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  • Oil and Gas Industry in USA


    List of offshore platform rigs in USA

    List of oil tanker ships

    Helicopter Operators in USA

    More at US USA

    Helicopters recently seen nearby offshore rigs in USA

    -AHF2ES /
    US State of California407AHF7AH / N707AH
    US State of California407AHF7KA / N477KA
    US State of Utah407N4916R
    US ERA HelicoptersAW139ERH159 / N159RB
    US PHI IncAW139PHM058 / N152PH
    US ERA HelicoptersAW139ERH726 / N726MD
    US ERA HelicoptersAW139 / N604DP
    US PHI IncAW139PHM056 / N149PH
    US ERA HelicoptersAW139ERH561 / N561RV
    US ERA HelicoptersAW139ERH603 / N603PW
    US TVPXAW139BTZ389 / N389BG
    US PHI IncAW139PHM054 / N146PH
    US PHI IncAW139PHM059 / N153PH
    US PHI IncAW139PHM057 / N151PH
    US ERA HelicoptersAW139BTZ730 / N730VM
    US ERA HelicoptersAW139ERH119 / N119MW
    US US Coast GuardHH-60J JayhawkC6013 / 6013
    US US Coast GuardHH-60J JayhawkC6021 / 6021
    US State of CaliforniaEC135P2+CMD7 / N832CS
    -AS350B2 EcureuilN355EX
    US ERA HelicoptersS-92AERH92 / N92EH
    US ERA HelicoptersS-92AERH52 / N524PB
    US ERA HelicoptersS-92AERH806 / N806AP
    US PHI IncS-92APHM112 / N950PH
    US PHI IncS-92APHM108 / N946PH
    US Chevron OilS-92ACVR613 / N927SC
    US PHI IncS-92APHM005 / N592PH
    US PHI IncS-92APHM113 / N951PH
    US PHI IncS-92APHM106 / N944PH
    US Bristow USS-92ABTZ920 / N920VH
    US PHI IncS-92APHM021 / N932PH
    US State of UtahS-92APHM017 / N928PH
    US Chevron OilS-92ACVR243 / N292MH
    US PHI IncS-92APHM111 / N949PH
    US PHI IncS-92APHM011 / N922BH
    US PHI IncS-92APHM105 / N943PH
    US PHI IncS-92APHM024 / N936PH
    US Chevron OilS-92ACVR222 / N392JS
    US PHI IncS-92APHM102 / N940PH
    US PHI IncS-92APHM101 / N939PH
    US Chevron OilS-92ACVR300 / N921GL
    US PHI IncS-92APHM103 / N941PH
    -S-76CPHM048 / N794P
    US PHI IncS-76CPHM046 / N714P
    US ERA HelicoptersS-76CERH905 / N905RD
    US PHI IncS-76CPHM042 / N724PH
    US Bristow USS-76CERH760 / N760BG
    US US Coast GuardHH-65 DolphinC6520 / 6520
    US US Coast GuardHH-65 Dolphin / 6552
    US GM LeasingS-76ARLC765 / N765MH
    US State of CaliforniaAS332L1 Super PumaN952JH
    US US NavyMH-60R SeahawkC2315 / 166572
    US State of CaliforniaS-70i Black HawkN822LA
    US State of California429N411CE
    US Bell Helicopter429N908KB
    US ERA HelicoptersAW189ERH326 / N326LS
    US ERA HelicoptersAW189ERH503 / N503JW
    US ERA HelicoptersAW189ERH189 / N189EH
    US PHI IncH145 / EC145T2PHM201 / N393PH
    US PHI IncH145 / EC145T2PHM200 / N343PH

    Oil and gas news from USA

    Abu Dhabi Aviation Expands AW139 Offshore Fleet, 10-Mar-23 : #UAE Abu Dhabi Aviation (ADA) ordered additional 6 AW139 to be delivered in 2024-2026 for offshore oil and gas support. 15-year partnership with Leonardo sees total orders of 33 helicopters to date and ten years of customer support

    Caverton Orders Bell 429 for Oil and Gas in West Africa, 10-Mar-23 : #oilandgas Caverton Helicopters ordered the first oil and gas configured Bell 429 helicopter in West Africa

    PHI Partners Kaman for KARGO UAV Drone, 08-Mar-23 : #drones PHI Inc to collaborate in the ongoing design, certification and future sales of the Kaman KARGO UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) purpose-built autonomous medium-lift logistics aircraft

    Weststar Acquires Remaining Stake from KKR, 06-Mar-23 : #Weststar Weststar Group acquires remaining stake in Weststar Aviation, one of the global leaders in the offshore helicopter services industry, from KKR and becomes sole shareholder

    Aramco Leasing Milestone AW139s and H145s, 06-Mar-23 : #leasing Aramco, a global integrated energy and chemicals company, leasing 3 Leonardo AW139 and 2 Airbus H145 helicopters from Milestone Aviation for offshore oil and gas missions in Saudi Arabia

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