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  • 1944    


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    32110full load (tn)
    233.50length (m)
    40beam (m)
    8.90draught (m)


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    UK John Brown - Clydebank1
    UK Kvaerner (Govan) - Govan1

    List of Ships

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    UKRoyal NavyR10HMS IndefatigableGCQG19441954
    UKRoyal NavyR86HMS ImplacableGCKF19441954

    2 units


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    1938OrderedUK R86 HMS Implacable
    1938OrderedUK R10 HMS Indefatigable
    1939-feb-23Laid downUK R86 HMS Implacable when the yard was known as Fairfield. Yard No. 672
    1939-nov-3Laid downUK R10 HMS Indefatigable as Yard no. 565
    1940-dec-10LaunchedUK R86 HMS Implacable
    1942-dec-8LaunchedUK R10 HMS Indefatigable
    1944-may-3CommissionedUK R10 HMS Indefatigable
    1944-may-22CommissionedUK R86 HMS Implacable
    1953-jun-15DeploymentUK R86 HMS Implacable Fleet Review: Coronation Review of the Fleet as Flagship of the Training Squadron, Home Fleet
    1953-jun-15DeploymentUK R10 HMS Indefatigable Fleet Review: Coronation Review of the Fleet as part of the Home Fleet Training Squadron
    1954-sep-1DecommissionedUK R86 HMS Implacable
    1955-novFate: scrappedUK R86 HMS Implacable
    1956-nov-4Fate: scrappedUK R10 HMS Indefatigable

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