Del'd: 30 - 1970 to 1998

US Air Force HH-1H Iroquois

The USAF Bell 205 version was an UH-1H equipped for base rescue duties. These were different than the Army models with the tail rotor on the opposite side, equipped with a rotor brake, and a hydraulic actuated electrically assisted permanently mounted hoist.

They were delivered between 1970 and 1973

BuNos 70-2457/2486 - c/n 17101/17130

I flew UH-1H with 514 TEST SQ at Hill AFB, UT. We pickup the H-1H and the range support mission after Det 4, 40 ARRS Hill AFB UT closed. Tails no. 70-2460 70-2470 70-2484 70-2485. The parachute into rotor system was on the ground not in flight. The unit flew (2) HH-53H and in 1987 the (4) UH-1H switched to NCH-53A and H1 then H1 only. I left the unit in 1994. The unit closed after that
The photo above is of HH-1H 70-2486 assigned to the 301st ARRS at Homestead AFB, Fl.
3 of the HH-1H helicopters continue to conduct SAR, MEDEVAC, Firefighting missions and fill the basic utility roll the is unparalleled by any other helicopter in the service of the Las Vegas, Metro police department (2) and the Washoe County Sherriff department (Reno-1)

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1974/91304 RQS Portland International Airport
1974/87302nd SOSLuke AFB
1973/9837th ARRS
1973/911550 ATTWKirtland AFB
Hill AFB
1973/79301st RQSHomestead AFB
1972/7648th RQSFairchild AFB
1970/7440th ARRSTH Nakhon Phanom
TH Udorn Air Base
54th HS Minot AFB
??/9879th RQFGrand Forks

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C/NBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

17101     70-2457: USAF; wfu 1995
State of Nevada N911NV: Washoe County Sheriff Office from Mar98

based at Stead Airport in Reno, Nevada; Search and Re+
17102     70-2458: USAF; wfu 1998, AMARC/HF0209
17103     70-2459: USAF; 06mar74 damaged, wfu 20may74
17104     70-2460: USAF; Was MAC (TBD); later flew at Det 4 37th ARRS MAC USAF +
17105     70-2461: w/o 25oct91 crashed at ND. 4 fatalities
17106     70-2462: USAF; wfu 1998, AMARC/HF0211
17107     70-2463: USAF; wfu 1998, AMARC/HF0212
17108     70-2464: USAF; wfu 1998, AMARC/HF0210
17109     70-2465: USAF
17110     70-2466: 54th RQF w/o 01jul95
17111     70-2467: pictured preserved at McClellan AFB Museum, Sacramento, CA
State of Montana N2071S: Minuteman Aviation at Missoula, MT Dec06

seen preserved at Missoula Museum of Mountain Flying, +
17112     70-2468: USAF; wfu 1995, AMARC/HF0197
17113     70-2469: USAF
17114     70-2470: USAF d/d 23mar73 to 1550th ATTW (Aircrew Training and Test W+
17115     70-2471: USAF
17116     70-2472: USAF; to civ as N205VC, N205SD
State of California N205SD: VCSD Ventura County Sheriff Sep95; Mar20 still
17117     70-2473: wfu 1994, AMARC/HF0196
17118     70-2474: wfu 1994, AMARC/HF0194
17119     70-2475: wfu 1996, AMARC/HF0203
17120     70-2476: USAF; wfu 1996; 1998 to Oman as 735
Royal Air Force of Oman 735: Oman air force; ex USAF BuNo 70-2476

Super shaft failure, written off
17121     70-2477: w/o asg 54th RQF, Minot AFB
17122     70-2478: USAF; wfu 1996; to civ Las Vegas Police as N233JP
State of Nevada N233JP: LVMPD 1999-Dec18

19mar15 LVMPD training with Air Rescue Concepts (ARC)

Washoe County Sheriff's Dept from Dec18
17123 1971     70-2479: USAF; wfu 1995, AMARC/HF0198
17124     70-2480: USAF; wfu 1996; 1998 to Oman as 734
Royal Air Force of Oman 734: Oman air force; ex USAF BuNo 70-2480

Crashed date unk
17125     70-2481: USAF;-1988 I was at 37th ARRS Det.7 Minot AFB
State of California : Ventura County Sheriffs Department (VCSD) as ?
17126     70-2482: USAF; wfu 1995; to civ Las Vegas Police as N91JK
State of Nevada N91JK: LVMPD 1998-2018

Washoe County Sheriff Office from Oct18
17127     70-2483: USAF
17128     70-2484: indeed had a dynamic roll over while at Little Rock. I have +
17129     70-2485: USAF; MAC (Location TBD); later flew with Det 4 37th ARRS (M+
17130     70-2486: USAF; wfu 1994, AMARC/HF0195

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