1961 to 2003    

CV-64 USS Constellation

US US Navy

Flight Deck: 64
Call Sign: NNUL
Shipyard: New York Naval Shipyard


History of US USS Constellation CV-64

1957-sep-14Laid downLaid down as CVA-64
1962-sepHomeportHomeport Naval Base San Diego San Diego, CA
1970-feb-20DeploymentDeployment Yankee Station, off Vietnam, lost HH-3A 149908 from HC-7
1973-octRefitRefit NAS Seattle / Puget Sound oct73-jun74 overhaul at Puget Sound Naval Yard
1975-jul-01 reclassified as CV-64
1982RefitRefit until 1984, Terrier long range SAMs removed.
1990-octRefitRefit Philadelphia Naval Shipyard SLEP Service Life Extension Programme, until Mar 1993
1993-julHomeportHomeport Naval Base San Diego new Homeport after SLEP refit.
1994-mayDeploymentDeployment RIMPAC 94 until Jun.
1994-novDeploymentDeployment WestPac 95 departed NAS North Island for 6 month WestPac95 deployment with HS-2 embarked. Joined by USS Kinkaid and Ammunition ship USS Kiska. Rendezvoused with USS Chosin and USS Lake Erie off Hawaii.
1995-janDeploymentDeployment Operation Southern Watch Persian Gulf enforcing no-fly zone, until May
1997-aprDeploymentDeployment Operation Southern Watch Persian Gulf enforcing no-fly zone, until Oct.
1999-novPort VisitPort Visit AU Fremantle Harbour visited Fremantle during mid Nov 1999
2001-aprDeploymentDeployment Operation Southern Watch Persian Gulf enforcing no-fly zone, until Aug when she headed for Pearl Harbor.
2001-sep-09DeploymentDeployment NS Pearl Harbor Tiger Cruise return leg from Pearl Harbor to San Diego, arriving 14 Sep.
2002-novDeploymentDeployment Enduring & Iraqi Freedom Final deployment from NS San Diego to Arabian Gulf until Jun 2003.
2003-aug-07DecommissionedDecommissioned NAS North Island at NAS North Island
2003-dec-02StruckStruck Bremerton, WA

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