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CGAS Borinquen

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Coast Guard Air Station Borinquen
Coast Guard Air Station Borinquen is based at Rafael Hernandez International Airport (former Ramey AFB) in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Moves here as CGAS Puerto Rico in November 1971 from former CGAS San Juan, which was located on the Isla Grande Naval Air Station. In 1976 was renamed CGAS Borinquen

Aircraft inventory normally includes 4 helicopters plus some fixed wing aircraft as the HH-130 Hercules and HU-25 Falcon Jets
Early 1973 (January/February)I was part of the ferry crew that delivered 1489,1490,1491 to CGAS Puerto Rico. Left ATC Mobile and over-nighted in Nassau, then continued to Puerto Rico. Some of the crew stayed to train general maintenance and flight operations. In June I was transferred to CGAS Puerto Rico. I was there until May of 1976.

May 1971, stationed there straight out of Aircraft Electricians A school NATC Jacksonville. Crewed and maintained HU-16E, HH52A and later HH3F. I was away at Sikorsky Aircraft electrical systems school when the HH-3F's were delivered but I remember the flight mechanic that was part of the delivery crew.

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1971-    Rafael HernandezTJBQ

helicopter   Models

Years Models
1985-    HH-65 Dolphin
1973/85 HH-3F Pelican
1971/73 HH-52A Sea Guard

Coast Guard Air Station Borinquen List of helicopters

C/N VersionBuiltIn this Org In other Org
61-666 hh-3f 1489 : asg CGAS Borinquen, Puerto Rico
61-667 hh-3f 1490 : asg CGAS Borinquen, Puerto Rico
61-668 hh-3f 1491 : asg CGAS Borinquen, Puerto Rico
70-622 hh-60j 6001 :
70-623 hh-60j 6002 : seen in Providence, RI
70-651 hh-60j 6003 : CGAS Borinquen, Puerto Rico
70-1790 hh-60j 6031 : Puerto Rico
70-1954 hh-60j 6033 :
6123 hh-65 6512 : asg CGAS Borinquen, Puerto Rico
6162 hh-65 6521 : 2008 type:HH-65C CGAS Borinquen
6166 hh-65 6523 : 2008 type:HH-65C/MH-65C CGAS Borinquen
6167 hh-65 6524 : CGAS Borinquen, Puerto Rico
6183 hh-65 6534 :
6235 hh-65 6556 : 2008 type:MH-65C CGAS Borinquen
6250 hh-65 6564 :
6253 hh-65 6565 : CGAS Borinquen, Puerto Rico
6265 hh-65 6570 : type:HH-65B CGAS Borinquen
6267 hh-65 6572 : CGAS Borinquen, Puerto Rico; pictured unk
6271 hh-65 6575 : 2010- at CGAS Borinquen, Puerto Rico
6276 hh-65 6579 : asg CGAS Borinquen, Puerto Rico

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