1963 to 1979    

F125 HMS Mohawk

UK Royal Navy

Flight Deck: MO
Call Sign: GHQX
Shipyard: BAE Systems (Vickers)


History of UK HMS Mohawk F125

1960-dec-23Laid downLaid down The final Type 81 Tribal class ship to be laid down.
1962-apr-05LaunchedLaunched BAE Systems (Vickers) Barrow-in-Furness Yard No. 1063
1963-nov-29CommissionedCommissioned aka The Mighty Mo
1963-dec-06HomeportHomeport HMNB Portsmouth
1963-dec-17TrialsTrials first trials with Wasp HAS.1, off Portland
1964-jan-14AircraftAircraft Mohawk Flight formed at RNAS Culdrose; this would be the 3rd Wasp Flight to deploy afloat and the 1st Tribal class warship to get a Ships Flight.
1964-febAircraftAircraft Wasp XS532 assigned as /474-MO, until Mar 1964
1964-marAircraftAircraft First Tribal class warship to embark a Wasp, off Portland.
1964-marAircraftAircraft Wasp XS538 assigned as /474-MO
1964-jun-01DeploymentDeployment departed HMNB Portsmouth for an Arabian Gulf and Indian Ocean deployment, returning on 1 May 1965.
1964-aug-17Port VisitPort Visit KE Port Mombasa Kilandine Harbour visited Mombasa, departed 3 Sep
1964-sepAircraftAircraft YE Aden Harbour Wasp trials temporarily exchanged Wasp XS538 for an unidentified Wasp, equipped for tropical trials for a few days in early Sep, while at Aden. XS538 returned prior to departure.
1964-oct-06DeploymentDeployment working in company with HMS Gurkha off Bahrain
1965-may-14RefitRefit arrived HMD Rosyth for a refit
1966DeploymentDeployment relieved HMS Carysfort, off Seychelles.
1967DeploymentDeployment near miss with frigate FNS Henri off Anguilla in the Caribbean, while operating with HMS Lynx.
1967-julDeploymentDeployment relieved in Bahamas by HMS Leander, as West Indies Guardship
1967-oct-06Port VisitPort Visit KY George Town HSB Visited Grand Cayman for 4 days during Hurricane support support mission
1967-oct-10DeploymentDeployment Stood off Little Cayman while a landing party conducted a Customs and Fisheries Protection assessment mission.
1967-oct-10DeploymentDeployment Sailed alongside the north shore of Cayman Brac during late afternoon, as part of her farewell for this visit.
1970RefitRefit in HMD Portsmouth, until 1972.
1972-febAircraftAircraft assigned 829Sq Wasp HAS.1 XT443 as Mohawk Flt/474-MO until damaged during forced landing 20 Mar 1972.
1972-marAircraftAircraft 829 NAS Wasp HAS.1 XS568 assigned as /474-MO
1973-jun-05AircraftAircraft MV Gan Anchorage Ships Flt Wasp HAS.1 XS568/474-MO ditched in Indian Ocean, airframe recovered and shipped to Gan, when wreckage was flown back to UK.
1973-julAircraftAircraft ZA Durban Harbour 829 Sq Mohawk Flt Wasp HAS.1 XV638/474-MO joined ship in South Africa.
1977-aug-27DeploymentDeployment HMD Devonport Navy Days 1977 present at Plymouth Navy Days 1977
1977-sep-05DeploymentDeployment Departed HMNB Devonport as part of Task Group 317.6 for 7.5 month Australia and Far East group deployment, led by HMS Tiger. Left in company with HMS Amazon, HMS Cleopatra and HMS Zulu. Returned to Devonport on 20 Apr 1978.
1982-novFate: scrappedFate: scrapped Cairnryan Breakers Yard sold for scrap to Queenborough, left HMD Chatham Nov 1982 and broken up at Cairnryan from 3 Dec.

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Type 81 Tribal class
2300light (tn)
2700full load (tn)
110length (m)
13beam (m)
5.30draught (m)
28max speed (knots)

1Naval Engine propulsion system: COSAG

2Missile Launcher Sea Cat

2Naval Gun Mark 5 4.5 inch (114mm)
2Naval Gun single 20 mm
1Rocket Launcher ASW mortar Mk 10 Limbo

1Naval Radar air search radar Type 965
1Naval Radar navigation radar Type 978
1Naval Radar surface and low level air search radar Type 993
1Sonar hull mounted sonar Type 162

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Typical Max
UK Royal Navy Westland Wasp 11


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