1943 to 1983

united kingdom 737 Squadron

Fleet Air Arm

737 NAS 737 Naval Air Squadron

737 Squadron
Tail Codes
GN 1949/57
PO 1962/83
Formed on 22 Feb 1943 at Dunino as an amphibious Bomber Reconnaissance Training Squadron. It disbanded in Nov 1957. Reformed 28 Aug 1959 as the RN Air Anti-Submarine School at RNAS Portland, from the remains of 815 Squadron with Whirlwind HAR.3s, with HAS.7s arriving a month later. First Wessex HAS.1 delivered 4 Jul 1962 and the Wessex HAS.3 started to arrive in Oct 1967. In Jun 1970, the Squadron became the parent for the Wessex Flights aboard the remaining County Class Destroyers (a role it took over from 829 Squadron), in preparation for 737s Sea King HAS.1s which appeared at the end of Jul 1970. In May 1972 the Squadron also took on responsibility for ASW Operational and Advanced Flying Training and increased its seaborne training work with RFA Engadine. In June 1975, the Sea Kings were handed on to 826 Squadron, at RNAS Culdrose, to allow 737 to focus purely on Wessex HAS.3 training duties. RNAS Portlands longest serving Squadron disbanded on 7 Feb 1983, handing its Wessex HAS.3 on to 772 Squadron.

1968-1970, I was on 737 HAS squadron and 3 squadrons per based at RNAS Portland. 737 squadron had a compliment of Wessex type 1 and 3 at that time. 826 squadron was based there also, this was the largest squadron in the navy, a WASP front line squadron which included all ship bourn helicopters. 771 squadron was a search and rescue squadron also based at HMS Osprey (RNAS Portland) with various whirlwind marques

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1959/83Portland HeliportEGDP

helicopter   Models

Years Models
1973/75 Sea King
1967/83 Wessex Wessex HAS.3
1962/68 Wessex Wessex HAS.1
1960/61 S-55 H-19
1959/62 Whirlwind

  737 Squadron Operations

Dates Operation
1982-apr-141982-apr-26 Operation Paraquat
1977-jun-251977-jun-28 Fleet Review: Silver Jubilee of HM The Queen
1974-jul-201974-sep-30 CY Partition of Cyprus
1970-jun1975-jun Beira Patrol
1953-jun-151953-jun-15 Fleet Review: Coronation Review of the Fleet

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