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  • DE F 120 Köln class



    Frigate F 120 Köln class

    First major warships built in Germany after World War II.


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    2750full load (tn)
    105length (m)
    11beam (m)
    4.60draught (m)
    2700range (nm)
    34max speed (knots)
    4Naval Engine diesel
    2Naval Engine gas turbine - Brown Boveri & Cie
    2Naval Engine propulsion system: CODAG
    2Naval Gun Creusot-Loire 100 mm
    2Naval Gun single 40 mm
    2Naval Gun twin 40 mm
    2Rocket Launcher ASW mortar 375 mm
    1Torpedo Launchers Depth charge rack
    4Torpedo Launchers single tube 533 mm


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        Typical Max
    No Landing platform


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    DE HC Stülcken Sohn - 5
    DE Howaldtswerke - 1

    List of Ships

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        Sorted by Year Filter:     Hide Transfers     Hide deriv.    
    DEGerman Navy F220Köln19611982
    DEGerman Navy F221Emden19611983
    TR Turkish Navy D361 TCG Gemlik 19831994
    DEGerman Navy F222Augsburg19621988
    DEGerman Navy F223Karlsruhe19621983
    TR Turkish Navy D360 TCG Gelibolu 19831994
    DEGerman Navy F224Lübeck19631988
    TR Turkish Navy parts hulk Braunschweig 19881988
    DEGerman Navy F225Braunschweig19641989
    TR Turkish Navy parts hulk Lübeck 19891989

    6 units


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    1957-dec-21Laid downDE F220 Köln
    1958-apr-15Laid downDE F221 Emden
    1958-oct-29Laid downDE F222 Augsburg
    1958-dec-6LaunchedDE F220 Köln
    1958-dec-15Laid downDE F223 Karlsruhe
    1959-mar-21LaunchedDE F221 Emden
    1959-aug-15LaunchedDE F222 Augsburg
    1959-oct-24LaunchedDE F223 Karlsruhe
    1959-oct-28Laid downDE F224 Lübeck
    1960-jul-23LaunchedDE F224 Lübeck
    1960-jul-28Laid downDE F225 Braunschweig
    1961-apr-15CommissionedDE F220 Köln
    1961-oct-24CommissionedDE F221 Emden
    1962-feb-3LaunchedDE F225 Braunschweig
    1962-apr-7CommissionedDE F222 Augsburg
    1962-dec-15CommissionedDE F223 Karlsruhe
    1963-jul-6CommissionedDE F224 Lübeck
    1964-jun-16CommissionedDE F225 Braunschweig
    1972-janDeploymentDE F225 Braunschweig Assigned to STANAVFORLANT until Jul 1972.
    1982-dec-17DecommissionedDE F220 Köln hulk training ship at Neustadt
    1983-mar-28DecommissionedDE F223 Karlsruhe
    1983-mar-28Fate: transferedDE F223 Karlsruhe to Turkey as Gelibolu
    1983-mar-28CommissionedTR D360 TCG Gelibolu
    1983-jun-30DecommissionedDE F221 Emden
    1983-sep-23Fate: transferedDE F221 Emden to Turkey as Gemlik
    1983-sep-23CommissionedTR D361 TCG Gemlik
    1984-mar-11DeploymentDE F225 Braunschweig In collision with HMS Plymouth.
    1988-mar-30DecommissionedDE F222 Augsburg
    1988-dec-1DecommissionedDE F224 Lübeck
    1988-dec-1Fate: transferedDE F224 Lübeck to Turkey as spare parts
    1989Fate: scrappedDE F222 Augsburg at Hamburg
    1989-jul-4DecommissionedDE F225 Braunschweig
    1989-jul-4Fate: transferedDE F225 Braunschweig to Turkey as Spare Parts
    1994DecommissionedTR D361 TCG Gemlik destroyed in a fire
    1994Fate: scrappedTR D361 TCG Gemlik
    1994-jun-24DecommissionedTR D360 TCG Gelibolu Fate: scrapped

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