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  • spain Generalitat de Catalunya

    Administraciones Locales

    Governament Institution of Catalonia
    Local Government


    These helicopters are also used by Mozos de Escuadra

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    Bell 212
    Bell 412EP
    Bell 429
    Eurocopter AS350B3 Ecureuil
    Eurocopter EC135P2
    Eurocopter EC135P2+
    MBB Bk117A-3

    Generalitat de Catalunya List of helicopters

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    7074 bk117a3 1986 EC-EVT : Generalitat de Catalunya type BK117A-4; Bomberos 03 Jul90 - 2003
    - D-HBNV : cnvt. to type BK117A-4
    ADAC Air Rescue D-HDPS : ADAC type BK117B-2; Aug04 Christoph 6; May09 Christoph 6; May10 Christoph +
    : noted at Links der Weser
    : noted at Links der Weser
    : noted at Sanderbusch
    : noted at Sanderbusch
    : Jul16 conv to Bk117-850D2
    30684 212 1975 EC-FYC : Generalitat de Catalunya Bombers, firefighting; at Sabadell
    - LN-OSQ : Norway, to OY-HMA
    Maersk OY-HMA : Maersk Air 1975-1988; pictured at Gorm G-Charlie platform
    - G-BOOY : Nash Helicopter Assoc Ltd Apr/May 1988
    National Safety Council of Australia VH-NSU : NSCA 1992?
    Lloyd Helicopters VH-NSU : Lloyd Australia, noted May92
    - EC-GHO : Spain, to CS-HEJ
    - CS-HEJ : Bombeiros (firefighters) noted 2000
    Helisureste EC-IEM : Helisureste, noted Mar03
    INAER Portugal CS-HFJ : HeliSul; visit Antwerp
    : HeliSul; 18oct11 subst damage on autorotation at Q.ta do Botelho, Golfar, +
    0223 ec135p2 EC-IFU : Generalitat de Catalunya from Sep02; 2009 Departamento dInterior./05
    0293 ec135p2 EC-IQZ : Departament d Interior Generalitat de Catalunya, op by TAF; pictured at S+
    TAF Helicopters EC-IQZ : TAF Helicopters
    36191 412ep 1998 EC-JIM : pictured (pic3) during rescue with Cataluña firefighters
    Aga Khan Foundation F-GRAK : Prince Karim Aga Khan, Geneve Jul98-May05, test serial N70722
    - N7015K : Helicopter Exchange Ltd at Fort Worth, TX 26-27may05
    Pegasus Aero Group EC-JIM : FAASA from May05
    : date unk pictured in maintenance with AW109 EC-KII
    0452 ec135p2 2006 EC-KCM : 02mar17 is at Circuit de Barcelona, Catalunya
    Intercopters EC-KCM : Intercopters from Jun07
    Eliance (Habock) EC-KCM : Barcelona - ''EMERGÈNCIES MÈDIQUES'' titles
    : is at Circuit de Barcelona, Catalunya
    : noted Hospital de Navarra
    0538 ec135p2+ EC-KDA : Generalitat de Catalunya, Departament de Salut, op by TAF by Mat17
    TAF Helicopters EC-KDA : TAF Helicopters, test serial EC-030
    4088 as350b3 2006 EC-KNG : Generalitat de Catalunya Agents Rurals, op by TAF; pictured at Sabadell
    Eurocopter France F-WQDC : Eurocopter, to SE-JJJ
    Scandinavian Helicopter Group SE-JJJ : SHG, to EC-KJF
    TAF Helicopters EC-KJF : TAF Helicopters from aug07, rereg EC-KNG
    3719 as350b3 EC-LHO : Generalitat de Catalunya, Agents Rurals; 21oct11 pictured (pic1) during R+
    - F-GURR : to F-GYDJ
    Heliand SA F-GYDJ : Heliand, noted 2005-2009
    Heliand SA EC-LHO : Heliand in yellow livery, to F-HYJC; pictured (pic2) date unk
    Secours Aerien Francais F-HYJC : SAF Helicopteres from Nov14
    57405 429 2020 EC-NOT : Catalonia gov firefighters rescue May21, op by Helitrans Pyrinees
    Bell Helicopter Canada C-GUVI : Bell Canada Feb/Mar 2021, test serial C-GBUH
    Helitrans Pyrinees EC-NOT : Helitrans Pyrinee from Apr21, pictured ; first Bell 429 registered in Spai+

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