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Málaga, Andalusia

Satellite and aerial maps of Malaga with nearby locations

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8.3 62ESAGP Malaga Port, Andalusia
85.9 48LEGR Granada, Andalusia
92.1 56LEGA Granada - Armilla, Andalusia
95.9232LXGB RAF Gibraltar, Gibraltar
97.8232 Gibraltar Harbour,
113.1219GECE Ceuta Heliport, Ceuta

36° 40' 30.00'' N - 4° 29' 57.16'' W

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List of aircraft and events at Malaga

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2002-jun-09 AS350B2 EcureuilEC-FGS
2004-jul-23 S-61NPH-NZD
2004-aug-10 S-61NPH-NZD
2005-jan-02 412EPEC-JLH
2006-apr-30 S-61NEC-FJJ
2006-may-23 AB139EC-JOU
2006-nov-25 CH-47D ChinookZA708
2007-sep-19 AB412D-HAFS
2007-nov-03 AB139EC-JOU
2008-nov-01 Bk117A-3HU22-06 / 09-231
2009-jan-10 AW139CS-HGU
2009-jan-18 412EPEC-KSJ
2009-feb-02 412EPEC-KTR
2009-mar-30 AB212 ASWHA18-12 / 01-316
2009-oct-01 CH-47D ChinookZH894 / HI
2009-oct-17 AB412D-HAFS
2009-oct-23 CH-47D ChinookZA670
2009-nov-01 Bk117A-3HU22-06 / 09-202
2009-nov-06 Bk117A-1HU22-02 / 09-202
2009-nov-15 SA342M Gazelle4145
2009-dec-03 412EPEC-JJQ
2010-jan-16 412EPEC-KSJ
2010-mar-11 EC135P2+EC-KVY
2010-jun-23 AS355N Ecureuil 2EC-HCE
2010-jun-23 EC120BEC-ISA
2010-jul-08 AW139EC-LBM
2010-sep-01 EC120BHE25-4 / 78-23
2010-sep-03 AS332B Super PumaHD.21-2 / 803-2
2010-sep-04 EC120BHE25-14 / 78-33
2010-sep-27 CH-47D ChinookHT17-19 / ET-419
2010-oct-05 412EPEC-JJQ
2010-oct-10 AW139EC-KJT
2010-nov-28 AS355NP Ecureuil 2 / TwinStarEC-LGC
2010-dec-26 CH-47D ChinookHT17-05 / ET-405
2011-jan-01 CH-47C ChinookHT17-14 / ET-414
2011-jan-01 CH-47D ChinookHT17-14 / ET-414
2011-jan-28 AS355NP Ecureuil 2 / TwinStarEC-LGD
2011-mar-02 EC225LPEC-LEN
2011-apr-01 EC135P2EC-KAP
2011-may-01 Tiger HAPHA28-05 / ET-705
2011-may-27 AS332B Super PumaHD.21-11
2011-may-27 Tiger HAPHA28-04 / ET-704
2011-jul-01 AW139EC-KJT
2011-jul-17 AW139EC-LBM
2011-sep-24 AS-61RMM81348 / 15-36
2012-sep-29 AS532AL CougarHU.27-03
2013-may-09 412EPD-HIPP
2013-jul-20 AW109E PowerF-HCHM
2014-jan-06 AS355NP Ecureuil 2 / TwinStarEC-LAR
2014-apr-18 EC145M-SRNE
2014-oct-29 Ejercito del AireS-76CHE.24-2
2016-jan FR JCE HelicopteresAW139F-HBSB
2016-feb-26 EC135P2+HU.26-16
2019-mar-31 Direccion General de TraficoAS355N Ecureuil 2EC-IKS

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