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        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    UK Modified River class 2007
                            UK Port of Spain class --
                                                    BR Amazonas class 2012
                                                                            UK River (Batch 2) class --
                            TH Modified River class 2013


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        Typical Max
    Landing platform only. No hangar

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    UK Vosper Thornycroft - Woolston2

    List of Ships

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        Sorted by Year Filter:     Hide Transfers     Hide deriv.    
    TTTrinidad and Tobago Coast GuardPort of Spain class Port of Spain----
    Amazonas class BR Brazilian Navy P120 BNS Amazonas 2012--
    TTTrinidad and Tobago Coast GuardPort of Spain class Scarborough----
    Amazonas class BR Brazilian Navy P121 BNS Apa 2012--
    TTTrinidad and Tobago Coast GuardPort of Spain class San Fernando----
    Amazonas class BR Brazilian Navy P122 BNS Araguari 2013--
    UKRoyal NavyP282HMS SevernGBSK20032017
    UKRoyal NavyP283HMS MerseyGBSY2003--
    UKRoyal NavyP257Modified River class HMS ClydeGXRS - CD2007--
    BH Royal Bahrain Naval Force 80 RBNS Al Zubara 2020--
    THRoyal Thai NavyOPV 551Modified River class HTMS Krabi2013--
    UKRoyal NavyP222River (Batch 2) class HMS ForthGFTH2018--
    UKRoyal NavyP223River (Batch 2) class HMS MedwayGMED - MW2019--
    UKRoyal NavyP224River (Batch 2) class HMS TrentGTNT2020--
    UKRoyal NavyP233River (Batch 2) class HMS TamarGTMR - TM2020--
    UKRoyal NavyP226River (Batch 2) class HMS SpeyGSPY2021--

    12 units


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    2001-aprOrderedUK P283 HMS Mersey
    2001-aprOrderedUK P282 HMS Severn
    2002-dec-4LaunchedUK P282 HMS Severn
    2003-jun-14LaunchedUK P283 HMS Mersey last steel ship to be built at the Woolston yard.
    2003-jul-31CommissionedUK P282 HMS Severn
    2003-nov-28CommissionedUK P283 HMS Mersey
    2015-jan-18Port VisitUK P282 HMS Severn Three day visit to Grand Cayman, including anti-narcotics conference.
    2016-jan-24Port VisitUK P282 HMS Severn visit to London for 150th anniversary of the London Fire Brigade. Departed 27 Jan.
    2016-marPort VisitUK P283 HMS Mersey Visited Cayman Islands and came alongside in Grand Cayman.
    2017-oct-27DecommissionedUK P282 HMS Severn at South Railway Jetty in HMNB Portsmouth
    2018-novRefitUK P283 HMS Mersey Refit to modernise and extend service life.
    2019-mayRefitUK P282 HMS Severn Refit for planned recommissioning, some time in 2020.
    2019-sepPort VisitUK P283 HMS Mersey visited Douglas IoM, during UK Fishery Protection assignment.
    2020-sep-7Port VisitUK P282 HMS Severn visited Aberdeen

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