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    Helicopter News Year 2000

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    Dec 21: RAH-66 with new Empennage completes First Flight
    Dec 18: 30 more blackhawks for Colombia
    Dec 15: US Army grounds all Apaches
    Dec 13: V-22 grounded and production delayed [MV-22 Crash]
    Dec 13: Polish Swidnik privatisation
    Dec 12: Marines MV-22 Crashes in North Carolina [+ update]
    Dec 12: Two rescue Sikorsky S-76C+ for China
    Dec 07: Bell AH-1Z Super Cobra First Flight
    Dec 06: New radios for US helicopters
    Dec 01: Wing mated to Bell/Agusta Tiltrotor BA609
    Nov 30: Cougar / Super Puma MK 2+ First Flight
    Nov 30: MV-22 ready for full-rate production
    Nov 27: New RAH-66 Comanche empennage
    Nov 21: First Bell AH-1Z Super Cobra rolled out
    Nov 17: New paint for US Navy gray CH-60S
    Nov 16: EC120B Colibri reachs 200 units
    Nov 15: CSAR Cougar completes in-flight refueling tests
    Nov 14: MV-22 deemed suitable for Shipboard Operations
    Nov 02: 3 EC135 for the Swedish Police
    Nov 01: World's first commercial Tiltrotor training academy
    Nov 01: First Super Lynx for Denmark
    Oct 27: New sensors "Arrowhead" for AH-64 Apache
    Oct 26: Comanche survivability system selected
    Oct 26: 6 more SH-60 Seahawks for Spain
    Oct 21: Colombia UH-60 damaged
    Oct 16: Troop loading milestone for RAF EH-101
    Oct 13: MV-22 declared operational over land [Alert!]
    Oct 09: Austria to purchase 9 Blackhawks
    Oct 02: 25th Anniversary of Apache first flight
    Sep 27: 11 civilian EC135 order from Austria
    Sep 26: Eurocopter España Set Up !
    Sep 22: Mil Helicopter Plant press releases resume [summary]
    Sep 21: Blackhawks to Go to Colombia in 2002
    Sep 20: New training system for british Apaches
    Sep 19: CV-22 flight testing set to begin at Edwards AFB
    Sep 18: Mitsubishi recalls MH-2000 helicopters
    Sep 15: Boeing to modify Israeli Longbows
    Sep 12: Indonesia may buy Russian helicopters
    Sep 06: New Safari website secure area
    Sep 06: Taiwan copter spins out of control [with Movie]
    Sep 05: Chechnya: Russia lost 23 helicopters
    Aug 31: S-92 for the Nordic Helicopter Program
    Aug 27: US Marines ground 3 types of aircraft [+ update]
    Aug 25: Helicopters Rescue Marooned in India Floods
    Aug 22: V-22 searching to reduce costs
    Aug 17: Harris Corp to provide RAH-66 avionics
    Aug 15: First UK built WAH-64 delivered
    Aug 07: Harrison Ford to the Rescue
    Aug 03: Canada Navy boards US owned ship
    Aug 03: CH-47D: Boeing to pay up to $54 million
    Jul 28: Thomson-CSF Wins Tiger Simulation
    Jul 27: Canada eyeing $1.4 billion worth of maritime helicopters
    Jul 26: Westland & Agusta agree helicopters merger
    Jul 21: Bell KingCobra selected by Turkey
    Jul 19: Kaman provide MD rotor systems
    Jul 19: First UK built WAH-64 makes maiden flight
    Jul 18: South Korea AH-X project
    Jul 05: NH90: Go ahead for 1st Batch of 298 helicopters
    Jul 05: Flight control computers to equip EH-101
    Jul 04: 6th EH-101 Merlin Mk3 to RAF
    Jul 02: S.Africa evacuates Oil-Hit Penguins off the Cape
    Jun 30: Eurocopter confirms 243 NH90 order
    Jun 27: 23 deficiencies in the V-22 Osprey
    Jun 18: USAF Special Operations Command marks 10th Year
    Jun 14: More Seahawks for Greece Navy
    Jun 12: Adventurers Rescued From Arctic
    Jun 09: General Electric engines for italians NH90s
    Jun 08: Production go-ahead for the NH90 Programme
    Jun 08: Rolls-Royce Turbomeca engines for NH90
    Jun 07: Turkey orders 8 CH-53E Super Stallion
    Jun 05: MV-22 resume operational evaluation [MV-22 Crash]
    Jun 02: Turk helicopter tender award postponed
    May 28: And the helicopter never came back...
    May 25: First CH-60S arrives at NAS Patuxent River
    May 24: Royal Navy 's EH-101 Merlin trials
    May 20: Major NATO naval exercises in Portugal
    May 18: New film about Yom Kippur war [+ update]
    May 18: US to build more assault carriers
    May 17: Bell Eagle Eye completes autoland tests
    May 16: US Marines wants a remotely piloted K-MAX
    May 12: EH-101 demonstates SAR & Rescue credentials
    May 10: Reports of pilot error are false [MV-22 Crash]
    May 10: US Marines declare V-22 safe
    May 01: Combat SAR Cougar to the Turkish Air Force [+ update]
    Apr 19: Delivery of the 100th EC120B Colibri
    Apr 18: Europe will manage NH90
    Apr 17: New laser system for mines countermeasures
    Apr 09: MV-22 Crash [+ update]
    Apr 06: Kaman provide MD fuselages
    Apr 04: US Army wants 1213 Comanche helicopters
    Mar 30: US Army and Boeing sign long-lead Apache contract
    Mar 29: New US military helicopter engine
    Mar 28: Electrical power equipment for the RAH-66
    Mar 27: 22nd EH-101 Merlin for the Royal Navy
    Mar 27: SH-2G Super Sea Sprite for Canada ?
    Mar 24: Canada Navy helicopter rescues 7 from sunken ship
    Mar 24: CV-22 Osprey Block 10 Upgrades
    Mar 16: Northrop Grumman to built V-22 panels
    Mar 15: UK Army take delivery of the first WAH-64
    Mar 10: ITT provide US Army with electronic protection
    Mar 06: Turkey 's combat helicopter contract
    Feb 27: South African helicopters help hundreds in Mozambique
    Feb 24: UK Lynxs and Chinooks upgrades
    Feb 22: 15 EC120B for training in the Spanish Air Force
    Feb 22: Manvis: New Integrated Digital Map System
    Feb 22: Radars for Singapore Longbow Apaches
    Feb 21: WWII plane rescue in the Andes Mountains
    Feb 10: Northrop Grumman's UAV awarded US Navy 's contract
    Feb 07: Brantly announced new sales
    Feb 02: US refuses to give Israel Longbow Apaches
    Jan 27: First CH-60S completes initial flight
    Jan 25: Sikorsky wins first S-92 orders
    Jan 25: The EC155B is Single-Pilot IFR Capable
    Jan 24: Rockwell Collins upgrade Turkish Blackhawks
    Jan 24: CHC repairs and overhaul Super Pumas Worldwide
    Jan 17: US Army closes probe of Apache crash
    Jan 14: New Apache production facility opens at GKN
    Jan 14: MTU engine order for the Tiger [+ update]
    Jan 12: Northrop Grumman's UAV completes first flight
    Jan 11: Sikorsky expects more rebuild business in future
    Jan 06: Australian SH-2G(A) begin initial flight testing
    Jan 06: CHC training Canadian military pilots
    Jan 05: Boeing to sell 9 Chinooks to Taiwan

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