US Brooklyn class



Derivatives / Succeeded by
1939 US St. Louis class
1942         US Cleveland class
1958                 US CG Galveston class
1959                 US CG Providence class



US New York Naval Shipyard - 2
US New York Shipbuilding - 3
US Newport News Shipbuilding - 1
US Philadelphia Naval Shipyard - League Island1

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19371947USUS NavyCL-40USS Brooklyn
19511990 sunk 1992 CL Chilean Navy CL-02 O'Higgins
19371947USUS NavyCL-41USS Philadelphia
19511973 BR Brazilian Navy C-11 Barroso
19381947USUS NavyCL-42USS Savannah
19381946USUS NavyCL-43USS Nashville
19511984 CL Chilean Navy CL-03 Capitan Prat
19381946USUS NavyCL-46USS Phoenix
19511955 AR Argentine Navy C-4 ARA 17 de Octubre
19551982 sunk 1982 C-4 ARA General Belgrano
19381946USUS NavyCL-47USS Boise
19511977 AR Argentine Navy C-5 ARA Nueve de Julio
19381947USUS NavyCL-48USS Honolulu
19441949USUS NavyCL-66Cleveland class USS Springfield
19601974 Providence class CLG-7 USS Springfield
19441949USUS NavyCL-67Cleveland class USS Topeka
19601969 Providence class CLG-8 USS Topeka
19441947USUS NavyCL-91Cleveland class USS Oklahoma City
19601979 sunk 1999 Galveston class CLG-5 USS Oklahoma City
19451949USUS NavyCL-82Cleveland class USS Providence
19591973 Providence class CLG-6 USS Providence
19451949USUS NavyCL-92Cleveland class USS Little Rock
19601976 Galveston class CLG-4 USS Little Rock
19571957USUS NavyCL-93Cleveland class USS Galveston
19581970 Galveston class CLG-3 USS Galveston

13 units


1937-sep-23CommissionedCommissioned US CL-41 USS Philadelphia
1937-sep-30CommissionedCommissioned US CL-40 USS Brooklyn
1938-mar-10CommissionedCommissioned US CL-42 USS Savannah
1938-jun-06CommissionedCommissioned US CL-43 USS Nashville
1938-jun-15CommissionedCommissioned US CL-48 USS Honolulu
1938-aug-12CommissionedCommissioned US CL-47 USS Boise
1938-oct-03CommissionedCommissioned US CL-46 USS Phoenix
1941-dec-07 US CL-46 USS Phoenix unharmed at Pearl Harbor during Japanese attack
1946-jun-24DecommissionedDecommissioned US CL-43 USS Nashville
1946-jul-01DecommissionedDecommissioned US CL-47 USS Boise
1946-jul-03DecommissionedDecommissioned US CL-46 USS Phoenix
1947-jan-03DecommissionedDecommissioned US CL-40 USS Brooklyn
1947-feb-03DecommissionedDecommissioned US CL-41 USS Philadelphia
1947-feb-03DecommissionedDecommissioned US CL-42 USS Savannah
1947-feb-03DecommissionedDecommissioned US CL-48 USS Honolulu
1951Fate: transferedFate: transfered US CL-40 USS Brooklyn to Chile
1951Fate: transferedFate: transfered US CL-41 USS Philadelphia to Brazil
1951CommissionedCommissioned BR C-11 Barroso
1951Fate: transferedFate: transfered US CL-43 USS Nashville to Chile
1951-jan-09CommissionedCommissioned CL CL-02 O'Higgins
1951-jan-09CommissionedCommissioned CL CL-03 Capitan Prat
1951-jan-11Fate: transferedFate: transfered US CL-47 USS Boise to Argentina
1951-jan-11CommissionedCommissioned AR C-5 ARA Nueve de Julio
1951-apr-09Fate: transferedFate: transfered US CL-46 USS Phoenix to Argentina
1951-octCommissionedCommissioned AR C-4 ARA 17 de Octubre
1955-sepDecommissionedDecommissioned AR C-4 ARA 17 de Octubre renamed Gral Belgrano after Peron overthrowing
1955-octCommissionedCommissioned AR C-4 ARA General Belgrano
1959-mar-01StruckStruck US CL-42 USS Savannah
1959-mar-01StruckStruck US CL-48 USS Honolulu
1959-nov-17Fate: scrappedFate: scrapped US CL-48 USS Honolulu
1966-jan-25Fate: scrappedFate: scrapped US CL-42 USS Savannah Bethlehem Steel Co
1967RefitRefit AR C-4 ARA General Belgrano Sea Cat installed 2 quad launchers for British SAM Sea Cat
1973-may-15DecommissionedDecommissioned BR C-11 Barroso
1973-junFate: scrappedFate: scrapped BR C-11 Barroso
1977-oct-31DecommissionedDecommissioned AR C-5 ARA Nueve de Julio
1981-jun-28Fate: scrappedFate: scrapped AR C-5 ARA Nueve de Julio
1982-may-02Fate: sunkFate: sunk AR C-4 ARA General Belgrano sunk by HMS Conqueror during Malvinas/Falklands War
1984DecommissionedDecommissioned CL CL-03 Capitan Prat
1985Fate: scrappedFate: scrapped CL CL-03 Capitan Prat
1990DecommissionedDecommissioned CL CL-02 O'Higgins
1992Fate: sunkFate: sunk CL CL-02 O'Higgins near pitcairn on route to scrapping

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