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News Archives 2001

Dec 21: UH-1Y Utility Helicopter First Flight
Dec 10: Denmark to buy 14 EH101
Dec 03: Portugal Announces the procurement of 12 EH101

May Air Hawk II destroyed in a shop fire

Nov 30: Norway signs the contract for 24 NH90
Oct 19: Finland signs the contract for 20 NH90
Sep 26: Sweden signs the contract for 25 NH90
Sep 13: NHSP Committee selects the NH90 for Finland, Norway and Sweden
Aug 01: Thailand orders Super Lynx
Jul 12: Boeing Marks New Chinook Rollout, 40th Anniversary of Original - CH-47F
Jun 21: Portugal joins the NH90 Programme
Jun 15: Super Lynx 300 Demonstrator makes maiden flight in the UK
Jun 04: Radian to "Reinvent" H-3 Helicopter Yaw Bell Crank
May 22: MH-53E Helicopter extended service life
Mar 29: Harris awarded cockpit for italian EH.101
Mar 27: 2 CH-47D for Australian Army
Mar 24: Helicopter escape from French prison
Feb 13: EH101 in Service and in Demand
Feb 11: Ecureuil / Squirrel / AStar / TwinStar 3000th
Feb 08: Sci-Fi aircraft attract interest of DARPA
Feb 08: Saudi Arabia orders 16 Italian helicopters
Feb 06: Lockheed sign MOU for new canadian maritime helicopter
Feb 05: US Navy trials TERPROM on SH-60 Seahawk [+ update]
Feb 01: Others 24 new Blackhawks for Israel
Jan 30: More Warning systems to US Navy H-53 & H-46
Jan 26: Vector Aerospace wins international military contracts
Jan 25: Probes to delay MV-22 Decision-Pentagon
Jan 24: Radian will re-engineer new parts for CH-46
Jan 23: Eurocopter 2000 results
Jan 18: First Flight of Turkish SH-60 Seahawk
Jan 17: Video Shows Record Coast Guard Jayhawk Rescue
Jan 16: 5 Kaman K-MAX for Peru via US Government
Jan 16: US Navy UH-1N upgrade completed
Jan 15: NH90 engine completes overtemperature test

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