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    Bell Helicopter



    Bell Air Taxi Bell Helicopter

    Bell Helicopter’ one-of-a-kind passenger experience in the future of urban air mobility.

    Uber will be working with Bell as a collaborator to accelerate the eventual large-scale deployment of electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles (VTOLs) in order to fulfill its mission of providing a safe, reliable transportation service to everyone, everywhere.

    On CES 2019, Bell unveiled its future air taxi concept Nexus with main partners Thales and Safran. First flight scheduled for 2025

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    News of Bell Air Taxi

    Bell Nexus Air Taxi at Smithsonian, 22-Sep-21 : #Smithsonian Bell Nexus Air Taxi will be on display at the new Smithsonian “FUTURES” Exhibition in Washington, DC to showcase Bell’s future and legacy innovations and their impact on aviation

    Bell X-22, 19-May-20 : #X22 First flew on March 17 1966, the Vertical and/or Short Take-off and Landing (V/STOL) Bell X-22 experimental aircraft featured four tilting ducted fans. Last flight was on 1988 and the sole survivor is at the Niagara Aerospace Museum in New York

    Bell’s Journey to Pioneer an Eco-Friendly World, 28-Apr-20 : #EcoFriendly Bell developing electrically-powered aircraft for a more eco-friendly transportation including the Nexus 4EX for urban air mobility, the cargo drone Autonomous Pod Transport (APT) and the Electrically Distributed Anti-Torque (EDAT) system for traditional helicopters

    Manufacturing Evolution at Bell Helicopters, 03-Apr-20 : #manufacturing Bell produced 150 UH-1 Hueys per month in addition to 50 other helicopters in its peak production period during the Vietnam War. Now the factory is getting prepared for US Army’s Future Vertical Lift FLRAA and FARA programs and pave the way for urban air mobility aircraft

    Mobility Trends at CES 2020, 21-Jan-20 : #CES2020 With urban air mobility soon to be a practical reality, Michael Thacker, Bell’ EVP of Technology and Innovation, shared his perspective on mobility trends at CES 2020

    Bell Nexus 4EX at CES 2020, 06-Jan-20 : #CES2020 Bell at CES 2020 in Las Vegas featuring the Nexus 4EX air taxi and the Autonomous Pod Transport (APT) for urban air mobility in the city of the future

    08-Jan-19 - Safran HEPS to Power the Bell Nexus #HEPS
    07-Jan-19 - Bell Nexus, The Future Air Taxi, Unveiled at CES 2019 #Nexus
    04-Jan-19 - Bell at CES 2019 #CES2019
    09-Dec-18 - Bell Teaming Moog for Future Air Taxi #AirTaxi
    24-Oct-18 - Bell and Thales on Future Flight Controls #FlightControls
    02-Oct-18 - Bell and Garmin Teaming for On-Demand Mobility #OnDemandMobility
    24-Jul-18 - Urban Air Mobility by Bell #future
    19-Jul-18 - First Ground Test of Safran’s Hybrid Electric Engine
    19-Jun-18 - Bell and Safran Collaboration on Hybrid Propulsion #future
    14-May-18 - Bell at the Uber Elevate Summit 2018
    09-Jan-18 - Bell Helicopter at Las Vegas CES 2018 #CES2018

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