Russian Helicopters Mi-26T2

Derived from Mil Mi-26 Halo

Russian Helicopters Mi-26T2

The Mi-26T2 is a modernised version of the Mi-26T, equipped with the latest avionics, making it possible to cut the number of crew required and also to operate the helicopter during night-time. Produced by Rostvertol

Model News

Next Year Full of Tests for Mi-26T2V, 28-Dec-19 : Russian Helicopters together with the Russian Ministry of Defense began joint tests of the new Mi-26T2V that will keep them occupied throughout 2020

Mi-26T2V Completes Preliminary Flight Tests, 04-Apr-19 : #Mi26 The upgraded Mi-26T2V, which made its first flight in August 2018 and is fitted with the NPK90-2V avionics suite, has completed test flights and is ready for delivery to the Russian Ministry of Defense

First Flight of Modernized Mi-26T2V, 26-Aug-18 : #Mi26 Rostvertol completed first flight of the modernized Mi-26T2V helicopter capable to carry up to 20 tonnes of cargo

Russia to Unveil Upgraded Mi-26T2V at Army-2018, 07-Aug-18 : #aircraft Rostvertol’ Mil Mi-26T2V expected to make its first flight very soon. The new variant is fitted with the NPK90-2V avionics suite which greatly simplifies piloting and the Vitebsk defensive aids system

Russia to Modernize Mi-26T2, 07-Sep-16 : Russian Mi-26 will be upgrade to the Mi-26T2V standard with advanced handling characteristics and more precise navigation and communication capabilities.

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List of Operators of Russian Helicopters Mi-26T2

From Organisation with model Mi-26T2
algeria Al Quwwat Aljawwiya Aljaza Eriiya
jordan al quwwat al-jawwiya al-malakiya al-urduniya

Construction Numbers on database of Mi-26T2 or its versions


Construction Numbers

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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
34001212643/33-03 DZ SL-22 : Algeria
34001212644/33-04 DZ SL-24 : Algeria
RU 701 : Russian Helicopters 06819
JO 2601 : RJAF d/d 17jan18 06819
JO 2602 : RJAF d/d 26dec18 06820 with no camo, pictured
DZ SL-32 : Algeria
DZ SL-44 : Algeria
6 C/N.

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