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  • portugal Aeroporto Internacional de Faro

    Faro, Faro


    Satellite and aerial maps of Faro with nearby locations

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    3.4069LPFO Faro Hospital heliport, Faro
    14.3335LPLO Loulé, Faro
    15.1003LPMB Miguel Barros Heliport, Faro
    18.5303LPVM Vilamoura, Faro
    38.1020 Cachopo, Faro
    53.4287LPBA Barlavento Algarvio Hospital, Faro

    37° 0' 51.84'' N - 7° 57' 56.99'' W
    Elevation: 24 feet

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    List of aircraft and events at Faro

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    By Date | By Serial

    1984-dec-18 369HM HS13-6 / 01-606
    1985-dec-26 SA330C 19505 / 19505
    1986-dec-17 UH-46A 152493
    1986-dec-19 SA330E XW216
    1986-dec-20 SA330C 19504
    1991-dec-18 SA330C 19512
    1992-jan-27 SA365N1 CS-HCG
    1992-dec-17 S-61N EC-FMZ
    1993-jan-10 SA341G G-IZEL
    1994-may-07 AB212ASW HA18-6 / 01-310
    1995-dec-18 S61N.MK2 EC-FTB
    1996-jul-22 CH-47C HT17-18 / ET-418
    1996-nov-30 BHN 212 5N-AJL
    1997-dec-18 SA330C 19512
    1998-jul AS350B2 D-HWPH
    1999-jan-01 212 D-HAFS
    2000-jan-01 222 CS-HDU
    2000-feb-01 212 CS-HEJ
    2000-may-01 HAS.3S 19201
    2000-may-01 MK95 19205
    2000-aug-01 S61N.MK2 G-BFRI
    2000-aug-01 SA330C 19503
    2000-oct-01 212 CS-HEJ
    2001-may-01 AS350B CS-HDK
    2001-nov-01 412 EC-HZD
    2002-jan-01 Marinha Portuguesa MK95 19204
    2002-jul-01 AS350D CS-HEO
    2002-oct-01 SA330C 19512
    2003-jul-01 SA365N1 5N-BFP
    2003-sep-04 SA330C 19505
    2003-nov-21 SA330C 19504
    2003-dec-16 222 CS-HDU
    2004-jun-11 EC155B LX-HEC
    2004-jul-01 EC135T1 P4-XTC
    2004-aug-11 SA365N CS-HFH
    2004-oct-30 SA330C 19512
    2004-nov-05 HAS.3S 19202
    2005-mar-09 SA365N 5N-BHK
    2005-apr-01 AS332C D-HLOG
    2005-aug-01 AS350B 5N-BHS
    2005-nov-01 SA316B 19356
    2005-nov-01 SA330C 19512
    2006-mar-22 SA365N 5N-BIK
    2006-may-23 SA341G HA-LFM
    2006-jul-01 EC130B4 HB-ZEW
    2006-sep-01 HC.4 ZG820 / A
    2006-sep-01 HC.4 ZA310 / WY
    2006-oct-27 AS365N2 5N-BAF
    2006-nov-01 AW139 5N-BJB
    2007-jan-03 AS350B2 5N-BJG
    2007-feb-15 MK515 19608
    2007-aug-27 INAER Portugal 412EP EC-HFD
    2008-feb-13 MK95 19203
    2008-mar-06 SA316B 19356
    2008-mar-27 AW139 CS-HGH
    2008-oct-07 CH-47D ZA682 / AJ
    2008-oct-27 Ka-32A11BC CS-HMN / 2
    2009-feb-10 SA316B 19356
    2009-feb-25 AS332L2 D2-EVP
    2009-apr-05 EC120B SE-JLB / 1
    2009-apr-15 EC225LP F-WWOY
    2009-may-24 HC.3 ZJ127 / L
    2009-may-24 HC.3 ZJ132 / Q
    2009-jun-10 Ka-32A11BC CS-HMN
    2009-aug-28 AW109E I-HDPR
    2010-mar-05 SA365N CS-HHF
    2010-may-28 AS350B3 CS-HMJ
    2010-jun-09 MK95 19203
    2010-jun-09 SA316B 19376
    2010-jul-28 Ka-32A11BC CS-HMK / 1
    2010-oct-31 MK515 19608
    2011-may-03 Ka-32A11BC CS-HML
    2011-may-09 212 D-HEPP
    2011-aug-09 MK516 19611
    2012-feb-08 S61N.MK2 G-BCLD
    2012-may-09 Ka-32A11BC CS-HMN / 2
    2012-aug-01 SA365N1 CS-HHW
    2012-aug-29 Ka-32A11BC CS-HMK / 1
    2013-oct-02 MV-22B 168226 / YS-06
    2015-jul-25 EMA Ka-32A11BC CS-HMP
    2015-oct-09 RAF SA330E XW209
    2017-aug-19 NHV EC155B1 OO-NHT
    2017-aug-19 NHV EC155B1 OO-NSH
    2018-feb-16 HTA Helicopteros Cabri G2 CS-HIH
    2020-mar-07 Administraciones Locales AB139 EC-JOU

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