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57324 2016 Bell Europe customized EMS
Skymedia AG HB-ZOP: Helicopter del Nord SL from Nov17, test serial C-FUTB, +

Heliand SA HB-ZOP: Heliand from Dec17, op by Skymedia AG

pictured (pic1) at Perpignan, France

14oct18 Heliand at Amsterdam Heliport

17oct18 pictured (pic2) on the Bell Helicopter stand in+
57177 2013 Bell Europe, Prague Jul14
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GYGU: Bell Canada Nov13-Jul14, test serial C-GAJN

- 5B-CLS: Pelegrino Ltd at Larnaca, Cyprus from Sep14
57207 2014     C-FCQQ: Bell Europe Mar15, medical interior
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FCQQ: Bell Canada Apr14-Mar15, test serial C-GFNN

INAER France F-HBEL: INAER France from Jun15

Waypoint Leasing F-HBEL: Waypoint Leasing Jun15, to INAER

emergency medical assistance service F-HBEL: SAMU from Dec15, op by INAER

From dec15 SAMU 44
57105 2012     OK-BHX: Bell Europe, Czech Rep from Dec12
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GTNQ: Bell Canada Sep/Nov 2012

National Grid G-RIDB: National Grid from Jun13, first UK Bell 429

Seen over Sywell Northampton

Sep13 at Helitech 2013

pictured at London Helitech 2013

06nov15 at Yaxley, Suffolk

26sep16 13:50hs at Portskewett
57159 2013     OK-BHX: Bell Europe 2014
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GXEV: Bell Canada Jul/Dec 2013, test serial C-GFNU

Saran Aviation TC-HGH: Saran Aviation HEMS Jun14

Turkish Ministry of Health TC-HGH: Turkish Ministry of Health, op by Saran
57224 2014     OK-BHX: Bell Europe Mar/Oct 2015; 20may15 pictured (pic1) at EBACE 2+
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FCVK: Bell Canada May14-Feb15

Bell Helicopter Canada C-FNFO: Bell Canada from Oct15

15aug16 pictured (pic2) during demo tour at Porto Marin+

pictured (pic3) on display at LABACE 2016

05oct17 flew Fort Worth, TX to Midland, TX

flew Augsburg to Geneva, 3500ft. It circled the CERN c+
57143 2013     OK-BHY: Bell Europe, for ATE
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GVLE: Bell Canada Mar/Jul 2013, test serial C-GLZY

Air Transport Europe Ltd OM-ATR: Air Transport Europe from 2014; displayed at the Europ+

05sep16 entering service as air ambulance

w/o 07sep16 at Strelniky after pickep up a patient an+
57162 2013     OK-BHZ: Bell Europe 2014
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GXFY: Bell Canada Aug/Dec 2013, test serial C-GFNL

Saran Aviation TC-HGI: Saran Aviation HEMS Jun14

Turkish Ministry of Health TC-HGI: Turkish Ministry of Health, op by Saran
57281     OK-GOL: Bell Europe Sep/Dec 2016
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FKXZ: Bell Canada Jul15

Air Transport Europe Ltd OM-ATU: Air Transport Europe from Dec16
57255 2015     OK-GOL: Bell Europe at Prague Jul/Dec 2015
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FJIO: Bell Canada Jan/Jul 2015, test serial C-GBUQ

- RA-01600: AK Bars Aero at Kazan from Dec15
57334 2017     OK-JUR: Bell Europe Dec17, test serial C-FXOB
- SP-DOT: Poland private from Jul18
57336 2017     OK-LHO: Bell Europe May/Oct 2018
Bell Helicopter N835VB: Bell Jan/May 2018, test serial C-FYBJ

- RA-01640: Russia private from Oct18
57240     OM-ATM: Bell Europe Jul16
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FGXX: Bell Canada Oct14, test serial C-GBUH

Air Transport Europe Ltd OM-ATM: Air Transport Europe from Dec16
57280     OM-ATT: Bell Europe Jul16
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FJUE: Bell Canada May15

Air Transport Europe Ltd OM-ATT: Air Transport Europe from Dec16; pictured

01+02sep18 at Slovak International Air Fest 2018
57087 2012     OM-TIP: First Bell 429 in Czech Republic; May13 featured during ABAC+
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GORH: Bell Canada Feb/Sep 2012, test serial C-GBUP

- OM-TIP: Opera Air Slovakia
57274 2015     VP-CLD: Bell Europe, Prague by Apr19
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FJLF: Bell Canada Apr15-May16

- VP-CLD: Riverhold Assets Ltd, Cayman Islands from May16

18jun17 10:00hs stopped over in Smithers, BC, Canada

in Prince Rupert. Loading from Avcon OE-ICA jet

22aug17 at Campbell River, BC, Canada

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