1955 to 1982    

R21 HMAS Melbourne

AU Royal Australian Navy

- UK Royal Navy - HMS Majestic    

Flight Deck: M
Call Sign: VKLP
See Also: FFG Adelaide class FFG 05


History of UK HMS Majestic

1943-apr-15Laid downLaid down as Colossus class hull
1945 construction suspended until 1949
1945-feb-28LaunchedLaunched as HMS Majestic
1955-augTrialsTrials UK BAE Systems (Vickers) undergoing contractors inclining trials in the Buccleuch Dock at Vickers.
1955-octFate: transferedFate: transfered to Royal Australian Navy

History of AU HMAS Melbourne R21

1955-oct-28CommissionedCommissioned into RAN as HMAS Melbourne, deck letter B
1956-apr departed UK for transit to Australia (deck letter Y). Arrived 10 May 1956 escorted by HMAS Sydney
1956-sep-21DeploymentDeployment departed Australia for S E Asia exercises. Group included HMAS Sydney, HMAS Quadrant, HMAS Queenborough and HMAS Quickmatch. Only time HMAS Melbourne and HMAS Sydney ever deployed together.
1957-dec-04AircraftAircraft Accident Sycamore HR.51 XD656 ditched in sea, while operating from HMAS Melbourne.
1961-aprAircraftAircraft during late Apr, hosted RN 825 NAS Whirlwind HAS.7 during an amphibious landing exercise off northern Borneo, supporting RM 42 Commando from HMS Bulwark and US Marines from USS Thetis Bay.
1963-apr-20AircraftAircraft Konfrontasi embarked RN 814 NAS Wessex HAS.1 (usually based aboard HMS Hermes) for 3 weeks during spring 1963.
1963-augAircraftAircraft embarked anti-submarine force was the Wessex 31 of 817 Sq, until Feb 1976.
1965-mar-15DeploymentDeployment Exercise FOTEX 65 Exercise FOTEX 65 Exercising off Singapore in multi-national Naval Force
1967RefitRefit mid life refit until 1969, to re-equip for operating US components of her air wing
1969-jun-03DeploymentDeployment South China Sea (JS) Accident 3 Jun1969, collided with the USS Frank E Evans, whilst participating in the SEATO Exercise Sea Spirit
1972AircraftAircraft From 1972, the usual 10 Wessex HAS.31 were replaced by 10 Sea King Mk.50 in her air group.
1974-dec-31DeploymentDeployment Darwin Intl Darwin area Cyclone Tracy relief operations Departed Sydney on news of cyclone hitting Darwin. Arrived on station 31 Dec 1974 with most of HS-817 embarked and remained active until 30 Jan 1975.
1976-febAircraftAircraft embarked anti-submarine force was the Sea King 50 of 817 Sq, until Nov 1981.
1977-may-09AircraftAircraft Sea King 08 accident
1977-jun-25DeploymentDeployment Fleet Review: Silver Jubilee of HM The Queen in UK waters for Silver Jubilee Fleet Review, off Spithead
1983-novFate: scrappedFate: scrapped

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Majestic class
18000full load (tn)
211.80length (m)
24.40beam (m)
7.20draught (m)
12000range (nm)
25max speed (knots)
40000power (shp)

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
AU RAN Westland Wessex 100
AU RAN Westland Sea King 100
AU RAN Bristol Type 171 Sycamore 20

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