Helicopter News Year 2001

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Dec 21: UH-1Y Utility Helicopter First Flight
Dec 10: Denmark to buy 14 EH101
Dec 03: Portugal Announces the procurement of 12 EH101

May Air Hawk II destroyed in a shop fire

Nov 30: Norway signs the contract for 24 NH90
Oct 19: Finland signs the contract for 20 NH90
Sep 26: Sweden signs the contract for 25 NH90
Sep 13: NHSP Committee selects the NH90 for Finland, Norway and Sweden
Aug 01: Thailand orders Super Lynx
Jul 12: Boeing Marks New Chinook Rollout, 40th Anniversary of Original - CH-47F
Jun 21: Portugal joins the NH90 Programme
Jun 15: Super Lynx 300 Demonstrator makes maiden flight in the UK
Jun 04: Radian to "Reinvent" H-3 Helicopter Yaw Bell Crank
May 22: MH-53E Helicopter extended service life
Mar 29: Harris awarded cockpit for italian EH.101
Mar 27: 2 CH-47D for Australian Army
Mar 24: Helicopter escape from French prison
Feb 13: EH101 in Service and in Demand
Feb 11: Ecureuil / Squirrel / AStar / TwinStar 3000th
Feb 08: Sci-Fi aircraft attract interest of DARPA
Feb 08: Saudi Arabia orders 16 Italian helicopters
Feb 06: Lockheed sign MOU for new canadian maritime helicopter
Feb 05: US Navy trials TERPROM on SH-60 Seahawk [+ update]
Feb 01: Others 24 new Blackhawks for Israel
Jan 30: More Warning systems to US Navy H-53 & H-46
Jan 26: Vector Aerospace wins international military contracts
Jan 25: Probes to delay MV-22 Decision-Pentagon
Jan 24: Radian will re-engineer new parts for CH-46
Jan 23: Eurocopter 2000 results
Jan 18: First Flight of Turkish SH-60 Seahawk
Jan 17: Video Shows Record Coast Guard Jayhawk Rescue
Jan 16: 5 Kaman K-MAX for Peru via US Government
Jan 16: US Navy UH-1N upgrade completed
Jan 15: NH90 engine completes over temperature test

Latest News

Bell 505 Accessory Offerings

CAE Joins Chinook Team for German Competition

AeroStretcher Gets EASA STC for H135 / EC135

First Flight of Second Marineflieger Sea Lion

First H160 Fuselage in Airbus Albacete

NYC Environmental Protection Police New AW119Kx

UK SAR New Coastguard Facility Opens at Lydd

New Type Certificate for MD530F Glass Cockpit

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