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  • Airbus Helicopters H145 / EC145T2

    Derived from EC145

    News about Airbus Helicopters H145 / EC145T2

    NCCH H145 Simulator Re-Qualified by EASA, 06-Aug-20 : #EASA The Reiser H145 full flight simulator operated by NCCH at Stavanger, Norway which was first certified in 2018 has successfully achieved EASA Level D re-qualification

    DRF Ambulance at Rendsburg-Schachtholm, 28-Jul-20 : #H145 German helicopter ambulance DRF moved the Schleswig-Holstein H145 base to the Rendsburg-Schachtholm airport

    Devon Air Ambulance New Helicopter, 23-Jul-20 : #Exeter Devon air ambulance new H145 helicopter arrived for first time at Exeter base during a training flight from Airbus Oxfordshire facility

    H145 LUH SAR Enters Service in the Bundeswehr, 06-Jul-20 : #H145 The Airbus H145 LUH SAR (Light Utility Helicopter, Search and Rescue) helicopter officially entered service in the German Army Aviation (Heeresflieger) replacing the UH-1D Huey

    EASA Certification for Airbus Five-Bladed H145, 19-Jun-20 : #Certificate The Airbus H145 with main rotor of five blades received the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification covering single-pilot and instrument flight rules (IFR) and single engine operations (Cat.A/VTOL) along with night vision goggles (NVG) capability

    Speeding Up Deliveries of H145M, 08-Jun-20 : #operators Launched in 2014, the Airbus H145M helicopter is now operational and/or being delivered to the German Armed Forces (15+7 SAR), Luxembourg Police (2), Serbia (9), Royal Thai Navy (5) and Hungary (20)

    Airbus H145M Flying Command Post, 29-May-20 : #H145M In collaboration with industrial partners Airbus is expanding the command, control, communications, computer, collaboration and intelligence (C5I) capabilities of the H145M helicopter

    Another Jupiter Arrived at RAF Shawbury, 27-May-20 : #Jupiter The Defence Helicopter Flying School (DHFS) part of the United Kingdoms Military Flying Training System (UKMFTS) took delivery at RAF Shawbury of a brand new Airbus EC145T2/H145 known as Jupiter HT1 in British service. It is the fourth delivered and three more are expected

    New Medical Equipment for DRF H135 and H145, 25-May-20 : #stretcher German Air Rescue DRF Luftrettung has new medical equipment for the H135 and H145 helicopters including a joint stretcher development with Bucher Leichtbau

    Mounting Hamilton T1 Ventilator in H145, 08-May-20 : #HamiltonT1 German SPAES technical solutions company developed and certified mounting brackets for the Hamilton T1 ventilator on seven Airbus H145 ambulance helicopters

    NHV Opens Base in Midden-Zeeland, 04-May-20 : #windfarms Belgian Group NHV inaugurated new base in Arnemuiden, Midden-Zeeland, Netherlands for offshore wind farms services with a brand new Airbus H145/EC145T2 helicopter

    DRF’ New H145 Debuts EpiShuttle Stretcher, 10-Apr-20 : #coronavirus German air ambulance DRF began service of its latest Airbus H145/EC145T2 medical helicopter with the new isolation stretcher EpiShuttle to protect crew against Coronavirus / COVID-19

    First H145 Delivered to Mexico Pegaso, 10-Mar-20 : #oilandgas Pegaso is Mexican launch customer of the H145 / EC145T2 after receiving the first of four helicopters to support the offshore oil and gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico

    German Exercise “Black Dagger” in Niger, 07-Mar-20 : #Niger German military helicopters Airbus H145M deployed to Niger, Africa

    STARS Gets Donation for New Helicopter, 10-Feb-20 : #Edmonton Canadian air ambulance STARS received $1M donation from Capital Power to upgrade their helicopter at the Edmonton International Airport base in Alberta to a new Airbus H145/EC145T2 which cost CAD $13M each

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