NL Goalkeeper

Close-In Weapon System


Close-In Weapon System Goalkeeper

Built by Holland Signaal, nowadays named Thales. Developed in 1975 and from 1980 in use.
The gun is built around the General Electric GAU-8/A 30mm seven barrel Gatling gun.
Height above deck is 3.7 meter.


9.90weight (tn)
6.20height (m)
30caliber (mm)
4200Rate of fire (round/min)
1.50range (km)

  Used by

1975NL Tromp class guided-missile frigate FFG 1
1978NL Kortenaer class frigate FF 1
1991NL Karel Doorman class frigate FF 1
1995NL Amsterdam class support ship AO 1
1998NL Rotterdam class landing ship/platform dock L 2
2003UK Albion class landing ship/platform dock L 2
2005NL Improved Rotterdam class landing ship/platform dock L 2
2008KR Sejongdaewang (KDX-III) class guided-missile destroyer DDG 1
2015NL Joint Support Ship class support ship AO 2


1986-may UK HMS Invincible R05 Aircraft Carrier V STOL Invincible class to HMD Devonport for an extensive refit until Nov 1988 including work on the machinery, reconfiguring the ski jump, an operations room upgrade, new sonar, 3 sets of Goalkeeper CIWS (to replace post-South Atlantic conflict Phalanx) and an increase in the air group capacity. Returned to service in 1989.
1991-sep UK HMS Illustrious R06 Aircraft Carrier V STOL Invincible class until Sep 1993 at HMD Devonport.

  In Service

NL Royal Netherlands Navy
BE Belgian Navy
PT Portuguese Navy
CL Chilean Navy
PE Peruvian Navy
UK Royal Navy
KR Republic of Korea Navy

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