1963 to 1984    

F122 HMS Gurkha

UK Royal Navy

1985 to 1999 - ID TNI-AL - Khristina Tiyahahu Class 332 KRI Wilhelmus Zakarias Yohanes    

Flight Deck: GU
Call Sign: GFYA
Shipyard: Vosper Thornycroft


History of UK HMS Gurkha F122

1958-nov-03Laid downLaid down
1963-feb-13CommissionedCommissioned Recommissioned in 1982 after being laid up in 1979
1964-oct-06DeploymentDeployment working in company with HMS Mohawk off Bahrain
1965-aug-28Port VisitPort Visit HMNB Portsmouth Navy Days took part in 1965 Portsmouth Navy Days.
1965-sepAircraftAircraft allocated 829 Sq Wasp HAS.1 XT434 as Gurkha Flt/444 until Apr 1968, when it transferred to HMS Aurora following loss of her Wasp.
1966-mayDeploymentDeployment Stationed off Abu Dhabi to ease tension over an oil dispute
1966-julDeploymentDeployment Mozambique Channel Beira Beira Patrol c 20 day duty on Beira Patrol off Mozambique channel relieving HMS Leander.
1967-jul-24DeploymentDeployment departed HMNB Portsmouth on initial 9 month operation of her 3rd commission to the Persian Gulf, via Simonstown. Sirius Flt Wasp transferred aboard as /444 Gurkha Flt.
1967-augDeploymentDeployment Mozambique Channel Beira Patrol two duties on Beira Patrol during Aug and Sep 1967 on outward leg of deployment.
1968RefitRefit until 1970
1970-junAircraftAircraft allocated 829 Sq Wasp HAS.1 XS567 as Gurkha Flt/444 until c Aug 1976
1971-dec-11DeploymentDeployment Indo-Pakistan war contingency stood off East Pakistan (before Bangladesh was formed) as escort to HMS Albion (R07), to support British nationals during the conflict
1972-mayDeploymentDeployment as West Indies Guardship, until Dec 1972
1976-may-06DeploymentDeployment Collision collided with Icelandic cutter Odinn during Third Cod War.
1976-decAircraftAircraft allocated 829 Sq Wasp HAS.1 XT428 as Gurkha Flt/444 until c Apr 1978
1977-jun-25DeploymentDeployment Fleet Review: Silver Jubilee of HM The Queen Present at Silver Jubilee Fleet Review (1st Frigate Squadron), off Peel Bank
1979-marDeploymentDeployment West Indies deployment Rosyth in Scotland to Lisbon, Azores, Bermuda, Norfolk VA, St Vincent rescue Volcanic eruption, Belize UK Guardship, New Orleans, Halifax Nova Scotia then UK.
1979-mayAircraftAircraft assigned 829 sq Wasp XT781/444 until Mar 1980
1982-mayRefitRefit HMD Rosyth withdrawn from the Standby Squadron and into refit at HMD Rosyth, recommissioned on 24 Jul 1982.
1982-julAircraftAircraft allocated 829 Sq Wasp HAS.1 XT430 as Gurkha Flt/444 until c Oct 1983
1984-feb-02DeploymentDeployment GI Gibraltar Harbour last British warship to undertake Gibraltar Guardship deployment, departed 2 Feb 1984
1984-mar-30DecommissionedDecommissioned paid off at HMNB Portsmouth
1985Fate: transferedFate: transfered to Indonesia as Wilhelmus Zakarias Yohannes (332)
1985RefitRefit at Vosper Thornycroft before transfer to Indonesian Navy

History of Khristina Tiyahahu Class ID KRI Wilhelmus Zakarias Yohanes 332


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Type 81 Tribal class
2300light (tn)
2700full load (tn)
110length (m)
13beam (m)
5.30draught (m)
28max speed (knots)

1Naval Engine propulsion system: COSAG

2Missile Launcher Sea Cat

2Naval Gun Mark 5 4.5 inch (114mm)
2Naval Gun single 20 mm
1Rocket Launcher ASW mortar Mk 10 Limbo

1Naval Radar air search radar Type 965
1Naval Radar navigation radar Type 978
1Naval Radar surface and low level air search radar Type 993
1Sonar hull mounted sonar Type 162

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
UK Royal Navy Westland Wasp 11


UK Vosper Thornycroft, Woolston

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