Sikorsky s-76




Powered by 2 Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6B-36A or Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6B-36B engines.

Model News

German BGR S-76 Measuring Flights in Spain, 13-Oct-16 : German’s Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR) S-76 helicopter to carry out measuring flights in Southern Spain, October 17-28

Royal Thai Navy S-76B to be Refurbished by Vector, 03-Mar-15 : Heli-Expo 2015 Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services North America awarded contract by Royal Thai Navy for airframe refurbishment of Sikorsky S-76B including re-wire, airframe repairs, maintenance and full paint


From Organisation with model S-76B
usa Sikorsky Helicopters
    s-76 1977/now
jordan al quwwat al-jawwiya al-malakiya al-urduniya
    s-76 17 1980/93
germany Wiking Helikopter Service GmbH
    s-76 1993/now
united kingdom KLM/ERA helicopters (UK) Ltd.
    s-76 5 1993/98
argentina Fuerza Aerea Argentina
    s-76 2 1996/now
malaysia Sultan of Johor Royal Flight
    s-76 1996/now
thailand Royal Thai Navy
    6 1996/now
netherlands schreiner airways
    s-76 1998/05
netherlands CHC Helicopters Netherlands bv
    s-76 6 2005/now
nigeria CHC Helicopters Nigeria
    s-76 2005/12
usa Brown Helicopter Inc

usa State of New Jersey
Construction Numbers on database of S-76B


Construction Numbers Help Us

76-0303 1985 US N3124G : Sikorsky S-76B, H-76 Eagle / Fantail prototype
Jun85 pictured (top) at Paris LeBourget
15jun91 picture (bot) at Paris-LeBourget airshow as tes+
15mar95 Certificate of Airworthiness issued; 08may08, C+
76-0310 1985 US N3124K : to N638MF
US N638MF : R O P Aviation at New York, NY, MacAndrews & Forbes; re+
US N638ME : R O P Aviation at New York, NY, MacAndrews & Forbes; to+
NL PH-KHA : KLM/ERA jul95-jul98
NL PH-KHA : Schreiner
NL PH-KHA : CHC Netherlands 2005
NG 5N-BBK : CHC Nigeria
US N151US : Wells Fargo Bank Jan06-Apr11; scr
76-0315 1985 US N103ME : USA, to N800RG
US N800RG : to N776JA
US N776JA : to N776HF
US N776HF : to N19HF
US N19HF : Heliflite at Fort Worth, TX from Dec06
16apr16 11AM picking up 4 passengers at Perkiomenville +
76-0316 US N376G Owner ? : toward PH-NZZ
NL PH-NZZ : KLM/ERA from apr98 to jul98 ex N376G
NL PH-NZZ : Schreiner Northsea helicopters b.v. from jul98 to 2005
08jul00 Schreiner Northsea Helicopters b.v.
NL PH-NZZ : CHC from 2005
20mar12 CHC EHKD
76-0320 1985 DE D-HBGR : BGR from 1986; op by Helitec GmbH in Kassel by 2016
Oct16 in Spain
76-0321 JO 738 : RJAF
76-0323 JO 739 : RJAF
76-0325 1986 NL PH-NZS : KLM from 1986 to 1991; KLM/ERA from 1991 to jan96; re-r+
UK G-UKLS : KLM/ERA from jan96 to feb98
NL PH-NZS : KLM/ERA from feb98 to jul98
NL PH-NZS : Schreiner Northsea Helicopters b.v. from jul98 to 2005
NL PH-NZS : CHC from 2005
20mar12 CHC EHKD
15sep12 pictured at CHC De Kooy hangar during Heldair s+
76-0326 NL PH-NZT : KLM from 1986 to 1991; KLM/ERA from 1991 to feb96 towar+
UK G-UKLT : KLM/ERA from feb96 to jul98 ex PH-NZT toward PH-NZT
NL PH-NZT : Schreiner Northsea helicopters b.v. from jul98 to 2005
NL PH-NZT : CHC from 2005
76-0327 1986 US N481CV : Csc Transport at Farmingdale, NY as N401CV from Dec97
US N707MY : Mayeux Flying Service at Luling, LA from Mar10; MYU H+
76-0329 NL PH-NZU : KLM from 1987 to 1991; KLM/ERA from 1991 to dec95 towar+
UK G-UKLU : KLM/ERA from dec95 to jul98 ex PH-NZU toward PH-NZU
NL PH-NZU : Schreiner Northsea helicopters b.v. from jul98 to 2005
NL PH-NZU : CHC from 2005
76-0330 US N595JS Steiner Air : Steiner Air 1997-2003
VP-BNM : ex N595JS; 13dec09 pictured (top) at PremiAir hangar at+
IM M-URKA : 24sep11 pictured (bot) at Blackbushe, UK
76-0331 1986 US N1NJ : NJSP from Jan07, reser N12NJ
US N473QH : Brown Helicopter from Jun12
76-0334 CN B-13105 : Taiwan, to NA-201
TW NA-201 : NASC
76-0336 1987 NL PH-NZV : KLM from 1987 to 1991
19apr88 pictured at Schiphol-east
02mar90 visit Antwerp
KLM/ERA 1991-1993
UK G-UKLM : Schreiner NorthSea Helicopters BV Mar93-Jul98
NL PH-NZV : Schreiner Northsea helicopters b.v. Jul98-2005
NL PH-NZV : CHC from 2005
76-0337 1987 US N984 : USA 1988-1995, test serial N7265B
AR H-02 : VIP for Agrupacion Aerea Presidencial from Jan96; named+
20dec01 19:52 hs pictured (pic1) carrying president Fe+
20jun10 pictured (pic2) at Rosario
Nov14 still
76-0339 US N22QP : Sikorsky Nov/Dec 1994, to TC-HKN
TR TC-HKN : Turkey
76-0340 US N61QP . : toward PH-KHB
NL PH-KHB : KLM ex N61QP w/o 20Dec97 in North sea
76-0343 1988 UK G-BOYF : Darley Stud Mgnt from Sep88; 2002 red/white livery; 20+
26sep09 pictured inside PremiAir hanger at Blackbushe
14apr14 at London Battersea
17jun15 at Duxford
23jul15 at London Heliport
28aug15 overflying Epworth, N Lincs
23mar16 at Duxford
07jun16 at Duxford
76-0344 1988 US N76UP : to N280TR
US N280TR : TME Management Corp at Morristown, NJ
Wells Fargo Bank NA Trustee from May07
Jul/Oct 2017, sold Sikorsky S76B 1988; Enrolled on Siko+
76-0345 1988 US N9NJ : NJSP, reser N20NJ
US N20NJ : NJSP, to N468ZB
US N468ZB : Brown Helicopter inc at Pensacola, FL from Mar12
76-0346 1988 US N5NJ : NJSP from Feb89 as N11NJ, reser N13NJ
US N472ZB : Brown Helicopter from May12
76-0351 1989 JP JA9951 : to N422MK
US N422MK : 1992, to N803MK
US N803MK : to N803MN
US N803MN : 2002 pictured (pic1) appear on Two Weeks Notice movie
US N99DQ : Duquesne Aviation at Wilmington, DE from Jan99; 2007 pi+
US N99DU : Djt Aerospace at Dover, DE from Aug10
US N76DT : Djt Aerospace at Dover, DE from Aug10
Jul16 pictured (pic3) as Donald Trump campaign helico+
76-0352 1989 US N120PP : to N95LT
US N95UT : Jan99, to G-JCBA
UK G-JCBA : JC Bamford Excavators Nov99-Mar07
UK G-DPJR : Blackbird Logistics from Mar07; 21oct10 pictured in th+
UK G-DPJR : Premiair; 10sep08 visit Antwerp, Belgium
UK G-DPJR : Jan/Jul 2016, sold Sikorsky S76B 1989; Dual windshield +
76-0354 1989 US N24PL : noted 2003, ex N421MK, to N966PR
US N966PR : VE Premier Jun/Nov 2006, ex N24PL
UK G-VONC : Von Essen Aviation 2006-2012
UK G-VONC : 13dec09 pictured at Blackbushe
UK G-VONC : Premiair from Feb12
76-0355 1989 US N7689S : Sikorsky 2008-2010, ex N36CD, N860D; to C-FIRW
CA C-FIRW : Coulson d/d Aug10, ex N7689S
76-0356 1989 US N9HM : HM Industries Inc at Newark, DE Nov89-Nov94
VR-CPN : Cayman Islands Nov94-May95
UK G-BWDO : Air Hanson Jun95-Feb99
Haughey Air Feb99-Dec06
Trustair Ltd Feb06-May07
IM M-ONTY : Trustair Ltd Isle of Man from May07, also as M-ERRY
IM M-ERRY : Trustair Ltd from May07
- : Jan/Jul 2015, sold Sikorsky S76B 1989 - three corporate+
IM M-ERRY : 07nov15 at Aintree Racecourse, Merseyside, England
22jul17 It is in Euxton, Lancs .... at the stud farm to+
03aug17 overflown Market Drayton, Shropshire heading ab+
17sep17 09:35hs over Garstang, Lancashire
20nov17 09:25hs over Wrexham
29nov17 10:34hs flying over Nottingham Horse Race Cours+
09dec17 at Aintree Race Course Liverpool
28dec17 over Hollingworth Lake, Littleborough, Greater +
76-0360 1989 VR-BLE : Bermuda, to VP-BLE
VP-BLE : Bahamas
- : Sep/Dec 2016, sold Sikorsky S76B 1989; one owner since+
76-0361 1990 US N7620S : 2001-2009, ex N547E; 2007 to Argentina; Jun09 canc
AR H-03 : VIP for Agrupacion Aerea Presidencial d/d 2007; ex N762+
15jul13 pictured (bot) and video at Rosario
76-0362 1990 US N76UT : to N70UT
US N70UT : to N76DT
US N76DT : Gatx Third Aircraft at San Francisco, CA from Aug05
US N76TE : Gatx Third Aircraft at San Francisco, CA from Nov11
UK G-TRMP : DT Connect Europe Ltd ( Donald Trump) from Jun15
76-0367 1991 UK G-BTLA owner ? : from 1991 to 1999 to new owner Skyhopper
UK G-BTLA : Skyhopper from 1999 to 2000 ex owner ? toward N776DP
US N776DP Delaware Park LLC : Delaware Park from dec2000 ex G-BTLA
76-0381 1991 NL PH-NZW : KLM/ERA from 1991 to 1994 toward G-OKLE
UK PH-NZW : 09mar92 type S-76B KLM/ERA visit Valkenburg
10mar92 type S-76B KLM/ERA visit Valkenburg
UK G-OKLE : KLM/ERA from 1994 to oct96 ex PH-NZW toward PH-NZW
NL PH-NZW : KLM/ERA from oct96 to jul98
NL PH-NZW : Schreiner Northsea helicopters b.v. from jul98 to 2005
NL PH-NZW : CHC from 2005
15sep12 at CHC De Kooy hangar during Heldair show
76-0391 1991 UK G-HARH : Fayair Jersey Co Sep91-Mar98
UK G-HARH : Air Harrods Sep98-Nov05, to N90151
US N8NJ : New Jersey State Police (NJSP) from Jan06
US N471NB : Brown Helicopter from May12
76-0393 CN B-13106 : Taiwan, to NA-202
TW NA-202 : NASC
76-0399 1992 UK G-POAH : P&O 1992-2001; to G-VONB
1994 P&O Aviation; 1995 P&O Aviation
12oct95 P&O visit Antwerp
1996 P&O Aviation
10jul00 P&O Aviation
UK G-POAH : Lynton Aviation May01-Apr03
UK G-POAH : Premiar Aviation Services Apr/Sep 2003
UK G-POAH : Von Essen Aviation Sep/Oct 2003
UK G-VONB : Von Essen Aviation Oct03-Feb12
UK G-VONB : 2004 on TV show Auf Wiedersehen Pet
10jun09 pictured at Blackbushe (EGLK)
Premiar Aviation Services Feb12-
US N2TS : Dearborn Aviation at Medford, OR from 31may13
76-0409 1992 US N548F : Nov92-2002
US N7NJ : NJSP from Aug02, reser N14NJ
US N473WB : Brown Helicopter from May12
76-0413 1993 DE D-HOSF : Wiking; ex N5006B
76-0414 JP JA6747 : Niigata Prefecture Emergency from Mar95
76-0416 1993 US N638MF : R O P Aviation at New York, NY, MacAndrews & Forbes; re+
US N838MF : R O P Aviation at New York, NY, MacAndrews & Forbes
US N22ND : Noble Drilling Services Inc at Sugar Land, TX from Jan0+
76-0425 1994 US N22CP : Pfizer Medical New York, noted Oct02; to N22QP
US N22QP : Sikorsky reser N7642S
US N7642S : Sikorsky from Aug03
US N760PV : Sikorsky from Mar12 f/f 26jul13; 29jul13 pictured as Ma+
Sikorsky Autonomy Research Aircraft (SARA); 25mar14 gra+
19aug15 DoD awarded $9.8M grant to continue development+
Nov16 firefighting and SAR demo with K-MAX, Indago quad+
Dec16 DARPA’s ALIAS phase 2 flight tests along a Ces+
76-0428 JP JA6759 : Kochi Prefecture, Fire and Disaster Air Corps from Nov9+
76-0430 1995 US N9HM : Hanson North America Inc Oct96-Apr98
VP-BIR : Bahamas 1998-2010
CH HB-ZMS : Sikornir Nov10-May11, Sion Airport, Switzerland
Linth Air Service AG May11-Jan12, lsd Sikornir
CH HB-ZMS : Swift Copters from Jan12, lsd Sikornir
76-0433 1995 BN V8-HB1 : Previously operated by His Majesty the Sultan and Yang +
US N176DP : Delaware Park Llc 2000-; rebuilt as c/n 76-2976 ?
76-0439 JP JA6765 : Hyogo Prefectural Police Feb96-Sep15
76-0445 MY 9M-JS1 : Sultan of Johor Royal Flight (Johore Sultan nr.1)
76-0447 JP JA6766 : Kagawa Prefecture Police from Mar96
76-0449 TH 2307 : Royal Thai Navy; 203 sqd
24sep15 pictured at Boundary Bay Airport, Delta, BC Can+
76-0450 TH 2308 : Royal Thai Navy; 203 sqd; 26may97 pictured at U-Tapao
76-0451 TH 2309 : Royal Thai Navy; 203 sqd
76-0452 TH 2310 : Royal Thai Navy, 203 sqd; w/o unk
76-0454 TH 2311 : Royal Thai Navy; 203 sqd
76-0455 TH 2312 : Royal Thai Navy; 203 sqd
76-0462 1997 US N387GS : USA, to N403ST
US N403ST : Travelers Indemnity Co at Hartford, CT Apr02-2016
US N760JE : S76 Llc at New York, NY from Dec16
Jan/Mar 2017, sold Sikorsky S76B 1997; EW 8680.9 lbs, +
76-0507 MY 9M-SJ1 : Sultan of Johor Royal Flight "Sultan of Johre nr. 1"
27may15 at Johor Bahru, Johor, Southern Malaysia
54 C/N.

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