Airbus Helicopters H145 / EC145T2

Derived from EC145

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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
9002 ec145 DE D-HADJ : ec145 Eurocopter bk117c2; ex D-HMBL; conv EC.145D1; conv bk.1+
20001 DE D-HADX : Eurocopter Germany
DE D-HADX : h145m conv to H145M type; f/f Sep17 with HForce weapons sys+
H145M type; HForce first live fire test at Papa, Hung+
H145M type; Dec17 live fire test at Älvdalen, Sweden
17apr18 MUM-T LOI-5 with an H145
at Airbus Donauwörth
20002 DE D-HADW : Eurocopter Germany 2012
pictured (pic1) being tested by US Army at Robert Gray+
01/08mar13 in Las Vegas, NV for Heli-Expo 2013
Mar13 began US demo tour
pictured (pic2) at London Helitech 2013
pictured (pic3) at Donauworth
DE D-HADW : Mar15 month-long tour in Brazil
17apr15 Rio de Janeiro
seen at Trompillo Airport, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
in La Paz Bolivia for high altitude test; 29apr15 stil+
19may15 completes Bolivian and Peruvian demo tour
at Brisbane as part of Australia demo tour
at Sydney, Australia
bk117d3 Mar19 fitted with 5-blades main rotor announced at Heli+
in Chile for high altitude trials
in La Paz, Bolivia
in Mendoza, Argentina for high altitude trials in Acon+
at Airbus Donauworth, Germany
20003 DE D-HADV : Eurocopter Germany
IT I-PEBX : Inaer italy
20004 DE D-HADT : Eurocopter Germany
DE D-HDSD : DRF Luftrettung from May15
20005 DE D-HADU : Eurocopter Germany, to SE-JRD
SE SE-JRD : Scandinavian AirAmbulance
20006 IT I-TDUE : Inaer Italy, test serial D-HADQ
IT I-TDUE : Airgreen by Jul17
07oct19 main rotor blades hit wire-cutter causing subs+
20007 DE D-HADS : Eurocopter Germany Nov13
20008 2014 DE D-HADP : Airbus Helicopters to D-HEMS
DE D-HEMS : ADAC, test serial D-HADP
May15 ADAC Christoph Murnau
20009 2014 IT I-PEBZ : INAER Italia from Feb15, test serial D-HADR; Elisoccors+
Jan16 118 Alto Adige (Sud Tirol Emergency) Provincia A+
Babcock MCS Italia; Apr18 with new orange livery
20010 2014 DE D-HADO : Airbus Helicopters
Airbus Helicopter Germany, to DRF
DE D-HDSF : DRF Luftrettung d/d 31jul14, first EC145T2, pictured
20011 IT I-TORQ : Airgreen, test serial D-HADN; ambulance yellow livery w+
20012 2014 DE D-HADM : Test serial D-HADM (4th issue). To UK.
UK G-HEMC : Bond Air Services Nov14-Apr16, test serial D-HADM; Firs+
UK G-HEMC : Babcock Mission Critical Services Onshore Ltd from Apr1+
UK G-HEMC : East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA) from 22
22apr15 first saving
as EAAA /Anglia 2 based at Cambridge Airport (Marshal+
EAAA delivered emergency patient to Addenbrookes Hosp+
15dec18 struck a wire whilst taxiing, Near Hollesley, S+
pictured at Norwich
20013 2014 DE D-HADL : Airbus Helicopters, to D-HDSG
DE D-HDSG : DRF Luftrettung from Sep14, pictured
based at Regensburg
20014 2014 DE D-HADK : Airbus Germany; 08sep14 pictured
SE SE-JRE : Scandinavian AirAmbulance, test serial D-HADP
20015 2014 SE SE-JRF : Scandinavian AirAmbulance
20016 h145m 2014 DE D-HADI : AH Germany, EC645T2 LUH-SOF f/f 27nov14
DE 76+01 : Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) Bundesweh
Sep17 pictured during trials in Jordan desert
20017 SE SE-JRG : Scandinavian MediCopter, test serial D-HADH
20018 2014 DE D-HCBP : Airbus helicopters
flight from Cologne to Wiesbaden
video at Klinikum Großhadern
Christoph Westfalen at MST Enschede
20019 h145m 2014 DE 76+02 : Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) Bundesweh, test serial D-+
20020 NZ ZK-ITF : Advanced Flight Ltd at Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand +
20021 NO LN-OOB : Norsk Luft Ambulanse, test serial D-HCBS from May15; Na+
20022 2014 DE D-HCBT : Manufacturer test serial (6th use); to UK
UK G-SASS : Bond Air Services Jan15-Apr16, test serial D-HCBT
UK G-SASS : Babcock Mission Critical Services Onshore Ltd from Apr1+
UK G-SASS : Scottish Ambulance Service from Jan15, op by Bond
Scottish Ambulance Service, op by Babcock; Jan18 pictu+
03jan19 at Rothesay, Scotland
20023 2014 IT I-ZANL : Inaer Italy, test serial D-HCBU
Babcock Mission Critical Services Italia; SEUS 118 Reg+
20024 2015 US N401MF : Airbus Helicopters from Mar15; 01mar15 at Heli-Expo 201+
US N401MF : Feb15 75th EC145 customized by Metro Aviation
US N401MF : Dare County MedFlight, NC; pictured (pic1) at HeliExpo+
Dare County MedFlight, NC from Apr15
Dare Cty MedFlight pictured (pic2) at Grand Prairie, T+
Jul15 Dare MedFlight from Metro
Jul18 High Resolution camera installed by SkyTrac Syste+
Mar19 announce upgrade to Bk117D3 type during Heli-Exp+
20025 2014 DE D-HCBW : Manufacturer test serial; to UK
UK G-SASN : Bond Air Services from Mar15
UK G-SASN : Babcock Mission Critical Services Onshore Ltd from Apr1+
UK G-SASN : Scottish Ambulance Service
Scottish Ambulance Service, op by Babcock; Based in GA+
pictured at Scottish Ambulance Service base
20026 US N746AF : Airbus Helicopters Mar15, test serial D-HADO
US N746AF : Vulcan Aircraft at Seattle, WA from Apr15
20027 DE D-HDOM : ADAC Mar15, test serial D-HADP
20028 2015 US N227AH : Airbus Helicopters from Apr15, test serial D-HADJ
VP-CPB : PBIF Aviation Ltd, Cayman Islands 2016-2017
US N163WT : Avalon Capital Group Llc at North Sioux City, SD from O+
20029 IT I-CALA : Inaer italy, test serial D-HADK
20030 US N7EU : Airbus Helicopters May15, test serial D-HADL
20031 DE D-HADM : Airbus Helicopter Germany Apr15; white dark blue livery+
ES EC-MMP : TAF / Habock Aviation Group
20032 DE D-HDSH : DRF from May15 , test serial D-HCBZ
AT OE-XFR : ARA Flugrettung from Apr18
Jun18 pictured at Fresach / RK-1
20033 h145m DE 76+03 : Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) Bundesweh, test serial D-+
20034 2015 IT I-BRXA : Inaer italy, test serial D-HADT
20035 2015 DE D-HYAE : ADAC Luftrettung GmbH from May15, test serial D-HADU
20036 2015 IT I-SUEM : Inaer Italy, test serial D-HADV
Dolomiti Emergency Onlus Dec15 as 118 SUEM - C.O. Pieve+
on duty for Regione del Veneto SUEM 118 Ulss 1 Belluno
20037 H145 MB SG 9V-HBW : Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia, test serial D-HCBR
ID PK-BMS : Indonesia
20038 2015 IT I-LMBD : Inear italy, test serial D-HCBS
20039 2015 NO LN-OOS : Norsk Luftambulanse, test serial D-HMBB
20040 2015 US N145AH : Airbus Helicopters from Jul15, test serial D-HMBE
US N145AH : Palantir Technologies Inc at Palo Alto, CA from 20jan17
pictured on display at the at the National Business Av+
at Hunstville, AL flying around the area
US N212Y : Pitch Link Llc at New York, NY from Oct18
20041 2015 DE D-HBWU : Baden Wurttemberg polizei d/d 19oct15, test serial D-HC+
20042 2015 IE : Waypoint Leasing, test serial D-HCAL
PG P2-PHA : Pacific Helicopters
20043 DE D-HYAF : ADAC, test serial D-HADJ
20044 2015 US N1FL : Airbus Helicopters Apr/Dec 2016, test serial D-HADD
US N1FL : MacNeil Aviation at Fort Lauderdale, FL from Jan17
20045 H145 MB 2016 IT I-LRCT : Italy private, VIP interior, test serial D-HADE
Air Corporate
on display at the Monaco Yacht Show 2017
20046 SG 9V-HBQ : Airbus Helicopters Singapore, test serial D-HADF
TH HS-BHQ : Bangkok Helicopter Services, EMS ambulance; BHS2, BDMS +
20047 2015 US N357AH : Airbus Helicopters Dec16-Apr17, test serial D-HBTJ
US N748AF : Vulcan Aircraft Inc at Seattle, WA from Sep17
20048 2015 DE D-HBWV : Baden Wurttemberg polizei, test serial D-HBTS
20049 H145 MB VP-CAZ : Cayman Islands private from May16, test serial D-HADN; +
20050 2015 SE SE-JXA : Svensk Luftambulans from Nov15, test serial D-HADO
20051 h145m DE D-HADP : Airbus Helicopters
DE 76+04 : Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) Bundeswehr
20052 2015 DE D-HADQ : Manufacturer test serial; to UK
UK G-RESU : Bond Air Services from Oct15, test serial D-HADQ
UK G-RESU : Babcock Mission Critical Services Onshore Ltd from
UK G-RESU : East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA) from op by Bond; pi+
East Anglian Air Ambulance; first landing at Ipswich +
2 Jun 2019, tracking SE, then operating between Hadleig+
20053 SG 9V-HBU : Airbus Helicopters, test serial D-HADK
ID PK-FGG : PT Surya Air, Indonesia
20054 DE D-HYAG : ADAC, test serial D-HMBF
20055 ES EC-MJK : TAF / Habock Aviation Group, test serial D-HADB
20056 2015 DE D-HDSI : DRF from Jan16, test serial D-HADD
11jun16 in static park at Tag des Heeres, Bückeburg; 0+
AT OE-XRE : ARA Flugrettung from Feb18, pictured
04aug19 15:49 hs flying along Plansee towards Reutte
21dec19 14:50 UTC landing and taking off no doubt picki+
20057 h145m 2016 DE D-HADL : Airbus Helicopters Germany
TH 2213 : Thai Navy d/d at Donauwörth, Germany
20058 SG 9V-HBV : Airbus Helicopters, test serial D-HCBF; 23mar16 picture+
28mar16 pictured (pic2) at Bangkok, Thailand during Asi+
19may16 video at Taipei, Taiwan
20059 2015 US N145HM : Airbus Helicopters from Jan/Aug 2016
US N945DC : Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones from Sep16; 08sep16 pi+
19aug19 pictured (pic2) at ATT Stadium
20060 2015 SE SE-JXB : Svensk Luftambulans, test serial D-HCBW
20061 H145 MB DE D-HCBY : Airbus Helicopter Germany Jan16, for Turkey
TR TC-HLC : Körfez Aviation, Turkey from Jan16
20062 H145 MB TR TC-HLD : Körfez Aviation, Turkey Mar16, Test serial D-HADD
04aug19 at Çeşme İzmir
20063 DE D-HYAP : Airbus Helicopters Germany, test serial D-HADU
Jan16 offshore demo for Wiking and HTM at Wilhemshaven
DE D-HYAP : ADAC Dec15-Jan16
DE D-HYAP : LifeFlight, Germany by
NL PH-OOP : ANWB from Oct16
20064 IE : Waypoint Leasing
AU ZK-HKR : Airbus Group Australia Pacific (NZ) Pty Ltd from May16,+
PG P2-PHB : Pacific Helicopters
20065 2015 DE D-HBWW : Baden Wurttemberg polizei, test serial D-HMBB
20066 h145m DE 76+05 : Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) Bundeswehr
20067 h145m 2016 TH 20067 : Thai Army, test serial D-HADT
20068 h145m DE 76+06 : Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) Bundeswehr
20069 h145m 2016 TH 20069 : Thai Army, test serial D-HADH
20070 JP JA02BK : Kawasaki from Aug18, test serial D-HADJ
20071 DE D-HNWR : Nordrhein Westfalen polizei (NRW) from Sep16, test seri+
20072 SE SE-JXC : Svensk Luftambulans, test serial D-HBTA
20073 h145m 2016 DE D-HADA : Airbus Helicopters Germany
TH 2214 : Thai Navy d/d at Donauwörth, Germany
20074 IE : Waypoint Leasing
AU ZK-HPB : Airbus Group Australia Pacific (NZ) Pty Ltd, test seria+
PG P2-PHC : Pacific Helicopters
20075 2015 ES EC-MKZ : TAF / Habock Aviation Group; Sistema dEmèrgencies Mè+
20076 2015 ES EC-MOR : TAF / Habock Aviation Group, test serial D-HBTS
20077 2016 US N3MC : Airbus Helicopters from Jul16, test serial D-HCBR
US N3MC : Jul/Aug 2017, sold Eurocopter EC-145 2016, pictured (pi+
Flight Management at Kirkland, WA Dec16-Sep17
UK N20VG : 20077 Inc Trustee at Wilmington, DE from Sep17
Dec18 in Puerto Rico
ACH145 30oct19 ACH145 type op by Starspeed Ltd, pictured (pi+
20078 2015 IL 4X-BMO : Israeli Police
20079 DE D-HYAH : ADAC from Apr16, test serial D-HADC
Mar18 asg Christoph1 pictured
20080 h145m 2016 TH 20080 : Thai Army, test serial D-HCBT
20081 h145m DE 76+07 : Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) Bundeswehr, test serial D+
In Special Forces flying display at ILA Berlin Air Show+
20082 DE D-HYAI : ADAC Jun/Oct 2016, test serial D-HCBV
NL PH-HOW : ANWB from Oct16
17oct18 pictured on Airbus Helicopter stand in Hall 8 a+
20083 h145m DE 76+08 : Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) Bundeswehr, test serial D+
29aug17 emergency landing near Schemmerhofen-Ingerkinge+
20084 2016 UK G-YAAC : Airbus Helicopters UK from May16, test serial D-HADO
UK G-YAAC : Yorkshire air ambulance (YAA) unveiled ; pictured
20085 DE D-HNWS : Nordrhein Westfalen polizei (NRW), test serial D-HADP
20086 2016 UK G-YOAA : Airbus Helicopters UK from jun16 for YAA, test serial D+
UK G-YOAA : Yorkshire air ambulance (YAA) from
20087 US N427AH : Airbus Helicopters Apr17, test serial D-HADU
IL 4X-BMP : Israeli Police
20088 2015 CN 44011 : Guangzhou Police, test serial D-HCBP
20089 2016 IT I-HARB : Inaer Italia from Jul16, test serial D-HCBR
20090 2016 IT I-LIKO : Inaer Italia from Aug16, test serial D-HCBY
20091 2016 IT I-MAKE : EliFriulia from Aug16, test serial D-HCBZ; 10oct16 pict+
02dec18 at Harwich, Essex, UK
18jan19 approaching Colchester, UK
31jan19 Above East London, UK
15feb19 overflow stoke by nayland suffolk, England
DE I-MAKE : Wiking Helikopter Service GmbH from May19, lsd Elifriul+
20092 h145m 2016 TH 2215 : Thai Navy, test serial D-HADJ
20093 DE D-HDON : Airbus Helicopters Germany, test serial D-HADK
IE - : Waypoint Leasing, for Peru
PE OB-2137-P : Servicios Aereos De Los Andes from Feb17; First H145 in+
20094 h145m 2016 TH 2216 : Thai Navy, test serial D-HADM
20095 ES EC-MOS : Babcock MCS España
20096 h145m DE D-HADV : Airbus Helicopters
DE 76+09 : Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) Bundeswehr
20097 h145m DE D-HCBQ : Airbus Helicopters
DE 76+10 : Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) Bundeswehr
In Special Forces flying display at ILA Berlin Air Show+
20098 2016 US N416AH : Airbus from Dec16, test serial D-HMBE
Sep17 pictured (pic1) in relief support during Hurrican+
09oct17 pictured (pic2) on display at the Association o+
Feb18 tested with DART basket
US N416AH : Metro Aviation Mar18; Fitted with EMS interior for Bost+
US N145NE : New England Life Flight Inc dba at Bedford, MA from Jan+
20099 h145m 2016 TH 2217 : Thai Navy, test serial D-HMBF

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