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SW-4 Full Flight Simulator for Polish Air Force, 05-Sep-17 : During MSPO 2017, the Polish Air Force has accepted into service a CAE 3000 Series SW-4 full-flight simulator (FFS) located at the 41st Air Base School in Deblin

Leonardo and UK MoD Launch Phase 2 of RWUAS, 28-Feb-17 : UK MoD and Leonardo joint programme for the Rotary Wing Unmanned Air System (RWUAS) concept demonstrator to help develop future unmanned rotary wing/VTOL aircraft operations

SW-4 Solo Drone Test Campaign at Grottaglie, 16-Dec-16 : Leonardo begins test campaign at the Taranto-Grottaglie Airport of the remotely piloted helicopter SW-4 ‘Solo’

SW-4 Solo at Unmanned Warrior 2016, 16-Nov-16 : Leonardo demonstrated its SW-4 Solo unmanned helicopter at Royal Navy’s Unmanned Warrior 2016 where maritime autonomous systems were featured during the Joint Warrior exercise

UK MoD SW-4 RWUAS Demonstration, 15-Sep-15 : PZL-Swidnik SW-4 RUAS Solo has completed the UK Ministry of Defence’s Rotary Wing Unmanned Aerial System (RWUAS) Capability Concept Demonstration (CCD) contract it was awarded in 2013.

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Derivatives & Versions

SW-4 Solo 2012 Solo is a Rotorcraft Unmanned Air System/Optionally Piloted Helicopter (RUAS/OPH) single engine helicopter first unveil at the MSPO 2012. The ...
AW AW009 2016 First announced at Heli-Expo 2016, is a commercial evolution of the PZL-Swidnik SW-4 with an advanced Genesys avionics display and powered by a ...

List of Operators of PZL SW-4

From Organisation with model SW-4
poland Siły Powietrzne Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej
    30 2005/   
united kingdom Ministry of Defence (MoD)
    SW-4 Solo 2013/   

Construction Numbers on database of SW-4 or its versions


Construction Numbers

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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
600104 PL SP-PSZ : PZL; 1997 Le Bourget airshow, France
SW-4 Solo conv to SW-4 Solo Unmanned Aerial System / Optionally +
Jul14 demo trials to Italian Ministry of Defence
02jul15 at italian blade 2015
08nov15 pictured at Dubai airshow 2015
Oct16 at Unmanned Warrior 2016 in UK
600321 PL SP-SWV : PZL-Świdnik
KR HL9403 : Yechon Astro-Space Center, South Korea; w/o 06feb12
Sep15 in Mesa, Arizona, USA
600322 UA UR-SASW : Ukraine, to UR-SAS
UA UR-SAS : canc
600323 CN B-1125L : China, to B-7790
CN B-7790 :
600324 CN B-7791 : China; canc
600403 BR PP-MHJ : Brazil
600404 PL SP-SWY : PZL Świdnik, to I-AWTA
IT I-AWTA : AW009 AgustaWestland, to be confirmed
600406 PL SP-SWV : PZL Świdnik
660201 2004 PL 0201 : PLF from 2005
16-20may06 Berlin air show
re registered to 6601
PL 6601 : PLF ex 0201
660204 PL 6603 : PLF; 27+28aug11 1.OSL Radom air show
660205 PL 6604 : PLF; 27+28aug11 1.OSL Radom air show
660303 PL 6607 : PLF; 27+28aug11 1.OSL Radom air show
660307 2008 PL 6611 : PLF; 27+28aug11 1.OSL Radom air show
660308 2008 PL 6612 : PLF; 27+28aug11 1.OSL Radom air show
660312 PL 6616 : PLF; 27+28aug11 1.OSL Radom air show
660314 PL 6618 : PLF; 27+28aug11 1.OSL Radom air show
660316 PL 6620 : PLF; 27+28aug11 1.OSL Radom air show
660319 PL 6623 : PLF; 27+28aug11 1.OSL Radom air show
18 C/N.

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