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  • Westland Sea King HAS.5

    This model is a version of Sea King

    c/n wa 902

    Year 1982

    Helicopter Westland Sea King HAS.5 Serial wa 902 Register ZA169 used by Fleet Air Arm RN (Royal Navy). Built 1982. Aircraft history and location


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    united kingdom Fleet Air Arm

    1982-12015-N820Sq/015-N by Dec 1982 820 NAS
    1984-01-20015-NAWSAC Changi Air Show 1984 appeared at 1984 Air Show, while mother was on a Far East deployment. 820 NAS
    1985-01-17BEGDY Squadron visit 820Sq/015-N, Squadron visit to Yeovilton, 17 Jan 1985 820 NAS
    1986-04587-R706Sq/587-R by Apr 1986 to c Dec 1988. 706 NAS

    Westland Sea King HAS.6 Conv HAS.6 at Fleetlands from Jan 1989, 820Sq/010 by Jan 1989, 820Sq/011 by Aug 1990, 814Sq/266-N by Feb 1992 still Nov 1992. 814 NAS
    1992-05-12 Task Force 318.1 814 Sq / 266-N, embarked mid May 1992 on HMS Invincible for Orient 92, until disembarked for Culdrose on 26 Nov 1992. Orient 92 deployment
    814Sq/265-N by Jan 1996, Fleetlands (store ?) by Dec 1998, 810Sq/500-CU by Jan 2000 until c Mar 2000. 814 NAS

    Westland Sea King HAS.6 RN
    1996 type:HAS.6 814Sqn./N-265 embarked HMS Invincible 814 NAS

    Westland Sea King HU.5 Conv to HU5 (or, at least from HAS.6 with removal of some equipment) at Culdrose, from c Apr 2001
    771Sq B Flt/515-CW by May 2002 until c Oct 2002 on ship and c Oct 2003 as marked
    DCAE Gosport store by Dec 2004, DCAE Cosford/515 by Oct 2010 still Aug 2011.

    Westland Sea King HAS.6 2011 at the Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering at what used to be RAF Cosford to be shown 21/25 February at the RAF Museum, Cosford

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