new zealand HeliLink

Model Types

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Aerospatiale AS355F1 Ecureuil 2
AgustaWestland AW119 Koala
Bell 427
Kawasaki Heavy Industries bk117
Kawasaki Heavy Industries BK117A-4
Kawasaki Heavy Industries BK117B-1

List of Aircraft

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BK117B-1 1041 1989ZH-HOU : HeliLInk type B-2 Aug11 - Oct12 to P2-HNA
bk117 1002 1983ZK-HAW : HeliLink type A-3 Mar06 - Dec10 to VH-KIW
BK117A-4 1022 ZK-HHV : HeliLink NZ, B2 type
BK117B-1 1070 ZK-HLF : Helilink; conv Bk.117B2; ex JA6642, ZK-HZJ
AS355F1 Ecureuil 2 5107 1981ZK-HPZ : Helilink Ltd from Mar15; 08nov16 pictured at the head of the Tasm ...
427 56017 ZK-HVN : Helilink Auckland, NZ, ex N324FH
AW119 Koala 14523 2006ZK-ITR : Helilink; to ZK-ITP

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