netherlands Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland


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2.0250 VU Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
6.1003NLAMS Amsterdam Harbour, Noord-Holland
6.7003 Amsterdam dockyard, Noord-Holland
9.0247EHAM Schiphol Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
9.9326EHHA Amsterdam Heliport, Noord-Holland
10.2246 Aviodome Museum, Noord-Holland

52° 20' 25.5'' N - 4° 53' 10.5'' E

History of this Location

Large exhibition and conference centre just to the south of Amsterdam. HeliTech is usually located in Hall 8 at the south of the site, where the vehicle loading/unloading area is large enough to accept up to medium sized helicopters.

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Amsterdam RAI News

Airbus EMS Helicopters at Helitech 2018, 12-Oct-18 : #Helitech2018 Airbus to showcase Emergency Medical Services (EMS) helicopters at Helitech 2018, Amsterdam RAI, October 16-18. An H160 and a Heli-Holland H175 will be on display

Kopter SH09 in Customer Livery at Helitech 2018, 11-Oct-18 : #Helitech18 Kopter will display SH09 prototype #1 in customer livery at Helitech 2018, Amsterdam RAI, October 16-18

Airbus Helicopters at Helitech 2016, 10-Oct-16 : Airbus Helicopters H145 from Elifriulia in EMS Configuration along a H130 are on display at Helitech International exhibition 2016, Amsterdam, October 11-13

Leonardo At Helitech 2016, 10-Oct-16 : Leonardo showing an AW169 in EMS configuration, an AW189 virtual reality SAR simulator and a Virtual Interactive Procedural Trainer (VIPT) simulator at Helitech 2016, Amsterdam, Oct.11-13

Vector Aerospace at Helitech 2016, 04-Oct-16 : Vector Aerospace, a global MRO services provider, will be present at Helitech International 2016 at the Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre, Netherlands, October 11-13th

15-Jan-16 - Helitech 2016 Next October in Amsterdam
10-Oct-14 - EC130T2 and EC145T2 at Helitech 2014

List of aircraft and events at Amsterdam RAI

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By Date | By Serial

2014-oct-14 Helitech 2014   UK UK Air Ambulances429G-WLTS
2014-oct-14 Helitech 2014   DK Bel Air AviationAW189OY-HMP
2014-oct-14 Helitech 2014   AW189OY-HMP
2014-oct-14 Helitech 2014   CH Fuchs HelikopterMD500EHB-ZKD
2016-oct-11 Helitech 2016   UK UK Air AmbulancesAW169G-KSST
2016-oct-11 Helitech 2016   IT EliFriuliaH145 / EC145T2I-MAKE
2018-oct-16 Helitech 2018   AD Heliand SA429HB-ZOP
2018-oct-16 Helitech 2018   LU Heli-Europe505 Jet Ranger XF-HJRX
2018-oct-16 Helitech 2018   AS332L2 Super PumaLN-OHJ
2018-oct-16 Helitech 2018   DE HeliService International GmbHAW169D-HHTJ
2018-oct-16 Helitech 2018   ANWB Medical Air AssistanceH145 / EC145T2PH-HOW
2018-oct-16 Helitech 2018   Heli HollandH175 / EC175PH-OSF
2018-oct-16 Helitech 2018   CH KopterSKYe SH09HB-ZXA

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