united kingdom Shetland District

HM Coastguard

1983 to present    

Provides 24 hour SAR coverage for the UK SRR Shetland District at 15 minutes readiness. Following award of 2013 Bristow GAP SAR contract, the SAR service handed over from CHC to Bristow, in preparation for transition into the full 2015 contract arrangements with a pair of S-92 from 2017.

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News of Shetland District

Bristow Sumburgh SAR Completes 500 mission, 16-Dec-16 : HM Coastguard search and rescue (SAR) helicopter service of Sumburgh, in Shetland off the Scottish coast, passed the 500 missions milestone since operated by Bristow from July 2013

Bristow SAR Third Anniversary in Northern Scotland, 29-Jul-16 : Bristow’s Gap SAR search and rescue contract celebrates third anniversary from Sumburgh and Stornoway in Northern Scotland with more than 900 missions with the S-92 helicopters

UK Sumburgh SAR 335 Taskings in First Two Years, 09-Sep-15 : HM Coast Guard Sumburgh search and rescue (SAR) helicopter base responded to 335 taskings in the first two years under Bristow operation.

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1985/    SumburghEGPB


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2007/    S-92
1983/08S-61 H-3

Shetland District List of helicopters

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
61-737 s61n.mk2 1974 G-BCLC : HM Coastguard, op by Bristow; 2003 based at Sumburgh in the Shetland Isla+
Bristow G-BCLC : Bristow Jan75-Jan08, for HM Coastguard
: noted at Aberdeen EGPD 22aug78
Sky Cats Puma Corp N502SC : Sky Cats Puma Corp Mar08-Mar14; conv to S-61 Short
: 04jun11 pictured near Yorkville, Illinois
Construction Helicopters Inc N502SC : Heligroup 502 Llc at Missoula, MT from Mar14; CHI Aviation, pictured (pic2+
61-765 s61n.mk2 1976 G-BDOC : Bristow owned and operated G-BDOC was assigned to Sumburgh in Jan 1985, as+
: Owned and maintained by Bristow Helicopters on behalf of HM Coastguard. In+
Bristow G-BDOC : Bristow Mar76-Sep10
: May09 in SAR-Meet 2009 at Leeuwarden AB, Netherlands
US Department of State N426GE : US State Dept Nov11
92-0166 s-92a 2011 G-MCGA : HM Coastguard Jan13, operated by Bristow, Sumburgh/Stornoway
: Feb13 Based at Inverness airport for line training before delivery to Sumb+
: Originally purchased for the 'Gap' SAR contract (North) and was at Sumburg+
Sikorsky Helicopters N166J : Sikorsky 2011
Bristow G-MCGA : Bristow Jan13-May18
Bristow Norway AS LN-OIE : Bristow Norway from May18
: 15dec18 on the old AIS MMSI at Hammerfest
92-0167 s-92a 2011 G-MCGB : Originally purchased for 'Gap' SAR contract. Deployed at the Sumburgh SAR +
Sikorsky Helicopters N167G : Sikorsky 2011
Bristow G-MCGB : Bristow from Feb13, GAP SAR contract. d/d 23feb13 Aberdeen
92-0169 s-92a 2011 G-MCGC : 14apr14 pictured (pic2) incoming to home base at Sumburgh
: 25apr14 Oscar Charlie Helicopter Naming Ceremony at Sumburgh, Shetlands
Sikorsky Helicopters N169F : Sikorsky 2011
Bristow G-MCGC : Bristow from Apr13, for Coast Guard
92-0171 s-92a 2012 G-MCGD : 26aug17 Sumburgh airport, Shetland
Sikorsky Helicopters N971E : Sikorsky 2012
Bristow G-MCGD : Bristow from Jun13, for Coast Guard