Helicopter News Year 1999

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Dec 21: First two SAR Super Puma for Greece
Dec 21: Bell enters the 21st Century with new orders
Dec 18: Thousands airlifted from Venezuela disaster area
Dec 15: Boeing to modernize more Spanish Chinooks
Dec 14: Eurocopter delivers the 100th Ecureuil/Astar B3
Dec 13: First WAH-64 arrives 100 days early
Dec 13: Canadian Aerospace and Sikorsky Team in Portugal
Dec 10: EC 135 receives LBA IFR certification
Dec 9: Poland to give 2.6 % in KGHM to WSK PZL
Dec 9: 100th AH-64D Apache Longbow to US Army
Dec 8: Rooftop Landings Banned
Dec 7: Bell Eagle Eye Team UAV partners named - Eagle Eye
Dec 2: Hawk 4 passes agricultural flight test
Nov 29: Nordics ask for offers on military helicopters
Nov 29: Canada firm to make EH-101 Cormorant parts
Nov 22: US Army speeding repair of Apache helicopters
Nov 22: Westland opens new transmissions test facility
Nov 22: Oil platform landing success for EH-101
Nov 18: Cockpit air bag system for the H-60
Nov 15: Bell will be featured in a television commercial
Nov 15: Third Production MV-22 delivered
Nov 14: Sikorsky S-92 flying with production engine
Nov 11: New simulation program for the US Army
Nov 11: Colombia wants Blackhawks
Nov 9: Baby Belle Takes On New Name [Safari]
Nov 8: No more helicopters for mines countermeasures ?
Nov 8: US Army grounds AH-64 Apaches [+ update]
Nov 5: Night vision for the Canadian CH-146
Nov 4: Gyrodyne announces sale of aerospace division
Nov 4: SAR pilot named new AEGIS destroyer
Nov 2: 2nd US Longbow battalion combat ready
Oct 29: Rescue at an altitude of 15,000 feet ( 4,500 m )
Oct 26: Bell & Agusta gets boost in Poland helicopter bid
Oct 25: US Navy CH-60S is on the production line
Oct 22: 9 EC-635 for Portugal
Oct 21: Mexico buys 24 Bell 206 for Anti-Drug war
Oct 19: Israel says Apaches were flawed
Oct 14: Aerospatiale-Matra & DASA merger
Oct 13: Tiger: Hot weather test campaign in Abu Dhabi
Oct 11: MV-22 concludes successful sea trials [+ update]
Oct 8: NBAA expo: Bell/Agusta 609 Tiltrotor & Agusta/Bell 139
Oct 7: New gas turbine engine monitoring system
Oct 5: Mexico returns 73 helicopters to U.S.
Oct 4: New contract to maintain US army Blackhawks
Sep 30: First flight of the Hawk 4 gyroplane
Sep 26: Osprey 's big cousin excites Pentagon - Quad Tiltrotor
Sep 17: AH-64D Apache Longbow aerobatic tests
Sep 17: Iran unveils new helicopter
Sep 13: US Coast Guard fires at drug boats
Sep 13: SkyHook: successful flight trials with Australian Navy
Sep 9: Transatlantic First for EH-101
Sep 9: First "RESCO" Eurocopter Cougar MK2
Sep 8: US Marines introduce new helicopter [MV-22]
Sep 7: Malaysia orders Super Lynx
Sep 2: Tiger meets Poland 's requirements
Sep 1: U.S. delivers anti-drug helicopters
Sep 1: Boeing delivers first WAH-64 kit to Westland
Aug 26: "Super D" Chinook completes first flight
Aug 24: Laser-based countermeasures for the H-60
Aug 23: Sonar for Agusta
Aug 23: RAH-66 - $3.1 Billion proposal to US Army
Aug 20: Bell sees rapid growth in India helicopter market
Aug 19: Pilot Fined Over Streisand Wedding
Aug 18: FAA grounds some medical helicopters
Aug 18: MI 38 Heavy Twin-Engine [ EUROMIL ]
Aug 12: SH-2G (NZ) Super Sea Sprite for New Zealand
Aug 9: Chinooks grounded for checks [+ update]
Aug 2: Textron's Bell Helicopter Acquires Edwards
Jul 29: Aviation Training International Led [WAH-64]
Jul 26: New autopilot landing system
Jul 14: German Navy's first Super Sea Lynx rolled out
Jul 8: Hundreds Rescued From Ferry
Jul 1: Pilots undertrained and underequipped ?
Jun 18: France & Germany order 160 Tigers
Jun 17: Eurocopter delivers 500th Super Puma/Cougar
Jun 15: Sikorsky S-92 will replace Canada 's Sea Kings
Jun 15: 100th Eurocopter EC 135 delivered
Jun 12: RAH-66 at the Paris Air Show
Jun 12: Sikorsky S-92A Helibus debuts at Paris
Jun 1: NH90 - 4th prototype in flight
May 20: RAH-66 Program, Army sign pre-production MOU
May 10: 2 Comanches Fly Together For First Time
May 3: Flight Demonstrations of K-Max Aerial Truck
Mar 30: Boeing Celebrates Delivery of 1,000th Apache
Mar 17: Parents Fume Over Chopper Landing
Mar 15: Lama celebrates 30 Years
Mar 9: Ship Hangar Constructed
Mar 2: Helicopter Window Falls From Sky
Mar 1: The Alouette 3 celebrates 40 Years
Feb 23: Baby at Mid-Flight
Feb 19: Boeing sold Mc Donnell Douglas helis to RDM
Feb 18: US Navy ends antarctic service
Feb 16: S-70 Battlehawk for Australia
Feb 14: Ethiopian Mi-24 shot down
Jan 28: Blackhawk to South Pole in record flight

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