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    HSS-2 Sea King



    Sikorsky HSS-2 Sea King

    Original S-61 version designed as an Anti-submarine warfare helicopter for the US Navy. Redesignated SH-3A in 1962. Prototype XHSS-2 first flew on March 11 1959. YHSS-2 trial airframes follow until HSS-2 entered service in 1961.

    Powered by a pair of T58-GE-8B turbine engines (1250 shp) was the first helicopter to incorporate an automatic blade fold system but most important the first one to combined in a single airframe the sensors and weapons to hunt and kill submarines.

    Manufacturer designation was S-61B: 1 XHSS-2, 9 YHSS-2, 210 HHS-2 and 35 SH-3A built. Replaced in production line by the SH-3D

    Many converted later to VH-3A (VIP), HH-3A (rescue), RH-3A (Minesweeper), SH-3G (cargo) and SH-3H (upgraded asw).

    List of Operators of Sikorsky HSS-2 Sea King

    From Organisation with model HSS-2 Sea King
    usa US Navy
        S-61 H-3 355 1961/09
    usa US Air Force
        S-61 H-3 138 1962/94
    argentina Comando de Aviacion Naval Argentina
        S-61 H-3 16 1972/   
    usa Carson Helicopters
        S-61 H-3 1973/   
    usa Croman Corp
        S-61 H-3 1980/   
    india Bharatiya Nau Sena
        S-61 H-3 6 2007/   
    usa US Department of State
        S-61 H-3 2010/18

    usa State of California
        S-61 H-3
    usa Siller Brothers Inc
        S-61 H-3
    usa Sky Cats Puma Corp
        S-61 H-3
    Construction Numbers on database of HSS-2 Sea King


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