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  • Airbus Helicopters H145 / EC145T2

    c/n 20111

    Year 2016

    Helicopter Airbus Helicopters H145 / EC145T2 Serial 20111 Register ZM500 G-CJIV used by Ministry of Defence (MoD) DHFS ,Airbus Helicopters UK. Built 2016. Aircraft history and location


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    united kingdom Airbus Helicopters UK

    2016-11-11Airbus Helicopters UK from 11nov16 UKMFTS H135 Juno and H145 Jupiter in Britain
    2017-04-03AEGOS arrived at RAF Shawbury


    united kingdom Ministry of Defence (MoD)


    DHFS UKFMTS Jupiter HT.1 /00 DHFS
    2018-04BEGOV SAR Training 202 Sq / 00 by Apr 2018
    2018-11-09 SYS635 Oxford, England
    2018-12-12 M203 Llangefni, Wales
    2019-01-11 Rhyl, Wales
    2019-03-29 M200 Oswestry, England
    2019-05-01 SYS101 Shrewsbury, England
    2019-05-31 Colwyn Bay, Wales
    2019-07-24 SYS73 Shrewsbury, England
    2019-10-02 Betws-y-Coed, Wales
    2019-12-09 SYS635 Shawbury, England
    2020-01-08 SYS93 Shawbury, England
    2020-02-12 SYS635 Shawbury, England
    2020-03-17 SYS93 Shawbury, England
    2020-04-20 Shawbury, England
    2020-05-28 Valley, Wales
    2020-07-02 Shawbury, England
    2020-08-24 SYS93 Shrewsbury, England
    2020-09-23 SYS100 Shrewsbury, England
    2020-11-17 SYS666 Shawbury, England
    2021-01-12 Shrewsbury, England
    2021-02-11 SYS43 Shrewsbury, England
    2021-03-15 SYS43 Shrewsbury, England
    2021-04-14 SYS43 Shrewsbury, England
    2021-05-14 SYS653 Bangor, Wales
    2021-06-08 Shrewsbury, England

    Call sign for this aircraft: FENB FENC FENW M200 M202 M203 M204 M205 M206 M207 M212 M218 M222 S02 SPECTRE2 SYS02 SYS10 SYS100 SYS101 SYS11 SYS117 SYS118 SYS12 SYS123 SYS16 SYS212 SYS41 SYS42 SYS43 SYS44 SYS52 SYS54 SYS635 SYS65 SYS653 SYS66 SYS666 SYS69 SYS73 SYS85 SYS92 SYS93 VLL200 VLL202 VLL203 VLL218

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