Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil
morocco Heliconia

2010 to present

Heliconia AS350 Ecureuil

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4416 as350b2     CN-HAD: Heliconia
- SE-HJK: Sweden, to France

Ministry of Health CN-HAD: Morocco Governement Ministry of Health /SAMU-04 from 20+

Jan17 still /SAMU04 at Marrakech
7547 as350b2 2012     CN-HAS: Heliconia from Sep13
JCE Helicopteres F-GSTP: JCE Helicopteres Dec12-May13 Fin Air Trade May/Sep 2013
4693 as350b3     CN-HBC: Heliconia from 2010
Eurocopter France F-WJXH: Eurocopter France, to F-GVLP

- F-GVLP: Fin Air Trade SAS; flying from Issy les Moulineaux, ca+

helicopter south Morocco CN-HBC: Helisud Maroc from 2009; Jan10 pictured (top) at Marrak+
5000 as350b3     CN-HCE: Heliconia from Oct12
JCE Helicopteres F-HJCE: JCE Helicopteres, noted 2011
4111 ec130b4 2006     CN-HDS: Heliconia 2010-2013
McAlpine Helicopters G-CEDH: McAlpine Jul/Oct 2006, test serial F-WQDA

- EI-WOW: Ireland Oct06-Nov07; 3A-MOW ntu

- HB-ZJH: Horizon Invest SA Dec07-Oct09

helicopter south Morocco CN-HDS: Helisud Maroc Oct09; pictured at Marrakech aeroexpo 201+

JCE Helicopteres F-HFRN: JCE Helicopteres Jun13-Apr16

Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia : Airbus Southeast Asia Aug16

- 4R-ART: Sri Lanka 2016
4966 as350b3 2010     CN-HSD: Heliconia from May12
northern helicopters SE-JKH: Northern Helicopters 2010-2011

osterman helikopter SE-JKH: Osterman Helicopter 2011-2012; firefighting in Spain
7525 as350b3e     F-GXOP: Heliconia Helicopters at Tallard, France Dec12-May13
- RA-07275: CJSC Yeltsovka from 2013; w/o 01nov16 near Vesyoloye, S+

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