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  • IN Talwar class

    RU Krivak class


    Frigate Talwar class

        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    IN Teg class 2012


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    124.80length (m)
    15.20beam (m)
    4.20draught (m)
    5000range (nm)
    32max speed (knots)
    4Naval Engine propulsion system: COGAG
    2Naval Engine gas turbine - Zorya Mashproekt DT-59
    2Naval Engine gas turbine - Zorya Mashproekt DS-71


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        Typical Max
    IN Indian Navy HAL Dhruv 01
    IN Indian Navy Kamov Ka-31 Helix 01
    IN Indian Navy HAL Chetak 11

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    RU Baltiysky Zavod - Vassilievski Island3

    List of Ships

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    INIndian NavyF40INS Talwar2003--
    INIndian NavyF43INS TrishulAUBG2003--
    INIndian NavyF44INS TabarAUBQ2004--
    INIndian NavyF45Teg class INS TegAVSA2012--
    INIndian NavyF50Teg class INS TarkashAVSB2012--
    INIndian NavyF51Teg class INS TrikandAVSC2013--

    6 units


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    1997-nov-17OrderedIN F40 INS Talwar
    1997-nov-17OrderedIN F43 INS Trishul
    1997-nov-17OrderedIN F44 INS Tabar
    2000-may-12LaunchedIN F40 INS Talwar
    2000-nov-24LaunchedIN F43 INS Trishul
    2001-may-25LaunchedIN F44 INS Tabar
    2003-jun-18CommissionedIN F40 INS Talwar
    2003-jun-25CommissionedIN F43 INS Trishul
    2004-apr-19CommissionedIN F44 INS Tabar

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