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    Construction Numbers

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    C/NBuilt asYearHistory
    IT Mock-up : aw169 Mock-up; pictured at Farnborough airshow
    69002 2012 IT I-EASF : AgustaWestland AW169 prototype AC1; pictured (pic1) on +
    pictured (pic2) at Farnborough, UK
    IT I-AWCK : pictured (pic3) at Yeovil, UK

    Callsign PROVA82
    69003 2012 IT I-PTFB : AgustaWestland AW169 prototype AC2 f/f 06jul12 pictured+
    IT I-AWCF : AgustaWestland; pictured (pic2) at Arlington, Texas, U+

    69004 2012 IT I-RAIJ : AgustaWestland AW169 prototype AC3 f/f 23nov12 pictured+
    IT I-AWCG : 24sep13 pictured (pic2) at 2013 HEMS Conference held in+
    Feb15 pictured (pic3) during Cold Weather trials in Ala+
    at Orlando, FL for HeliExpo 2015
    12may15 mode s logged Chester County, PA prob AW Philly+
    03oct15 High Elevation Testing at at Central Colorado R+
    25oct15 over Lake City, CO
    altitude testing at Big Bear City airport, CA
    Dec15 Transported back by Farren
    69005 2013 IT I-AWCM : AgustaWestland AW169 prototype AC4 f/f 31jan13
    Test Flight Callsign: Prova84
    IT : noted at Paris air show in new blank livery, no serial
    69006 2015 IT I-RAIF : AgustaWestland, first production aircraft f/f Mar15; Ju+
    IT I-RAIK : pictured at London Helitech 2015 in Dubai Air Wing liv+
    22oct15 at Excel Centre, Close to London City Airport
    CH HB-ZQZ : Swift Copters from Jan20
    69007 2015 IT I-PTFQ : AgustaWestland Jul15
    IT I-LCIA : AgustaWestland ~Oct16
    69008 IT I-RAIT : AgustaWestland Oct15 for Hoverfly ntu
    IT - : Hoverfly ntu
    IT I-EASK : Apr18 ?
    BR PP-DJF : Via Italia Comercio e Importação de Veículos Ltda S+
    69009 2015 IT I-RAIS : AgustaWestland
    AU VH-FOX : Fox Helicopters Pty Ltd Dec15-May17; Linfox
    AU VH-LHH : Fox Helicopters Pty Ltd May/Jun 2017-?; Linfox
    AU VH-LHH : AgustaWestland Australia Jun/Oct 2017, pictured
    RP RP-C1609 : Royal Star Aviation, Philippines from Oct17
    69010 2015 IT I-EASI : AgustaWestland; Nov15 in yellow livery and black bord+
    IT I-RAIR : pictured on display at FIA 2016
    IE EI-FMP : LCI Helicopters Eleven Ltd from 23jun17
    IT EI-FMP : Elitaliana from Sep17; Nov19 /Pegaso33 Rome
    Sistema Sanitario Regionale ARES 118 Regione Lazio
    69011 2015 IT I-RAIM : AgustaWestland, to JA04AP
    JP JA04AP : Mitsui Feb16
    JP JA04AP : Asahi from Jun16
    JP JA04AP : Newspaper gathering from 2016, op by Asahi
    69012 2015 IT I-RAIL : AgustaWestland Dec15
    IT I-BBPE : INAER Italy Dec16; Babcock MCS Italia 2017
    69013 2016 IE EI-FNT : LCI from Aug16
    IT EI-FNT : Como Aviation Ltd from Aug16, test serial I-EASJ; Elita+
    69014 2016 IT I-RAIS : AgustaWestland Dec15
    UK G-KSST : Specialist Aviation Services from 08feb16 for KSSAAT
    at Redhill Aerodrome
    UK G-KSST : Kent Air Ambulance from Jun16, op by SAS
    pictured on display at Helitech 2016
    In use by Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance ( KSSAAT +

    69015 2016 IE G-CJHA : Vertical Aviation No1 Ltd from Aug16, test serial I-RAI+
    IT EI-LID : Alidaunia from Dec16; HEMS
    Mar19 first medical HEMS AW169 ambulance helicopter wit+
    69016 2016 IT I-BBFI : INAER Italia from Nov16, test serial I-RAIV, pictured
    69017 2016 IT I-EASL : Manufacturers test serial. To Australia.
    AU VH-LSN : Hudcon Properties Pty Ltd at South Melbourne, VIC, Aus+
    UK G-CMCL : CMCL Limited Parternship from Dec16

    69018 2016 UK G-VSKP : Congress International Finance 8/20 Jul16, test serial +
    Foxborough Ltd from Jul16; Leicester City football club+
    31aug16 pictured (pic1) at Leicester City stadium
    pictured (pic2) at London heliport
    at Fairoaks
    27oct18 crashed on Take Off from Leicester City Stadium
    w/o 27oct18 after the Leicester City FC / West Ham matc+
    06dec18 AAIB special bulletin released
    69019 2016 IT I-ROBS : Airgreen Nov16, test serial I-RAIE
    69020 UK G-MLAP : Starspeed Ltd from Feb17, test serial I-PTFI
    69021 BR PR-FGT : Boat & Pane Time Sharing do Brazil Ltda from Mar17, tes+
    69022 2016 JP JA169T : Mitsui & Co Jul/Aug 2016
    JP JA169T : Tohoku Denryoku from Aug16
    69023 2016 UK G-LNAC : SAS from Sep16, test serial I-RAIS for LNAACT
    UK G-LNAC : at Gloucestershire Airport
    LNAACT from ; Sep17 pictured started carrying blood to +
    29 Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance ( LN+
    first helicopter to land in the Hull Royal Infirmary n+
    69024 2016 AE A6-FHG : FAS from Oct16, test serial I-RAIF; first AW169 in offs+
    pictured (pic2) on display at Dubai Airshow 2019
    69025 2016 AR LV-GYK : Flight Express SA from May17, test serial I-RAIS
    pictured at Rosario
    69026 2017 NO LN-OXH : Airlift AS from Jun17, test serial I-EASX
    69027 2016 UK G-DSAA : SAS from Oct16, for DSAA
    UK G-DSAA : Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance (DSAA) , op by SAS, pic+
    first landing at Royal Bournemouth Hospital (RBH) new +
    naming ceremony as PEGASUS at Yeovil
    27apr18 09:30hs landed Bower Manor Park Bridgwater Some+
    15may18 02:00 hs landed Moretonhampstead, Dartmoor
    69028 GQ 3C-MAD : Equatorial Guinea from Mar17, test serial I-RAIJ
    AN P4-ICE : Netherlands Antilles unk from Dec18
    in a Hangar at RAF Gibraltar being repaired
    at Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Italy
    31ago19 at Villanova d'Albenga, Liguria, Italia
    69029 AE A6-KOC : Kuwait Oil Company, test serial ex I-EASI, op by FAS
    69030 2017 NO LN-OXI : Airlift AS from Jun17, test serial I-RAIM

    69031 AE A6-SBK : FAS from Jan17, test serial I-RAIX; VIP

    69032 KR HL9627 : Heli Korea from Nov16, test serial I-PTFQ; EMS
    69033 2016 IT I-EASV : Finmeccanica
    DE D-HHTJ : Heli-Service Gmbh from Aug16, test serial I-EASV, pictu+
    14oct18 HeliService at Amsterdam heliport
    17oct18 pictured (pic2) on Leonardo stand in Hall 8 at +
    69034 2017 AU VH-FOX : Fox Helicopters Pty Ltd from May17, test serial I-EASL
    69035 2017 NO LN-OXJ : Airlift AS from Jun17, test serial I-RAIS

    69036 2018 IT I-RAIV : AustaWestland, IT Sep18
    US N118UJ : AgustaWestland, PA from Feb19; white/brown-yellow strip+
    69037 AE A6-TOT : Kuwait Oil Company, test serial ex I-RAIM, op by FAS
    69038 2016 UK G-TCAA : SAS from Aug17, test serial I-EASJ for Childrens Air A+
    UK G-TCAA : Children Air Ambulance Aug18, op by SAS; pictured
    04feb19 passed over head UPTON (waymarker) .EX Barnsley+
    circling over west side of Derby. Appears to be carryi+
    19may19 09:00 hs Gamston to Doncaster-Sheffield dsa
    15jul19 11:00 hs landed at Grimsby rugby club, possible+
    69039 US N628SH : AgustaWestland, PA from Jan18; 02mar18 pictured leaving+
    US N628SH : TVPX Jul/Dec 2018
    BR PP-PMM : ABM-Negocios Imobiliarios Ltda from Jan19

    69041 2016 KR HL9628 : Heli Korea from Nov16; EMS

    69042 US N116MW : AgustaWestland, PA from Apr17
    US N116MW : Nextera Energy Equipment Leasing Llc at Juno Beach, FL +
    Sep18 received maintenance stands
    69043 2017 SE SE-JSG : Babcock Scandinavian Air Ambulance from Apr17, test ser+
    69044 2017 IE : Vertical Aviation No2 Ltd 2017, test serial I-RAIF
    SE SE-JRA : Babcock Scandinavian Air Ambulance from May17; Jan18 p+
    69045 IT I-KYRA : INAER Italia from Feb17, test serial I-RAIM; HEMS Abruz+
    Babcock MCS Italia; 12sep17 pictured at Politecnico Mi+
    69046 DE D-HHFJ : Heli-Service Gmbh, test serial I-EASX, pictured
    69047 US N169ES : American Owlines Llc at Los Angeles, CA from Dec17, tes+
    Apr-19 present at SCE' seminar for first responders ab+
    69048 2017 IE G-CKCX : Waypoint Asset Euro 1G Ltd from May17, test serial I-RA+
    69049 2017 IT I-RAIM : Manufacturers test serial. To UK
    UK G-HHEM : SAS from Apr17, test serial I-RAIM
    UK G-HHEM : Herts and Essex Air Ambulance
    13:45hs Landed Belswains School field, Hemel Hempstead
    22sep17 landed at Kensington Gardens, London
    Herts and Essex Air Ambulance (EHAAT); 04oct17 pictured+
    EHAAT at North Weald Airfield
    69050 2017 IN VT-GVZ : Global Vectra Helicorp, test serial I-EASX
    05jul19 at Patna, Bihar
    69051 KR HL9631 : Heli Korea from Dec16, test serial I-EASL; EMS
    69052 2017 IE G-CKJR : Waypoint Asset Co, Limerick, Ireland from Jul17, test s+
    69053 2017 UK G-GETU : Jetheli Ltd at Jethro, Guernsey from Jun17, test serial+
    69054 2017 IT I-MCSH : Babcock MCS Italia from Jul17, test serial I-EASV
    69055 2017 IT I-EASI : AgustaWestland May17
    UK G-PICU : SAS from Sep17
    UK G-PICU : Children Air Ambulance, op by SAS; 17jul18 pictured at +
    17feb19 15:40 hs landed in Regent’s Park’s southeas+
    14:20 hs left RCH Treliske Truro Cornwall
    12apr19 flew over Wolverhampton, West Midlands
    15apr19 14:53 hs flew over Wroughton, Wiltshire
    at Bristol Royal Infirmary
    22apr19 20:15 hs southbound over Derby, 2000ft
    lunchtime at Plymouth Derriford Hospital
    17:08 hs left RCH Treliske Truro Cornwall
    16:30 hs at Derriford Hosp helipad, Plymouth
    10:10 hs Oxford Airport to City Airport, Heliport, Manc+
    69056 2017 AR GN-934 : GNA 2018, test serial I-PTFQ Aug17 d/d Dec17; pictured+
    13sep18 pictured (pic2) in official delivery ceremony
    69057 FR F-HBPS : SCAR Feb18-Jun19, test serial I-EASL
    69058 IT I-LHCA : Babcock Mission Critical Services Italia from Nov17, te+
    Treviso Emergenza 118
    From Venice- to Treviso

    69059 IE : Vertical Aviation No2 Ltd, test serial I-EASV
    SE SE-JSH : Babcock Scandinavian Air Ambulance from Feb18, pictured
    69060 2018 IE EI-GGH : LCI from Jun18, test serial I-EASJ
    IT EI-GGH : Elitaliana from Jun18; HEMS
    at Policlinico Gemelli
    Callsign PEGASO10
    69061 2017 IT I-EASJ : AgustaWestland Italia Nov17
    UK G-KSSC : SAS from Dec17
    repainted in Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance livery+
    UK G-KSSC : at Palatine Park

    op by SAS, pictured
    06mar20 JD101 landed at Goldsmiths Park, Crowborough
    69062 SE SE-JSI : Babcock Scandinavian Air Ambulance from Feb18, test ser+

    69063 IT I-LIDI : LN-OXJ ntu; Alidaunia Srl May19, test serial I-RAIM

    69064 2018 UK G-SASX : Specialist Aviation Services from Apr18, test serial I+
    UK G-SASX : Isles of Scilly Steamship Company, op by SAS; Island He+
    UK G-SASX : 03jan18 at Dunsfold, Surrey
    at Bristol Royal Infirmary helipad landing practice
    21feb20 outside Specialist Aviation Services at Glouces+
    as /Specialist 01 practice landings on the BRI helipad
    69065 2017 IT I-RAIL : AgustaWestland 2017
    UK G-ICEI : Iceland Foods Ltd Jan/May 2018, test serial I-RAIL
    Iceland International Ltd at Dunsfold Park from
    20sep19 flying around Cardiff
    Worcester heading NW
    69066 IN VT-RRC : Global Vectra Helicorp from Feb18, test serial I-PTFQ
    69067 BR PR-MSO : Cosan SA from Oct18; Helipark ?
    69068 IE : Vertical Aviation No.2 Limited, Ballsbridge, Ireland
    DK OY-HOW : Uni-Fly A/S from Apr18
    09 offshore transport to windfarm from Humberside, UK
    13jan09 at Lelystad, Netherlands
    offshore north sea
    69069 SE SE-JSJ : Babcock Scandinavian Air Ambulance from May18, test ser+
    Jun18 based at Göteborg
    69070 SE SE-JSK : Babcock Scandinavian Air Ambulance, test serial I-EASJ;+
    69071 IT I-KONA : pictured on display at REMOTE 2018 International HEMS +
    Babcock MCS Italia from Mar19, test serial I-RAIL
    ELH (Elilario)

    69072 AE A6-ISG : Kuwait Oil Company, test serial ex I-RAIM, op by FAS
    69073 DK OY-HOF : Uni-Fly A/S from Apr19, test serial I-EASX; Simona
    Humberside, UK
    69074 TW B-16928 : Emerald Pacific Airlines from May18, test serial I-EASX
    69075 DE D-HHMJ : Heli-Service GmbH from Dec18, test serial I-EASL, pictu+

    69076 TW B-16988 : Emerald Pacific Airlines from Jun18, test serial I-RAIR
    69077 2018 IT I-RAIT : AgustaWestland Jul18
    UK G-MGPS : SAS from Dec18
    UK G-MGPS : Magpas op by SAS, pictured
    69078 IN ? : Global Vectra Helicorp ?
    69079 2018 PL SP-AWS : General Aviation Services, Poland Sep19
    69080 2018 JP JA35AR : Mitsui Bussan Aerospace Oct18, test serial I-RAIS
    JP JA35AR : Yamaguchi Prefecture Fire and Disaster Prevention Air C+
    69081 2019 US N307TC : AgustaWestland, PA from Mar19, test serial I-RAIM
    US N307TC : Travis County at Austin, TX from Jun19, pictured (pic1)+
    pictured (pic2) at Dell Children's Medical Center Heli+
    69082 2018 NZ ZK-HLH : Auckland Rescue Helicopters Trust ARHT from Aug18, te+

    69083 2018 NZ ZK-IZB : Auckland Rescue Helicopters Trust ARHT from Mar19, tes+

    69084 2018 IT I-KLIO : Babcock MCS Italia Oct19, test serial I-EASI
    69085 2018 US N308TC : AgustaWestland, PA from Mar19, test serial I-RAIR
    US N308TC : Travis County at Austin, TX from Jun19; StarFlight
    pictured (pic1) on display at AMTC 2019 in Atlanta, Geo+
    pictured (pic2) (pic3) on display at Heli-Expo 2020, An+
    69086 2018 ID PK-DJR : PT Altius Djarum Apr19, test serial I-PTFQ
    69087 2018 IT I-SMBA : Babcock MCS Italia Nov19, test serial I-EASV
    69088 2018 US N309TC : AgustaWestland, PA from Mar19, test serial I-RAIL
    US N309TC : Travis County at Austin, TX from Aug19; StarFlight
    Travis pictured at Seton Smithville Hospital
    69089 2018 IT I-RAIV : AgustaWestland; pictured f/f Nov18
    NO LN-ORA : Norwegian Police Feb19
    69090 CN B-70C0 : Polar Research Institute of China Jul19, test serial I-+
    69091 ID PK-DJH : PT Altius Djarum Sep19, test serial I-RAIS
    69092 ID PK-DJM : PT Altius Djarum Sep19, test serial I-EASV
    69093 IT I-WNDA : Leonardo, test serial I-EASL; with I-WINDB at Sabadell+
    MY I-WNDA : Weststar Aviation; offshore in Equatorial Guinea 2019
    69094 2019 NO LN-ORB : Norwegian Police 2019
    69095 AW169M 2019 IT CSX81962 : at Vergiate
    IT MM81962 : GF-501; delivery in official ceremony first of 22

    Callsign VOLPE00
    Callsign VOLPE501
    69096 2019 NO LN-ORC : Norwegian Police 2019
    69098 IT I-WNDB : Leonardo, test serial I-EASV; with I-WINDB at Sabadell+
    MY I-WNDB : Weststar Aviation; offshore in Equatorial Guinea 2019
    69100 2019 UK G-CRWL : SAS from 28dic19, test serial I-RAIK
    UK G-CRWL : Cornwall Air Ambulance 2020, op by SAS
    pictured entering service
    08may20 13:55 BST on a flight eastbound from Newquay Ai+
    heli appeal supporters named painted underside
    pictured (pic2) in bath time
    pictured (pic3) and video at Porthmeor Beach, St Ives
    69101 2019 KR HL9649 : Daegu Fire Service from Oct19, test serial I-RAIM
    69102 2019 SI S5-HPI : Slovenia Police from Oct19, test serial I-EASL
    69103 2019 MY I-WNDC : Weststar Aviation from Oct19, test serial I-EASJ

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