Sikorsky S-76
trinidad and tobago NHSL

National Helicopter Services Ltd of Trinidad and Tobago

1978 to present

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761009 s-76d 2013     9Y-AID: NHSL, test serial N769N
761015 s-76d 2013     9Y-DDG: NHSL Mar14
Milestone Aviation N721BG: National Helicopter Services d/d , test serial N7615M; +

Eagle Copters : Feb18, returned to Milestone for storage at Eagle Copte+

State of Utah N721BG: Bank Of Utah Trustee at Salt Lake City, UT from Aug18
760609 s-76c 2005     9Y-ERA: NHSL Trinidad and Tobago, lsd from ERA, to N928DZ
ERA Helicopters N616MR: S-76C++; ERA Mar/Nov 2006, test serial N8114Q

ERA Helicopters N928DZ: ERA from Nov11

Weststar Aviation 9M-WSN: Weststar, pictured; to PK-WAE

- PK-WAE: Indonesia, rtn to N928DZ

State of Utah N928DZ: Bank Of Utah Trustee at Salt Lake City, UT from Sep19
760680 s-76c 2007     9Y-LAS: NHSL from Dec13
Sikorsky Helicopters N4510X: S-76C++

- VT-YUV: Futura Travels Ltd, India, lsd

- N760ST: Wells Fargo Bank Dec12-Sep13
761048 s-76d     9Y-MAD: NHSL, test serial N7648N
760791 s-76c     9Y-NCN: NHSL; pictured
- N791L: Keystone S-76C-2; Wells Fargo Bank Oct10-Mar11
760265 s-76a 1984     9Y-NHS: NHSL from Apr06, S-76A++ type, ex N82ES
Lloyd Helicopters US N82ES: Lloyd Helicopters US Apr05-Apr06
760692 s-76c 2007     9Y-PHB: NHSL 2017 ?
PHI Inc N787P: S-76C-2; PHi from Dec07

PHI Inc N787PD: Phi ?

PHI Inc N725P: PHI from Jun18
761047 s-76d 2013     9Y-RKD: NHSL from Feb15
Sikorsky Helicopters N7647F: Sikorsky Sep13 Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee Ap+
760176 s-76a     9Y-TGW: NHSL, fate unk
760185 s-76a 1981     9Y-TGX: NHSL, fate unk
760164 s-76a 1981     9Y-TJJ: NHSL from Oct99
- G-BJNK: Management Aviation Ltd Oct81-Oct83

- N4493P: to PH-NZP

- PH-NZP: to N96966

- N96966: May88, conv to S-76A++


760296 s-76a     9Y-TJW: NHSL from Sep03, S-76A++ type, pictured
Hong Kong Government B-HZA: HKG-14. ex VR-HZA. to 9Y-TJW

Eagle Copters C-GZIL: Eagle Copters Sep/Nov 2003

Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard 9Y-TJW: TTCG
760301 s-76a 1985     9Y-TJY: NHSL from Apr04
Hong Kong Government B-HZF: HKG-19. ex VR-HZF. to 9Y-TJY

Eagle Copters C-GZIK: Eagle Copters Sep03-Apr04, conv to S-76A++

Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard 9Y-TJY: TTCG, ex C-GZIK, to SAUTT-001

Trinidad and Tobago Government SAUTT-01: SAUTT from 2004

Trinidad and Tobago Government MNS-01: MNS from 2011

Trinidad and Tobago Government NSOC-01: NSOC

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