979 ExhibitRNLAF OH-23C O-36
    1980-dec-18 Luftwaffe UH-1D 70+87
    1981-sep-12 CH-53C 70-1630
    1984-sep-01 SE3160 A-350
    1990-jun-15 444 Squadron CH-136 136225
    1990-jun-15 444 Squadron CH-136 136237
    1990-jun-15 RAF CH-47C ZA714
    1991-nov-26 299 Squadron 105C B-83
    1991-nov-26 RNLAF 105CB B-74
    1991-nov-26 299 Squadron 105CB B-43
    1992-mar-05 RNLAF 105CB B-39
    1992-mar-05 RNLAF 105CB B-67
    1992-mar-05 AAC AH9 ZG889
    1992-mar-09 tdy to 12mar92RAF HAR.3 XZ588
    1992-mar-20 58th MAS UH-1N 69-6606
    1994-sep 18 Squadron CH-47D ZA714
    1994-sep 70th TRANS UH-1H 73-22123
    1994-sep 70th TRANS UH-1H 73-22127
    1994-sep 70th TRANS UH-1H 74-22504
    1994-sep 45 MedCo UH-60A 82-23745
    1994-sep 45 MedCo UH-60A 82-23751
    1994-sep 45 MedCo UH-60A 82-23755
    1994-sep Army UH-60A 82-23668
    1994-sep-16 207th AvCo UH-60A 87-24589
    1995-dec RNLAF CH-47D D-664
    1998-jun RNLAF SE3160 A-260
    1998-jun RNLAF SE3160 A-261
    1998-jun RNLAF SE3160 A-246
    1999-jul-29 HFR15 CH-53G 84+68
    1999-jul-29 33 Squadron SA330E XW207
    1999-jul-29 33 Squadron SA330E XW208
    2000-apr-18 CH-47D ZA681 / ES
    2000-apr-18 RNLAF CH-47D D-102
    2002-may-25 SE3160 A-275
    2003-oct-29 AS532U2 S-419
    2004-mar-30 AS532U2 S-441
    2004-sep-17 AS532U2 S-453
    2005-feb-07 AS532U2 S-457
    2005-feb-07 AS532U2 S-440
    2005-feb-07 RNLAF CH-47D D-665
    2005-feb-07 RNLAF CH-47D D-106
    2005-feb-16 CH-47C ZA680
    2005-feb-16 RAF CH-47D ZA680
    2005-mar-07 Politie Luchtvaart Dienst 105CBS-2 PH-RPX
    2005-mar-09 CH-47D D-662
    2005-mar-15 SE3160 A-247
    2005-apr-03 105C PH-RPV
    2005-apr-21 SA330E XW222
    2005-apr-25 AS532U2 S-419
    2006-sep-15 MK512 M-511
    2007-feb-02 SE3160 A-465
    2007-feb-23 AS532U2 S-458
    2007-jul-25 Detachment21st SOS HH-53C 69-5795
    2008-may-23 AS532U2 S-454
    2008-jun-01 105CB B-37
    2008-jun-01 SE3160 A-465
    2009-mar-22 105CB B-37
    2009-sep-13 SE3160 A-465
    2011-apr-03 SE3160 H-20
    2012-jan-27 105CB B-37
    2019-may RNLAF SE3160 A-253
    2020 vsq 7 AB204B 225

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