Sikorsky S-61 H-3
argentina Comando de Aviacion Naval Argentina

Argentine Navy

Del'd: 14 - 1972 to present

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in 2007 package were 2 unknown airframes as spares
61-391 sh-3d ARA d/d 06dic02 as spares
United States Naval Aviation 154105: USN; 1984 as /NW-553 HS-75 USS Eisenhower (CVN-75); 11a+
61-406 sh-3d ARA d/d 06dic02 as spares; 9H076 markings; 2010 at IMARA cam+
United States Naval Aviation 154116: USN; 30jun94 to 9H0076/AMARC; to Argentine Navy

as SH-3D with HS-74 at NAS South Weymouth MA
61-433 sh-3d 1968 2008 pictured (bot) preserved at museum Santa Romana in San +
United States Naval Aviation 156487: USN; 23apr92 to 9H0026/AMARC; to Argentine Navy

as SH-3D with HS-74 at NAS South Weymouth MA
61-495 s-61d-4     0675: ARA S-61D4; 1970 ordered; 22may72 d/d as H-31 for Escuadr+
61-496 s-61d-4     0676: ARA S-61D4; 1970 ordered; 22may72 d/d as H-32 for Escuadril+
61-497 s-61d-4     0677: ARA 2-H-233. Burn 10apr07 on icebreaker ARA Almirante Irizar+
61-498 s-61d-4     0678: ARA 2-H-234, ordered 1970; d/d jul72 as 0678/H-34; redesig 2+
61-779 s-61d-4     0696: ARA 2-H-235 d/d 1976; c1982 pictured in Jungle livery; w/o+
61-315 sh-3a     0881: uh-3h ARA d/d jul08 as 2-H-240; UH-3H refurbished by Clayton inter+
United States Naval Aviation 152121: USN; 09feb71 pictured (pic1) as HS-6 Indians /NS-500 U+

1989 SH-3D type HS-75./NW-611

conv SH-3H; conv UH-3H; as NAS Key West /121 pictured+

sep07 as TAW-5 /E-402 NAS Pensacola; 2008 refurbished a+
61-135 hss-2     0882: ARA d/d oct08 as 2-H-241, UH-3H type; pictured (pic2) at Pu+
United States Naval Aviation 149718: USN HSS-2, redesig SH-3A 1962; conv SH-3H; conv UH-3H;+

25/28sep82 HS-11 /AB-614, noted aboard USS America at S+

2007 UH-3H refurbished by Clayton internacional in USA;+
61-422 sh-3d     0883: uh-3h ARA d/d jul09 as 2-H-242; 2008 UH-3H refurbished by Clayton +
United States Naval Aviation 154122: USN; conv SH-3H; 1985 search and rescue at NAS Patuxent+

1990 type:SH-3H HS-11./AB-613

1995 SH-3H type HS-1 /AR-401

conv UH-3H; 2006 NAS Pensacola; 13dec07 Stricken from U+
61-374 sh-3d     0884: arrived to Argentina by ship
United States Naval Aviation 152709: USN; conv UH-3H; 29feb96 to 9H0102/AMARC; 02nov04 Stric+

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