1966 to 1995    

LPH-10 USS Tripoli

US US Navy

LPH-10 USS Tripoli

Flight Deck:
Call Sign:
Shipyard: Philadelphia Naval Shipyard
See Also: LH America (2014) class LHA-7


History of US USS Tripoli LPH-10

1964-jun-15Laid downLaid down
1969-nov-01DeploymentDeployment Underway WESTPAC
1970-feb-17DeploymentDeployment Arrived at North Island, San Diego from Vietnam with 1,250 marines as part of President Nixon s withfrawal of combat troops. Aircraft Group 16, VMA-223 and HMH-361
1971-oct-27AircraftAircraft UH-1E 151865 accident
1971-dec-14DeploymentDeployment Arrived in Indian Ocean, part of a 10-ship task force, with 800 marines, to evacuate American civilians from embattled East Pakistan
1971-dec-27AircraftAircraft Marine helicopter crashed at sea, another crashed a week earlier, in Indian Ocean because of Indo-Pakistan War
1972-mayAircraftAircraft MAU, HMM-165 onboard in support of the Vietnamese Marines
1972-jul-22DeploymentDeployment Delivered relief supplies with 10 helicopters in the Philippines due to flooding by Tropical Storm Rita
1973DeploymentDeployment Assigned Amphibious Ready Group Alpha (ARG Alpha)
1973-aug Operations off Thailand
1973-sepDeploymentDeployment Operation End Sweep, cleared mines from North Vietnam major harbors and coastal waterways using helicopters
1973-sep-08 RP Subic Bay Harbour Towed to Subic Bay due to loss of propulsion system. Relieved on station by USS Inchon
1973-sep-19 USMC 1st battalion 4th marines
1991AircraftAircraft Cross-decked her MH-53E helicopters and equipment to USS New Orleans after hitting mine
1991AircraftAircraft helo went down in the Indian Ocean during Desert Storm Operation
1991-jan-20DeploymentDeployment Off coast, Dubai, proceeded to northern Gulf with mine-sweeping helicopters
1991-feb-18DeploymentDeployment Persian Gulf Operation Desert Shield/Storm Northern Persian Gulf, struck an Iraqi mine during Operation Desert Storm sustaining a 16 by 20 foot hole in her forward starboard side flooding six spaces. Assisted in temporary repairs by a diving team from RFA Diligence.
1992-dec-09DeploymentDeployment Operation Provide Hope, in Somalia, humanitarian operation
1994-oct-08DeploymentDeployment Persian Gulf Deployed to Persian Gulf region in response to Iraqi troops massing on border of Kuwait
2004Fate: transferedFate: transfered loan to US Army
2006 in Hawaii, used as launch platform for missiles trials
2011 Docked at Pearl Harbour, HI

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Iwo Jima class
11000light (tn)
18400full load (tn)
180length (m)
26beam (m)
8.20draught (m)
22max speed (knots)
22000power (shp)

2Naval Engine boilers
1Naval Engine steam turbines

2Close-In Weapon System CIWS Phalanx 20 mm

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
US USMC B-V 107M H-46 Sea Knight 825
US USMC Sikorsky S-65 H-53 40
US USMC Bell 209 AH-1 Cobra 40
US USMC Bell UH-1N 20


US Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, League Island

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