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  • Del'd: 106 - 1984 to present


    US Coast Guard HH-65 Dolphin

    The Aerospatiale SA366G1 Dauphin was selected by the United States Coast Guard in 1979 as its new short range recovery (SRR) air-sea rescue helicopter, replacing the Sikorsky HH-52A Sea Guard. In order to comply with american regulations relating to local content, engineering changes were required: most notably the french original Turbomeca Arriel engines were replaced with Lycoming LTS101 powerplants. The Dolphin normally carries a crew of four: pilot, copilot, flight mechanic and rescue swimmer.

    1984 : HH-65A Dolphin
    2001 : HH-65B Dolphin : first avionics upgrade
    2006 : HH-65C Dolphin : re-engined and with new nose
    2007 : The HH-65 is re-designated MH-65
    2007 : MH-65C Dolphin. Replaced the MH-68A Stingray
    2011 : MH-65D Dolphin. 97 aircraft with new avionics upgrade
    The HH-65 had a little fan on the top of the main rotor called OADS (Omni-directional Air Data System). It spins around and measures differences in air pressure to indicate relative winds. The system was set to be removed in the MH-65D variant as it was extremely maintenance intensive and not very accurate.

    2013 : MH-65E Dolphin. Glass cockpit (CAAS) similar to MH-60T Jayhawk

    Serials: Bought new were 99 HH-65A plus 7 HH-65C
    4101-4104 - test aircrafts
    4105-4118 - original numbers ( changed later to 65nn )
    4119-4123 - cancelled ?
    6501-6598 - current ( ex 41nn included )
    66nn - airframes received post 2000 (AS365N3)

    The Coast Guard plans to have 98 helicopters converted to the MH-65E configuration by end 2024

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