canada Canadian Armed Forces

06-sep-17AI Caribbean IslandsHurricanes Irma, Jose and Maria Relief Operations
26-mar-1706-apr-17UK Scotland and Western IslesExercise Joint Warrior 17-1
14-nov-1623-nov-16NZ Kaikoura, South IslandKaikoura Earthquake relief operations
09-oct-1621-oct-16UK Scotland and Western IslesExercise Joint Warrior 16-2
12-sep-1624-sep-16AU DarwinExercise Kakadu 16
03-oct-1506-nov-15ES Eastern N Atlantic and Northern MediterraneanExercise Trident Juncture 2015
03-oct-1516-oct-15UK Scotland and Western IslesExercise Joint Warrior 15-2
05-jun-1520-jun-15PL Poland, Baltic states and the Baltic SeaBALTOPS 15
11-apr-1524-apr-15UK Scotland and Western IslesExercise Joint Warrior 15-1
08-nov-13RP whole archipelagoTyphoon Haiyan relief operations
25-may-1327-may-13UK LiverpoolBattle of the Atlantic 70th Anniversary
23-jun-1223-jun-12DE Kiel, GermanyFly out MFG-5 Kiel
17-apr-1223-apr-12US New Orleans, USANOLA Navy Week
10-aug-1115-nov-11JM JamaicaOperation Jaguar
12-jun-1002-jul-10 Bedford Basin, Halifax, NSFleet Review: 100th anniversary of Canadian Navy
12-jan-10HT HaitiOperation Panlake
25-may-0927-may-09NL LeeuwardenSAR meet 2009
24-jun-0528-jun-05UK Spithead, PortsmouthFleet Review: Trafalgar 200
01-jan-05 Mediterranean SeaSNMG2
05-may-02SO Gulf of Aden / Horn of Africa / east coast SomaliaCombined Task Force 150
20-dec-01AF AfghanistanISAF
04-oct-8605-oct-86AU Port Jackson, Sydney, AustraliaFleet Review: 75th anniversary of RAN
21-jun-8622-jun-86NL Den Helder, NetherlandsFleet days 1986
03-aug-81EG Israel Egypt borderMultinational Force and Observers
27-jun-7728-jun-77UK Spithead, PortsmouthFleet Review: Silver Jubilee of HM The Queen
08-jun-5316-jun-53UK Spithead, PortsmouthFleet Review: Coronation Review of the Fleet

Latest News

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Exercise Dark Dune 2017-II

Royal Navy’s HMS Queen Elizabeth Commissioned

Able to Overhaul Tucson Police Bell 206s

NYPD Bell 429 Rescues Hiker

Centrica Norwegian Sea Drilling Program for CHC




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