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  • switzerland Flughafen Grenchen

    Grenchen, Solothurn



    Satellite and aerial maps of Grenchen with nearby locations

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    9.5076 Buergerspital Solothurn, Solothurn
    13.6253 Spitalzentrum Biel, Bern
    14.0223LSZP Biel-Kappelen, Bern
    21.4133 Regionalspital Burgdorf, Bern
    24.6089LSPL Langenthal, Bern
    25.9178 Berne University Hospital, Bern

    47° 10' 53'' N - 7° 24' 59'' E
    Elevation: 1411 feet

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    List of aircraft and events at Grenchen

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    By Date | By Serial

    2005-may-27 MD900 HB-ZCW
    2005-oct-14 EC120B HB-ZGQ
    2006-jul-09 EC120B D-HMSB
    2006-aug-09 RAVEN HB-ZDW
    2006-sep-09 AS332M1 T-319
    2006-sep-09 EC120B HB-ZGQ
    2009-mar-14 105CBS-4 HB-ZHS
    2009-mar-14 EC635P2+ T-358
    2009-mar-14 MD900 HB-ZCW
    2009-mar-15 407 HB-XQY
    2010-mar-19 SA316B M-2 / OT-ZPB
    2010-mar-20 206B-2 HB-XSL
    2010-mar-20 206B-3 HB-XSI
    2010-mar-20 206B-3 HB-XXY
    2010-mar-20 AB206A HB-XHO
    2010-mar-20 AS332M1 T-317
    2010-mar-20 Swiss Jet AG AW109S HB-ZHP
    2010-mar-20 Swiss Jet AG AW139 HB-ZUV
    2010-mar-20 EC120B HB-ZGQ
    2010-mar-20 EC145 HB-ZRE
    2010-mar-20 MD900 HB-ZCW
    2010-mar-20 SA365N F-GNLT / A6
    2010-mar-20 UH-1D HB-RXC
    2011-mar-12 105CBS-4 HB-ZHS
    2011-mar-12 206B-2 HB-XSL
    2011-mar-12 206B-3 HB-XSI
    2011-mar-12 AB206B HB-XUW
    2011-mar-12 AS332M T-313
    2011-mar-12 AW109E HB-ZVG
    2011-mar-12 REGA AW109SP HB-ZRS
    2011-mar-12 Cabri G2 HB-ZTT
    2011-mar-12 EC120B HB-ZGQ
    2011-mar-13 AB206B-2 HB-XSM
    2011-mar-13 MD900 HB-ZCW
    2011-mar-13 RAVEN HB-ZDW
    2012-mar-17 MD500E HB-ZKD
    2012-mar-18 AB206A HB-XHO
    2012-mar-18 EC120B HB-ZGQ
    2012-mar-18 AAA EC135P1 HB-ZJE
    2012-mar-18 EC635P2+ T-360
    2020-oct-17 407GXI SP-VOL

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