UK Modified River class

UK River class


    Derivatives / Succeeded by
UK Port of Spain class --
                        BR Amazonas class 2012
                                                UK River (Batch 2) class --
TH Modified River class 2013


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1854full load (tn)
81.50length (m)
13.60beam (m)
3.80draught (m)
5500range (nm)
19max speed (knots)
2Naval Engine diesel - Ruston RK270


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    Typical Max
Landing platform only. No hangar
UK Royal Navy AW EH101 01
TH Royal Thai Navy AW Super Lynx mk110 01

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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UK HMD Portsmouth - Portsmouth1

List of Ships

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TTTrinidad and Tobago Coast GuardPort of Spain class Port of Spain----
Amazonas class BR Brazilian Navy P120 BNS Amazonas 2012--
TTTrinidad and Tobago Coast GuardPort of Spain class Scarborough----
Amazonas class BR Brazilian Navy P121 BNS Apa 2012--
TTTrinidad and Tobago Coast GuardPort of Spain class San Fernando----
Amazonas class BR Brazilian Navy P122 BNS Araguari 2013--
UKRoyal NavyP222River (Batch 2) class HMS ForthGFTH----
UKRoyal NavyP223River (Batch 2) class HMS MedwayGMED - MW----
UKRoyal NavyP224River (Batch 2) class HMS TrentGTNT----
UKRoyal NavyP226River (Batch 2) class HMS SpeyMDCT9----
UKRoyal NavyP233River (Batch 2) class HMS TamarMDCU7----
UKRoyal NavyP257HMS ClydeGXRS - CD2007--
THRoyal Thai NavyOPV 551Modified River class HTMS Krabi2013--

10 units


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2005-feb-25OrderedUK P257 HMS Clyde from VT Shipbuilding, Portsmouth
2005-junLaid downUK P257 HMS Clyde
2006-jun-14LaunchedUK P257 HMS Clyde
2007-jul-5CommissionedUK P257 HMS Clyde
2007-aug-20DeploymentUK P257 HMS Clyde departed HMNB Portsmouth to become Falkland Islands Patrol ship, relieving HMS Dumbarton Castle, and replacing the Castle class vessels in this role.
2017-jan-9RefitUK P257 HMS Clyde completed refit at Simons Town in Apr 2017
2018-mayUK P257 HMS Clyde Relief as Falklands Guardship delayed, possibly by 6 months or more, after serious faults discovered in newly built HMS Forth, the relieving vessel.
2019-dec-15Port VisitUK P257 HMS Clyde Visited Lisbon on return leg to UK as Falklands Guardship.
2019-dec-20Port VisitUK P257 HMS Clyde returned to HMNB Porstmouth after 12 years, flying her paying off pennant, to prepare for decommissioning, having been replaced in the Falklands by HMS Forth.

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