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43903 1995 Bell 430 cn43903, ground test vehicle for Bell Helicopters, +
49115 2005     N10350: Bell/Mitsui May06
Nakanihon Air Service JA04TV: NAS from Oct08
49116 2005     N1035U: Bell 2006
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FIAG: Bell Canada 2005

Aero Asahi Corporation JA01AX: Aero Asahi from Nov06
49084 2001     N1059N: Bell Jan/May 2002; PP-MFP ntu
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GLZO: Bell Canada 2001

- PR-YRG: Morro Vermelho Taxi Aereo from Jun02; Feb13 expired
49020 1997     N11753: Bell 10-18 Aug98, test serial C-GAHJ
Royal Bahraini Air Force A9C-HA: Bahraini Royal Flight from 1998

31aug16 12:04 over Swindon, UK

- N430V: 49020 Inc Trustee at Wilmington, DE from 28sep16; flo+

- ZT-RCK: South Africa
49022 1997     N1175B: Bell 430 cn49022, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N1175B, unk
- N431WH: xfer US as N431WH, unk

- N434WH: xfer US as N434WH, unk

- SX-HPM: ex N434WH; to N430BL

- N430BL: xfer US as N430BL, unk

Ecuadorian Navy HN-407: Naval d/d Aug 2010
49086 2001     N20342: Bell 2001
State of New York N9SP: NYSP New York State Police 22Feb02
49059 1999     N2116B: xfer Bell Helicopters US as N2116B, unk
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FOFH: Bell 430 cn49059, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters Canada as +

- PP-MIT: xfer Brazil as PP-MIT, unk

- N31EE: xfer US as N31EE, unk

- PK-PUN: xfer Indonesia as PK-PUN, unk
49060 1999     N2344T: Bell 2000
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GLZS: Bell Canada 1999

- HB-ZCH: Scintilla AG May00-Mar15

- ZS-RZA: South Africa by Feb18
49061 1999     N23459: xfer Bell Helicopters US as N23459, unk
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GLZE: Bell 430 cn49061, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters Canada as +

bulgarian air force 430: xfer Bulgaria Govt as 430, unk

balkan bulgarian airways LZ-VIP: xfer Balkan Holidays Airlines, Bulgaria as LZ-VIP, unk

- TC-HAD: xfer Turkey as TC-HAD, unk
49062 1999     N2349A: xfer Bell Helicopters US as N2349A, unk
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GLZH: Bell 430 cn49062, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters Canada as +

Nakanihon Air Service JA010Y: Nakanihon from May07
49064 2000     N2391X: Bell Helicopter 2000
- N430CE: JJB Sports, to N432HF

HeliFlite N432HF: Heliflite by 2005
49095 2002     N2401A: Bell Helicopters 2003
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GZUZ: Bell Canada 2002

- N5120: Wells Fargo Bank 2004-Jun12

Eastern Atlantic Helicopters M-DWSF: Isle of Man / Dave Whelan Sports Ltd at Lancashire, UK +

Eastern Atlantic Helicopters Ltd, UK Jan/Feb 2016

- TC-HAZ: Turkey from Feb16
49065 1999     N2416P: xfer Bell Helicopters US as N2416P, 2000
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GLZE: Bell 430 cn49065, ff:?; reg Bell helicopters Canada as +

- N5NA: xfer Range Flyers Inc, Wichita, KS as N5NA, 30Aug07

- VT-REO: xfer India as VT-REO, 16Nov07; w/o when flew into hill +
49066 2000     N24289: Bell 2000, test serial C-GFNY
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GFNY: Bell Canada 2000

- N431WH: Miami Dolphins, to N404DJ

- N404DJ: Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee Aug06-Mar08

- C-FWLS: Gordco Administration Inc at Montreal, QC from Mar08; D+
49085     N30025: xfer Bell Helicopters US as N30025, unk
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GBUP: Bell 430 cn49085, reg Bell Helicopters Canada as C-GBUP+

- PP-MDY: xfer Brazil as PP-MDY, unk
49088 2001     N3005J: xfer Bell Helicopters US as N3005J, unk
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GLZA: Bell 430 cn49088, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters Canada as +

Pelita Air Service PK-PUL: PAS Indonesia, ex N3005J
49021 1997     N3456W: Bell 430 cn49021, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N3456W, unk.
- XA-TGF: Commander Mexicana SA, ex N3456W, to N29EH

- N29EH: Trevor Corp at Grayslake, IL Sep/Dec 2007

Pelita Air Service PK-PUM: PAS Indonesia, ex N29EH
49076 2001     N4018G: Bell 430 cn49076, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N4018G, 2001
- N304AG: Wilmington Trust at Wilmington, DE

Air Force of the Dominican Republic HI883: Presidential aircraft from 2004
49080 2001     N40565: Bell 2001
- PP-MGR: Brazil private

Mar/Apr 2017 for sale Bell 430 2002; Retractable Wheel +
49102 2004     N41786: Bell 430 cn49102, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N41786, 2004
Heli Malongo Airways D2-EYI: HM Airways Dec05; ex N41786

w/o 26sep16

w/o 26sep16, aircraft was destroyed after crashing off +
49106     N4203G: Bell 2005, test serial C-GAJH
Aero Asahi Corporation JA06NR: Aero Asahi from Dec05
49104     N4205W: Bell 430 cn49104, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N4205W, unk
- HL9459: xfer South Korea as HL9459, unk
49028 1997     N4213V: Bell Helicopter Jun/Dec 1997, test serial C-FOFG
Westair Aviation EI-WAV: Westair Ireland from 1998

- EI-WAV: Nov13-Aug14 for sale Bell 430 1997 Dual Pilot IFR Certi+

- ZS-HUD: Fortune Air Pty Ltd South Africa Jan15
49037 1997     N430CH: Bell 430 cn49037, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N430CH, 199+
49072 2000     N430CV: Bell
49001     N430EX: xfer Bell Heicopters, US as N430EX, unk
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GRND: Bell 430 cn49001, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as C-GRND,+
49081 2001     N430LL: Bell
49045 1998     N430PR: Bell
- N430AG: Spanos Corp at Stockton, CA

Cr Aviation at New York, NY from Jul08
49002     N430Q: FCC Equipment Financing Inc at Jacksonville, FL canc Nov10
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FWQV: Bell Canada 1996

- N430U: Bell, to N430Q

Air Methods N430Q: Air Methods, noted 1997

State of Pennsylvania N430Q: STAT MedEvac , noted 2002

HELIDOSA HI930: Helidosa
49040 1998     N430X: Bell Helicopters, 1998
State of Michigan N431UM: University of Michigan Health Hospital; Survivial Fligh+

- N431UM: Us Bancorp Equipment Finance Inc at Portland, OR from +

U S Bank NA at Portland, OR from Feb12

Ecuadorian Navy HN-409: Naval from Dec13, not confirmed 409 or 411

07may15 pictured (pic2) during medical evacuation from +

18jul15 pictured (pic3) during medical evacuation from +

05jul18 pictured (pic4) during medical evacuation from +
49058 1999     N430X: Bell 430 cn49058, ff:?; reg Bell helicopters as N430X, 1999
49123 2007     N4324X: Bell 2007
- G-NAVA: Vasileios Konstantakopoulos, Athens Greece Apr/Jul 2018

- SX-HNG: Greece, to TC-HYU

- TC-HYU: Ünver Aviation; w/o 06sep18 into the sea off coast of +
49012 1996     N432UT: Bell Oct10-Oct13, expired; canc Jan14
- N430WH: xfer US as N430WH, unk

- N438WH: USA, to N438WF

- N438WF: USA, to N432UT

State of Tennessee N432UT: University of Tennessee Medical Center, Knoxville, TN J+

Med Trans Corp N432UT: Med-Trans Corp Dec09-Oct10
49054 1999     N4357G: Bell 430 cn49054, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N4357G, unk
- XC-XAL: xfer Mexico as XC-XAL, unk
49107     N43944: Bell Helicopters 2005, test serial C-FOFB
- RP-C8030: Philippines

International Container Terminal Services Incorporated +
49042 1998     N439WH: Bell Dec98
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GBUB: Bell Canada 1998

- N430WH: Miami Dolphins, unk

- N438WH: Jack Prewitt & Assoc Inc at Bedford, TX Jun07; Helicopt+

- TF-HMK: Helicopter Service of Iceland 2008-2010; at Reykjavik

- D-HBRD: Germany unk at Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport Aug10-Mar1+

- RA-01929: Russia unk from Mar11; May13 for sale at Kazan, Russia+
49112 2005     N44434: Bell 2005
- N804CL: Linke Investments Inc at Dover, DE Feb06-May08

Patagonia Chopper LV-BPI: Patagonia Chopper, noted 2012

- N430AJ: Austin Jet International Inc at Wilmington, DE Oct15-Ma+

- TC-HDL: Turkey 2016
49105     N4479X: xfer Bell Helicopters US as N4479X, unk
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GLZU: Bell 430 cn49105, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters Canada as +

- TC-HSZ: xfer Turkey as TC-HSZ, unk
49015     N4579C: Bell
Daily Air Corp B-55531: Daily Air Corp, Taiwan; w/o 08may00 overturned into wa+
49110 2005     N46373: Bell 430 cn49110, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N46373, 200+
- RA-01921: xfer Russia as RA-01921, unk
49094 2002     N51335: xfer Bell Helicopters US as N51335, unk
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FZSS: Bell 430 cn49094, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters Canada as +

Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine UR-UZE: xfer Ukraine Govt as UR-UZE, unk

- UR-PSUZ: ex N51335
49100 2003     N51484: Bell/Mitsui Sep04
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GBUB: Bell Canada 2003

Nakanihon Air Service JA06CH: NAS from Sep04
49117 2006     N558UH: Bell Helicopters, test serial C-GLYY
State of Texas N556UH: Bexar County Hospital District DBA, San Antonio, TX De+

Air Methods N556UH: Air Methods Oct15-May17

- N556UH: Translift Inc at Holly, MI from May17
49129 2008     N56157: Bell 2008
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GLZY: Bell Canada

Aero Asahi Corporation JA88CX: Aero Asahi from Dec08
49127 2008     N5616U: Bell 430 cn49127, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N5616U, 2008
- PP-FUN: ex N5616U
49071 2001     N60887: Bell 2001
State of Michigan N430ST: MSP Michigan State Police at Lansing, Mi 2001-Feb17; /T+

- N430ST: K & S Helicopters Inc at Kailua Kona, Honolulu, HI from+

w/o 30oct18 Kailua, no injuries
49075 2001     N6128G: xfer Bell Helicopters US as N6128G, unk
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GAEP: Bell 430 cn49075, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopter Canada as C+

- PP-MVR: xfer Brazil as PP-MVR, unk
49078 2001     N6174X: Bell 2001
- N74RP: USA 2001

- N901RL: Aircraft Guarantee Holdings at Houston, TX noted 2007

29sep08 pictured at Blackbushe, UK. S-76A G-BURS is on +

Bovale at Wilmington, DE from Oct10

- N331JE: Hyperion Air Llc at St Thomas, VI from Jul12

Epstein use it to transfer between Saint Thomas and Lit+
49091 2002     N6206X: Bell
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GLZK: Bell Canada 2002

- N543SA: Corporate Helicopters of San Diego

- N91KE: Il Air Inc at Glenville, WV

State of Florida N557ST: Seminole Tribe Of Florida at Hollywood, FL Feb07
49093 2002     N62436: Bell Sep02
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FWCP: Bell Canada 2002

- N500TK: NASCAR, to N430BP

- N430BP: USA unk 2005

- N5RH: Hendricks Motorsports, Inc at Charlotte, NC from May05
49035 1997     N62761: Bell 430 cn49035, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N62761, 1997
- VT-MPS: xfer India as VT-MPS, unk
49036 1997     N6276N: Bell 430 cn49036, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N6276N, unk
Mexico Government XC-SPE: Gobierno; Bell serial N6276N; Estado de Puebla; Estado +

- N430DG: xfer US as N430DG, unk

- LV-CJH: Argentina private, ex XC-SPE; video (top) at Rosario +

video (bot) at Rosario
49034 1997     N6277U: Bell 430 cn49034, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N6277U, 1997
- YV-2568P: xfer Venezuela as YV-2568P, unk

- YV1872: xfer Venezuela as YV1872, unk
49019     N6280N: Bell 430, cn49019, ff:?; reg Bell helicopters as N6280W, unk
- RP-C4300: 2001 N430AR

xfer Philippines as RP-C4300, unk

- N430AR: xfer US as N430AR, unk
49006 1996     N6282X: Bell 430 cn49006, ff?: reg Bell Helicopters as N6282X, unk;
- PK-???: xfer Indonesia as PK-..., unk

- N648CT: xfer US as N648CT, unk

- PP-MAN: xfer Brazil as PP-MAN, unk.
49010 1996     N62839: Bell 1996, test serial C-GAJR
- TC-HMD: Turkey, to N151MH

- N151MH: USA Feb06

State of North Carolina N208CM: Carolinas Medical Center by 2008; Medcenter Air

State of Tennessee N25CL: Helicopters Inc at Cahokia, IL Apr11 Apr11-Apr18

State of New Jersey N25CL: Air Sansone Llc at Wilmington, DE from May18
49007 1996     N6283T: Bell 430, cn49007, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N6283T, unk
- SX-HEZ: xfer Greece as SX-HEZ, unk

- N430SF: xfer US as N430SF, unk

- N255M: xfer US as N255M, unk
49012 1996     N6284Q: Bell, test serial C-GAJN
- N430WH: xfer US as N430WH, unk

- N438WH: USA, to N438WF

- N438WF: USA, to N432UT

State of Tennessee N432UT: University of Tennessee Medical Center, Knoxville, TN J+

Med Trans Corp N432UT: Med-Trans Corp Dec09-Oct10
49039 1998     N6308Y: Bell Feb98-Jan99, test serial C-GAED
Mexico Government XC-VER: Gobierno del Estado de Veracruz

w/o 06oct15 in Veracruz, 2 fatalities
49041 1998     N6369X: Bell Sep98
- N57LS: Rite & Realty Corp, Camphill, PA

- N430RX: USA, to N206CM

State of North Carolina N206CM: Carolinas Healthcare System at Charlotte, NC Dec05-Apr1+

- ZS-HHU: South Africa from 2011

stripped down at Virginia Airport South Africa by
49057 1999     N6389Z: Bell USA Aug99-Jan00
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FOEP: Bell Canada 1999

Heli-Linth AG HB-ZBZ: Heli-Linth Jan00-Mar01

Air Grischa Helikopter AG HB-ZBZ: Air Grischa Mar01-May03

Swiss Jet AG HB-ZBZ: Air Engiadina (Swiss-Jet) May03-Oct09

- TC-HYZ: Turkey, ex HB-ZBZ

Yazici Turizm Yatirimlari Ve İsletmeleri A.S., Marmari+
49016     N6845C: Bell 430 49016, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N6845C, unk
- B-55532: xfer Daily Air Corp, Taiwan as B-55532, unk

- VP-BGS: xfer Bahamas as VP-BGS, unk;

- SX-HES: xfer Greece as SX-HES, unk
49113     N70830: Bell 430 cn49113, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N70830, unk
- D2-EYR: xfer Angola as D2-EYR, unk
49097     N7085Y: Bell Helicopters
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FEXW: Bell Canada

- TC-HMZ: Turkey from 2004

06sep15 at Göcek, Turkey
49023     N7204R: Bell, test serial C-GFNY
Elitaliana / Free Air I-FREF: Elitaliana, to N430PB

- N430PB: USA Jan05

State of Idaho N431SL: Alvac Inc at Boise, ID Apr06-Sep16; Air St Luke

- N431SL: Translift Inc at Holly, MI from Sep16
49030 1997     N72073: Bell Helicopters, test serial C-GBUK
Aero Asahi Corporation JA6900: Aero Asahi from Oct97
49031     N7208H: Bell/Mitsui Oct97
Nakanihon Air Service JA05TV: NAS from Nov97
49027 1997     N7215J: Bell, test serial C-GLZC
- PK-URY: Indonesia, rtn to N7215J

Mackay Helicopters VH-HIA: Aviation Tourism Australia Pty Ltd at Maroochydore BC, +

MacKay Helicopters by 2016

- VH-HIA: Feb16-Apr17 for sale Bell 430 1997; In Daily IFR Operat+

Apr17-Jan18 for sale Bell 430 1997

Manolos Aviation P2-MUM: Manolos Aviation, Niugini Heliworks from 2018
49103 2004     N805BB: Bell Helicopter
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FBWI: Bell Canada 2004

- N1FL: USA, to N430CE

State of Florida N430CE: Aero Toy Store Llc at Fort Lauderdale, FL May/Jun 2007

National Helicopters Inc C-FOHL: Skyservice Aviation at Dorval, QC Jun07-Dec09

Flying Penguin - H Inc at Dorval, QC Dec09-May12

National Helicopters Inc at Kleinburg, ON from May12

- C-FOHL: 15:30 at Wawa, Ontario
49033 1997     N8060J: Bell 430 cn49033, ff:?; reg Bell Helicoptetrs as N8060J, 199+
- TC-HNH: Nergis Air 2007; Sancakair 2009; Bell serial N8060J
49055 1999     N81061: Bell 430 cn49055, ff:?; reg Bell helicopters as N81061, 199+
- XC-DPC: xfer State of Vera Cruz, Government of Mexico as XC-DPC+
49048 1998     N8151C: Bell 1998-2000; to LV-ZSY
Servicios Aereos Sudamericanos LV-ZSY: SAS, Servicios Aereos Sudamericanos; San Fernando, Buen+
49044 1998     N8151G: Bell Helicopters, 1998
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GDYZ: Bell Canada, canc Feb99

- HS-NMB: Thailand, to N430EA

- N430EA: Eahot Inc at Wilmington, DE from Sep12; pictured at S+
49043 1998     N8151Y: Bell Helicopter, test serial C-GFNM
- TC-HTA: Turkish Airlines, to 9K-BBB

Kuwait Ministry of Health 9K-BBB: Kuwait Ministry of Health ?
49049 1998     N8236B: Bell 430 cn49049, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N8236B, 1998
- VT-APG: xfer Andra Pradesh Government, India as VT-APG, unk; w/+
49051 1999     N82385: Bell 430 cn49051, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N82385, 1999
- N166FM: xfer US as N166FM, unk

HeliFlite N431HF: HeliFlite Feb11
49053 1999     N8238X: Bell, to N711LS
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FLFS: BellCanada 1999

- N711LS: USA, to C-FWLS

- C-FWLS: Quebec Helicopteres at St-Mathieu-De-Beloeil, QC Mar0+

The Whitewind Company (Canada) Inc at Dorval, QC Dec03-+

- N430TS: USA, to N517JS

State of Florida N517JS: Aero Toy Store at Ft Lauderdale, FL

- N453TS: RangeFlyers Inc at Wichita, KS Nov07-Dec08

- VT-RER: India

Nov16-Feb17 for sale Bell 430 1999
49052 1999     N8238Z: Bell Mar99, test serial C-GBUK
- N430HF: SML I LLC at New York, NY

HeliFlite N430HF: HeliFlite Shares Llc at Fort Worth, TX from Aug09; Heli+
49050 1999     N8239D: Bell helicopter 1999, test serial C-GFNN
State of Ohio N993PA: Toledo Hospital at Toledo, OH Sep08; ProMedica Air

- N993PA: Turbines Ltd at West Point, NE Jul10-2012

- ZS-HHY: Vegapac Pty Ltd from May12
49109 2005     N825GB: Bell 430 cn49109, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N825GB, 200+
Heli Malongo Airways D2-EYK: HM Airways 2006; ex N825GB
49124     N8531Q: Bell 2009
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GFNR: Bell Canada

Aero Asahi Corporation JA02AX: Aero Asahi from Apr09
49125 2007     N8533Y: Bell 430 cn49125, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N8533Y, 2007
Nakanihon Air Service JA05CH: NAS from Aug08
49114 2006     N876SL: Bell 2006, test serial C-GADH
- N430WH: Southern Aircraft Services Inc at Fort lauderdale, FL +

Checa Llc at Jackson, WY Dec16-Mar19

Nov17-Jan19 for sale Bell 430 2006; Heli-Dyne VIP Step+

Aviation Trust Company Llc Trustee at Oklahoma City, OK+
49067 2000     N90258: Bell 430 cn49067, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopter as N90258, 2000
- N430TG: xfer US as N430TG, unk

- N311DH: xfer Hagadone Helicopters, LLC, Coeur dAlene, ID as N31+
49073 2001     N9125G: Bell 430 cn49073, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N9125G, 2001
- N430XM: xfer US as N430XM, unk
49074 2000     N9151Z: Bell Helicopters, to N430MK
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GAHJ: Bell Canada 2001

- N430MK: Wells Fargo Bank Mar/Jun 2002

- EI-TIP: Starair Ireland, noted 2004-2008

- TC-HUC: Turkey

Sonmez Airlines Turkey

Apr/Nov 2018 for sale Bell 430 2001; Single/Dual Pilot+
49122 2007     N91520: xfer Bell Helicopters US as N91520, unk
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GLZA: Bell 430 cn49122, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters Canada as +

- PR-MIT: xfer Brazil as PR-MIT, unk
49082     N9183N: Bell 2010
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GBUP: Bell Canada

Aero Asahi Corporation JA6912: Aero Asahi from Apr10
49121 2007     N94490: xfer Bell Helicopters US as N94490, unk
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FLFE: Bell 430 cn49121, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters Canada as+

- RA-01922: xfer Russia as RA-01922, unk