L10 HMS Fearless

UK Royal Navy

1965 to 2003    

L10 HMS Fearless


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Flight Deck: FS
Call Sign: GKYQ


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History of UK L10 HMS Fearless

1962-jul-25Laid downYard No 1651.
1965-nov-25Commissionedat Harland & Wolff
1966-may-6Port Visitfirst foreign port visit, to Brest for four days.
1966-jul-15TrialsMediterranean and UK waters propeller trials for 5 weeks
1966-sep-13Deploymentleft HMNB Portsmouth. To support the Civil Power in Aden, until Oct 1966.
1966-oct-25DeploymentYEHauf Operation Fate Deployed to support the Irish Guards in a security operation around the Hauf region of Yemen, near its border with Oman.
1966-nov-25Port Visit4 day visit to Durban
1967-mar-9Deploymentsailed from Singapore in company with HMS Bulwark for assault exercise off Penang.
1967-oct-17AircraftAERAF Sharjah embarked first 8 Wessex of 78 Squadron, for transport to Sharjah.
1967-novDeploymentuntil Dec 1967, part of Task Force 318 to cover the British withdrawal from Aden during Operation Magister.
1967-nov-21AircraftYEoff Aden TF 945 embarked the three Sioux of 45 Commando Air Troop, as part of Operation Magister in preparation for their final return to UK.
1968-oct-4Deployment Operation Diogenes Departed UK. Hosted senior level negotiations from 8 Oct between Britain and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) over its declaration of independence (UDI), off Gibraltar.
1969-jan-15Deploymentsailed from HMNB Devonport for a 3 month Mediterranean and West African deployment, returning on 10 Apr.
1969-marDeploymentNGoff Lagos off Lagos (Nigeria), for talks between UK and Nigeria over the Biafra crisis.
1969-jun-4Deploymentsailed from HMNB Devonport for a 13 month Far East deployment, returning on 12 Jun 1970.
1969-sep-22Port Visitvisit to Tokyo for cultural , industrial and educational British Week, until 6 Oct.
1970RefitRecommissioned 12 Feb 1971, after refit which included adding Skynet satellite communications equipment.
1970-aug-29Port VisitHMD Devonport Navy Days 1970 present at Plymouth Navy Days 1970.
1971-aug-28Port VisitHMD Devonport Navy Days 1971 Ship open to visitors at Plymouth Navy Days 1971.
1971-sep-1Deploymentdeparted HMNB Devonport for 10 week Mediterranean deployment, returning on 18 Nov.
1972-novDeploymentparticipated in Exercise Corsica 72 off W coast of Corsica with HMS Ark Royal, HMS Bulwark, and HMS Intrepid.
1976-aug-28Port VisitHMD Devonport Navy Days 1976 Ship open to visitors at Plymouth Navy Days 1976.
1977-jun-24Deployment Fleet Review: Silver Jubilee of HM The Queen Present at Silver Jubilee Fleet Review, off Ryde Sand
1978-aug-26DeploymentHMD Devonport Navy Days 1978 present for Plymouth Navy Days, with 3 CBAS Scout AH.1 XP893/S embarked.
1982-apr-6Deployment Operation Corporate Departed HMNB Portsmouth with some 3 CBAS airframes and three Sea King HC.4 of 846 Squadron embarked, leaving theatre on 24 Jun 1982.
1983-sep-29collision with German bulk carrier Gerhardt, off Portland.
1983-nov-28DeploymentLBoff Lebanon Operation Offcut ordered from UK with 4 Assault Squadron, RM embarked, on 20 Nov with RFA Brambleleaf in support and arrived on station off Beirut, to relieve HMS Glamorgan.
1985into low readiness reserve for 3 years, until 1988.
1989RefitCIWS Phalanx 20 mm refit at HMD Devonport, including replacement of guns and her 4x quadruple Seacat launchers for new 20mm and Phalanx CIWS. Completed 1991.
1991-oct-10DeploymentExercise Burmese Argonaut deployed to Sevastolpol, Ukraine with 2x 656 Sq Lynx AH.1
1998-aug-28DeploymentHMNB Portsmouth International Festival of Sea Participated in IFoS 1998.
2001-aug-20Deploymentleft HMNB Portsmouth for 7 month Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean deployment, returning 18 Mar 2002.
2002-aug-3Homeportpaid off for final time at HMNB Portsmouth
2005-julFareham Creek by Jul 2005 was laid up in Fareham Creek
2007-dec-17Fate: scrappedBEGhent Breakers Yard towed from Portsmouth to Van Heyghen yard at Ghent, Belgium for scrapping



    from Fearless class
12200full load (tn)
158.50length (m)
24.40beam (m)
6.20draught (m)
5000range (nm)
21max speed (knots)
22000power (shp)
2Naval Engine steam turbines
2Naval Gun single 20 mm
2Close-In Weapon System CIWS Phalanx 20 mm
4Chaff and decoys Seagnat
1Naval Radar navigation radar Type 978
1Naval Radar surface and low level air search radar Type 262
1Naval Radar surface and low level air search radar Type 994



    Typical Max
Landing platform only. No hangar
UK Royal Navy Westland Wessex 05
UK Royal Navy Westland Sea King 04
UK Royal Marines Westland Sioux 013

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    



UK Harland and Wolff, Belfast

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