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  • united kingdom Ringway International Airport

    Manchester, Greater Manchester, England

    United Kingdom


    Satellite and aerial maps of Manchester with nearby locations

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    4.0345EGM40 UHSM Wythenshawe, England
    5.2098 Handforth, England
    8.5102EGCD Woodford, England
    12.5014MFT Central Manchester University Hospitals, England
    13.7005 MMSI Air and Space Hall, England
    15.2330EGCB Barton, England

    53° 21' 14.04'' N - 2° 16' 30.00'' W

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    List of aircraft and events at Manchester

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    By Date | By Serial

    1951-aug-23 Widgeon G-ALIK
    1970-dec-17 S-61N G-ATBJ
    2002-may-02 A109E N709AT
    2002-may-31 222 G-NOIR
    2002-may-31 AS355F1 G-JARV
    2002-jul-17 A109A-II N188S
    2003-apr-03 MD902 G-GMPS
    2003-dec-06 S-76B G-JCBA
    2004-feb-08 S-76B G-HARH
    2004-apr-29 412EP ZJ238 / Y
    2004-jul-18 206B-3 G-OPJM
    2004-sep-07 A109C G-DATE
    2004-nov-01 MD902 G-GMPS
    2005-jan-02 MD902 G-GMPS
    2005-mar-31 S-76B G-BWDO
    2005-jun-09 AS355F1 G-EMHH
    2005-aug-14 EC155B LX-HEC
    2005-sep-09 MD900 N9208V
    2006-feb-05 AS365N2 G-MLTY
    2006-mar-15 A109C G-HBEK
    2006-apr-08 A109C G-OBEK
    2006-apr-09 A109E N195NJ
    2006-may-27 S-76C G-LJRM
    2006-aug-27 HAR.3A ZH543 / X
    2006-oct-24 AW109S G-CDWY
    2006-dec-14 MD902 G-GMPS
    2006-dec-16 MD900 N555WA
    2007-feb-06 A109C G-JBEK
    2007-apr-04 MD900 N555WA
    2007-jul-09 S-76C G-JCBJ
    2007-sep-06 AS355F G-LNTY
    2007-sep-29 AW109S G-CDWY
    2007-nov-06 MD902 G-GMPS
    2008-feb-16 MD902 G-GMPS
    2008-mar-14 HAR.3 XZ587
    2008-apr-23 A109C G-ONEL
    2008-apr-28 AW109E ZR323
    2008-jul-06 MD902 G-GMPX
    2009-jun-15 A109C G-ONEL
    2009-oct-26 S-76C G-JCBJ
    2010-apr-16 HAR.3 ZE370
    2010-sep-12 HAR.3A ZH542
    2011-apr-12 AS355F G-WDKR
    2011-apr-12 AW109S G-STGR
    2011-aug-10 HAR.3 XZ586
    2012-mar-21 S-76C G-JCBJ
    2016-feb-18 S-92A G-CICH
    2016-sep-28 H125 G-CIWO
    2016-dec-21 Armée de l'Air AS332L1 2233 / FY
    2019-mar-29 USN MH-60S 165774
    2020-mar-20 UK Air Ambulances EC135T2 G-NWAE
    2020-apr-23 GB Helicopters AW109SP G-IWPI
    2020-may-12 UK Air Ambulances EC135T2 G-HWAA

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