IT Bergamini (1962) class

IT Centauro class


Frigate Bergamini (1962) class

They introduced the diesel engines and claimed to be the smallest design of warships to operate an antisubmarine helicopter. The aft gun was removed to do so.

    Derivatives / Succeeded by
IT Alpino class 1968
                        IT Lupo class 1977
                                                PE Carvajal class 1978
                                                                        VE Mariscal Sucre class 1980
                                                IT Maestrale class 1982
                                                IT Soldati class 1985

Specifications Login to Edit

1500full load (tn)
94length (m)
11.40beam (m)
3.10draught (m)
26max speed (knots)
4Naval Engine diesel
2Naval Gun Oto Melara 76 mm
1Rocket Launcher ASW mortar 375 mm
2Torpedo Launchers Mk 32 triple-tube 324mm

Aircraft Login to Edit

    Typical Max
IT Italian Navy Agusta ab204 11

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    

Shipyards Login to Edit

IT Castellammare di Stabia - Castellammare di Stabia3
IT Fincantieri Monfalcone - Monfalcone1

Ships on Database - all derivatives Login to Edit

    Sorted by Year Filter:     Hide Transfers     Hide deriv.    
ITItalian NavyF 596Luigi Rizzo19611980
ITItalian NavyF 593Carlo Bergamini19621983
ITItalian NavyF 594Virginio Fasan19621990
ITItalian NavyF 595Carlo Margottini19621988
ITItalian NavyF 580Alpino class Alpino19682006
ITItalian NavyF 581Alpino class Carabiniere19682009
ITItalian NavyF 564Lupo class LupoIALU19772004
PE Peruvian Navy FM-56 BAP Palacios 2004--
PEPeruvian NavyFM-51Carvajal class BAP CarvajalOBHH - 511978--
ITItalian NavyF 565Lupo class SagittarioIASA19782006
PE Peruvian Navy FM-58 BAP Quiñónes 2006--
PEPeruvian NavyFM-52Carvajal class BAP VillavisencioOBHI - 521979--
ITItalian NavyF 566Lupo class PerseoIAPE19802006
PE Peruvian Navy FM-57 BAP Coronel Bolognesi 2006--
ITItalian NavyF 567Lupo class OrsaIAOR19802004
PE Peruvian Navy FM-55 BAP Aguirre 2004--
ITItalian NavyF 570Maestrale class MaestraleIAME1982--
ITItalian NavyF 571Maestrale class GrecaleIAGR1983--
ITItalian NavyF 572Maestrale class LibeccioIALI1983--
ITItalian NavyF 573Maestrale class SciroccoIASC1983--
ITItalian NavyF 574Maestrale class AliseoIALS1983--
PEPeruvian NavyFM-53Carvajal class BAP MonteroOBHF - 531984--
ITItalian NavyF 575Maestrale class EuroIAEU1984--
ITItalian NavyF 576Maestrale class EsperoIAES1985--
ITItalian NavyF 577Maestrale class ZeffiroIAEF1985--
PEPeruvian NavyFM-54Carvajal class BAP MariateguiOBHG - 541987--
ITItalian NavyF 582Soldati class ArtigliereIAEP - F5821994--
ITItalian NavyF 583Soldati class AviereIAEQ - F5831995--
ITItalian NavyF 584Soldati class BersagliereIAEO - F5841995--
ITItalian NavyF 585Soldati class GranatiereIAER - F5851996--

26 units

Events Login to Edit

1957-may-26Laid downIT F 595 Carlo Margottini
1957-may-26Laid downIT F 596 Luigi Rizzo
1959-jul-19Laid downIT F 593 Carlo Bergamini
1960-mar-3LaunchedIT F 596 Luigi Rizzo
1960-mar-6Laid downIT F 594 Virginio Fasan
1960-jun-12LaunchedIT F 595 Carlo Margottini
1960-jun-16LaunchedIT F 593 Carlo Bergamini
1960-oct-9LaunchedIT F 594 Virginio Fasan
1961-dec-15CommissionedIT F 596 Luigi Rizzo
1962-may-5CommissionedIT F 595 Carlo Margottini
1962-jun-23CommissionedIT F 593 Carlo Bergamini
1962-oct-10CommissionedIT F 594 Virginio Fasan
1980DecommissionedIT F 596 Luigi Rizzo
1983DecommissionedIT F 593 Carlo Bergamini
1988DecommissionedIT F 595 Carlo Margottini
1990DecommissionedIT F 594 Virginio Fasan

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