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Floating Production Storage and Offloading




CN BOMESC Shipyard - Binhai1
CN COSCO Zhoushan - Waichang1
UK Harland and Wolff - Belfast1
KR Koje Shipyard - Geoje Island1
JP Mitsui Tamano - 1
DK Odense Staalskibsvaerft - 1
FI STX (Akers Finnyards) - Rauma - 1

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----BRPetrobrasFPSO Cidade de AnchietaC6FI5
----BRPetrobrasFPSO Petrobrás 57V7RF8
----FPSO Voyageur SpiritC6WO9
----FSO Ta’KuntahXCAD5
1974--FPSO Kikeh9MGV9
1974--GQSERFPSO SerpentinaC6WH
1976--FPSO Baobab Ivoirien MV10C6FV6
1980--FPSO RaroaA8GI2
1981--Yuum K’ak’Naab9V5072
1987--FPSO Dynamic ProducerA8NR3
1988--BRPetrobrasFPSO Cidade de ParatyC6XM6
1991--BRPetrobrasFPSO Petrobrás 58 V7OQ4
1991--BRPetrobrasMV22FPSO Cidade de Angra dos ReisC6YA6 - FPCAR
1992--BRPetrobrasMV23FPSO Cidade de São PauloC6YZ6 - FPCSP
1992--BRPetrobrasMV24FPSO Cidade de MangaratibaC6AD5
1993--BRPetrobrasFPSO Petrobrás 74 D5NW7
1996--FPSO Petrojarl FoinavenC6NR7
1996--BRPetrobrasFPSO Cidade de IlhabelaC6YX9 - FPCAR
19972019DKMaerskMaersk CurlewMWVQ7
1999--BRPetrobrasFPSO Cidade de Saquarema3EJV9
1999--BRPetrobrasFPSO Petrobrás 373FFO8
1999--FPSO Hæwene BrimPJGO
1999--BRPetrobrasMV26FPSO Cidade de ItaguaíC6AE5
2000--BRPetrobrasFPSO Cidade de Maricá3FPB3
2000--FPSO TritonMZ1L3
2002--FPSO Espoir Ivoirien9V6366
2005--NGTotal Upstream NigeriaFPSO Akpo5NMX
2005--NGEsso Exploration and Production NigeriaFPSO Erha 5NHO
2011--FPSO PeregrinoC6AC4
2015--BRPetrobrasMV27FPSO Cidade de CaraguatatubaC6BO6
2017--FPSO Glen Lyon2GZH8
2018--BRPetrobrasFPSO Petrobrás 67V7EP6
2019--BRPetrobrasFPSO Petrobrás 68D5MI3
2022--ILEnergeanEnergean PowerV7A2313
2023--BRPetrobrasFPSO SepetibaC6EN4

36 units


1974CommissionedCommissioned FPSO Kikeh
1976CommissionedCommissioned FPSO Baobab Ivoirien MV10
1977LaunchedLaunched FSO Ta’Kuntah as Ultra Large Crude Carrier (ULCC).
1980-jan-01Laid downLaid down Yuum K’ak’Naab Hull no 1112
1981-jun-06LaunchedLaunched Yuum K’ak’Naab
1995-mar-14Laid downLaid down FPSO Petrojarl Foinaven as Yard No. 273
1995-aug-28LaunchedLaunched FPSO Petrojarl Foinaven as Anadyr.
1996RefitRefit DK Maersk Curlew converted from Maersk Dorset for operation as FPSO Maersk Curlew.
1996CommissionedCommissioned FPSO Petrojarl Foinaven
1996Laid downLaid down FPSO Hæwene Brim as Yard No. 1160
1997DeploymentDeployment DK Maersk Curlew tethered in c 100m of water over Block 29/7 in the Curlew Field of the Central North Sea.
1997DeploymentDeployment FPSO Petrojarl Foinaven arrived at Foinaven Field, West Shetland Basin
1997LaunchedLaunched FPSO Hæwene Brim
1997RefitRefit FPSO Hæwene Brim converted to FPSO by Aker McNulty yard in Newcastle
1997Laid downLaid down FPSO Triton
1998LaunchedLaunched FPSO Triton
1998-augDeploymentDeployment FSO Ta’Kuntah First oil offloaed from the Cantarell field complex in Aug 1998.
1999DeploymentDeployment FPSO Hæwene Brim deployed to the Pierce field
1999-julCommissionedCommissioned FPSO Triton
1999-dec BR FPSO Petrobrás 37 arrived Marlim Field, Campos basin, Offshore Brazil; began production Jul 2000.
2000-marDeploymentDeployment FPSO Triton The FPSO Triton moored here since Mar 2000, takes reservoir fluids from a number of fields (including Bittern and Guillemot West). The gas is sent to St Fergus via a 10 inch spur from the Fulmar Gas Line and oil is shuttled away by tanker from the FPSO. First oil was from the Bittern Field in Apr 2000.
2001RefitRefit FPSO Espoir Ivoirien Converted from SuezMax Class mv White Star
2002CommissionedCommissioned FPSO Espoir Ivoirien moored in c 120m of water over Espoir East Field.
2003 GQSER FPSO Serpentina Block B, Zafiro Field, Offshore Equatorial Guinea, Gulf of Guinea
2005-augDeploymentDeployment FPSO Baobab Ivoirien MV10 Alongside Baobab Field, Ivory Coast
2006 FPSO Kikeh renamed FPSO Kikeh
2006-novCommissionedCommissioned Yuum K’ak’Naab renamed to Yuum KakNaab
2006-decRefitRefit Yuum K’ak’Naab converted from crude tanker (Berge Enterprise), to FPSO.
2007-aug FPSO Kikeh produced first oil from Kikeh field (Block K) 120km NW of western Sabah.
2008LaunchedLaunched FPSO Voyageur Spirit at Arendal, Norway
2008-augLaunchedLaunched FPSO Peregrino Built originally as the very large crude carrier Maersk Nova in 2008.
2010 BR MV22 FPSO Cidade de Angra dos Reis moored in 2145m of water for collecting, storing and distributing oil only from Block BM-S-11, Lula Field, Santos Basin, Offshore Brazil into ships which come alongside. It began exports in Oct 2010; Natural gas is sent by pipeline to PMXL-1 for onward export and processing.
2010RefitRefit FPSO Peregrino Converted to FPSO in 2010.
2011CommissionedCommissioned BR FPSO Petrobrás 58 as Petrobras 58
2011-aprCommissionedCommissioned FPSO Peregrino First production from Peregrino Field, Santos Basin
2012-octDeploymentDeployment FPSO Voyageur Spirit On station in Huntington Field. Production started 2013, with oil leaving by transfer tankers and gas being sent along the CATS undersea pipeline.
2013-jan BR MV23 FPSO Cidade de São Paulo arrived to Block BM-S-9, Sapinhoá Field, Santos Basin, Offshore Brazil; moored in 2140m of water and oil started to be offloaded to ships alongside shortly after the subsea infrastructure had been connected and commissioned. Any gas not re-injected to support production rates from the field, is sent via the Sapinhoá-Lula-Mexilhão Gas Pipeline to the processing plant onshore at Caraguatatuba.
2013-sepFate: transferedFate: transfered FSO Ta’Kuntah FSO purchased outright by Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX).
2015LaunchedLaunched FPSO Glen Lyon
2016-feb BR FPSO Cidade de Maricá moored as an FPSO in 2120m of water above the Lula Alto field. First oil offload to ships alongside
2016-jul BR FPSO Cidade de Saquarema First oil offload to ships alongside whilst moored in 2200m of water above Block BM-S-11, Lula Central Field, Santos basin, Offshore Brazil
2017DeploymentDeployment FPSO Glen Lyon to Schiehallion, with first oil in May 2017 from the re-developed field.
2017-mar-01AircraftAircraft BR FPSO Petrobrás 37 helicopter S-76 PR-MEY
2018-jan BR FPSO Cidade de Maricá fire on-board briefly halted operations
2018-nov-26Laid downLaid down IL Energean Power
2019DecommissionedDecommissioned DK Maersk Curlew
2019-feb BR FPSO Petrobrás 67 began exports from Block BM-S-11, Lula Norte Fd, Santos basin, Offshore Brazil ; moored in 2100m of water collecting, storing and distributing oil only into ships which come alongside; Gas is sent ashore directly from the production platforms via pipeline
2019-nov BR FPSO Petrobrás 68 began exports from Block BM-S-11A, Berbigão Field, Santos basin, Offshore Brazil ; moored tanker collecting, storing and distributing oil only, from the Iara area into ships which come alongside; Gas is sent ashore directly from the production platforms via pipeline.
2020 BR MV27 FPSO Cidade de Caraguatatuba operated by MODEC on behalf of Total Energy in c 2150m of water, c 270km SE or Sao Paulo, Block BM-S-9, Lapa Field, Santos basin, Offshore Brazil ; The Lapa field was originally known as Carioca Oilfield
2020 BR FPSO Petrobrás 37 Marlim Field, Campos basin, Offshore Brazil
2020 BR FPSO Petrobrás 74 Búzios Field, Santos basin, Offshore Brazil
2020Fate: scrappedFate: scrapped DK Maersk Curlew destined for scrapping at Aliaga
2020 FPSO Dynamic Producer out of service
2020-marLaunchedLaunched IL Energean Power sailing for Singapore to be fitted out
2020-apr IL Energean Power arrived at Sembcorp Admiralty Yard for installation of topsides and final fit out.
2020-jul-01DeploymentDeployment Yuum K’ak’Naab hit by anchor chain of SuezMax Tanker Olympic Future during operations in Campeche Bay.
2020-jul-21DeploymentDeployment FPSO Voyageur Spirit As part of Phase 1 field decommissioning, FPSO sailed away from its Huntington station towards Kishorn Dock, for reuse elsewhere.
2020-aug NG FPSO Erha WAFR, Gulf of Guinea
2021 BR MV26 FPSO Cidade de Itaguaí Block BM-S-11, Iracema Norte, Offshore Brazil
2021 BR MV24 FPSO Cidade de Mangaratiba Block BM-S-11, Iracema Sul Fd, Offshore Brazil
2021 BR FPSO Cidade de Maricá Block BM-S-11, Lula Alto Field, Santos Basin, Offshore Brazil
2021 BR FPSO Cidade de Paraty Block BM-S-11, Lula Nordeste, Santos Basin, Offshore Brazil
2021-mar BR FPSO Cidade de Anchieta Baleia Azul Field
2021-jun-04 FPSO Dynamic Producer Anchored at Bhavnagar, India
2021-sep FPSO Peregrino Campos Basin over c 100m of water, 85-100 km off Rio in the Peregrino Field, block BM-C-7 operated by Statoil (Norway)
2022DeploymentDeployment FPSO Raroa NZMX / NZMAR. Block PMP 38160 Taranaki Basin, 0.9nm SSW of MX401
2022-apr-05AircraftAircraft FPSO GIMBOA block#4, Angola offshore AW139
2022-jun-07DeploymentDeployment IL Energean Power tethered in position, c 50nm off Israeli northern coast, in c 5500 ft of water, processing gas from the nearby Karish and (further away) Tanin fields.
2022-octDecommissionedDecommissioned FPSO Petrojarl Foinaven departed Foinanven for scrapping in Denmark
2023-jun-16CommissionedCommissioned BR FPSO Sepetiba Departed BOMESC Shipyard for Mero field

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